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The leader of La Cámpora assured that the agreement with the IMF “was bad” and admitted that it is a challenge to recapture “disenchanted” voters

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03/24/2023 – 6:00 p.m.

The main leader of La Cámpora and national deputy maximum kirchner reiterated its questioning of the agreement negotiated by the National Government that integrates with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and asked “stick the cleats in the floor and say no“, given the debt maturities that the country will have to face. “Sometimes you have to know how to nail your heels to the ground and say no, due to a real and programmatic question of numbers, the agreement was bad and everyone knows that the length and breadth of the country”, he raised facing the militancy.

He did it from the 24M march, within the framework of the Day of Memory for Truth and Justice that started from the Ex ESMA to Plaza de Mayo. Between referents from space and militants, united under the slogan “A democracy without mafias”, the deputy expressed: “The biggest challenge is to try to ensure that the position, what we were marking our government, is understood, and not with the newspaper Monday but with the one of the day, when we warned that there were problems, we even said it with the IMF, today it is heard that it is necessary to renegotiate, a vote that took place with the war started, with the prices of commodities skyrocketing”.

Perhaps some thought it was something ideological, but Argentina has a maturity curve that overwhelms and stresses its accounts. Worst of all, there is a society that demands more patrol cars, more cameras, SMEs that demand to recover the purchasing power of these workers, and when we could have twisted in favor of the people, it was not done, and it is what must be done and If someone gets angry, we go to elections and society defines“, he completed, in an allusion to President Alberto Fernández.

The Government and an “alarming conformism”

In another passage of his presentation, Máximo Kirchner warned that he recognizes “an alarming conformism” that will harm the country, and affirmed that the Monetary Fund is only interested in taking over the Argentine economy, regardless of the consequences. In addition, he admitted that there is “great disappointment” in sectors that in 2019 voted en masse for the Frente de Todos that must be reconquered by the ruling party.

From the heights of a mobile platform through which other referents passed, the deputy also charged against the financial institution, accusing it of coming to the rescue of North American banks in the face of the crisis in the United States, instead of protecting companies. “One sees that the IMF comes to explain to us how to manage our economy while the North American banks fail and they immediately come to their rescue. They are interested in rescuing the banks more than the people, we are interested in rescuing the people more than the people.” banks,” he stressed.

Regarding the main slogan of the nucleated mobilization behind the premise “A democracy without mafias”, the camperista leader accused the Power of attorney of wanting to ban his mother, Vice President Cristina Kirchner, after the conviction for the Highway case that he received from the Oral Court No. 2. “What one understands and sees is that the Judicial Party and the macrismo had the decision between the 16th and on the 19th to wear down and persecute the figure of Cristina Kirchner and it had to do with the fact that power believed that with this wear and tear it could condition her or make her lose electoral power,” he asserted.

Máximo Kirchner revived the controversy in the Frente de Todos over the agreement with the IMF.

“In 2019, nobody expected it, and Peronism won, even a part of Peronism that had reneged on her, who had her head bowed and went to those comrades, raised her head, and asked them to go fight.” , raised in reference to the appointment of Alberto Fernández as candidate and added: “Now they understood that it must be proscribed, that they cannot let her or participate because her electoral power is known. The truth is that the compañera participated in three electoral formulas and all three won. 46 in 2007, 55 in 2011 and 48.9 accompanying the president in 2019″.

Lastly, he highlighted former President Néstor Kirchner by stating that “what he did has to do with someone who truly believes in the people,” and continued: “When the leaders do not trust their people, they begin to have a mean to everything“. “When a President puts himself in front of his claims, when he has a real purpose, it can turn out better or worse, win or lose an election, but when you have the impetus to build a different reality and for society to participate in their destinations. Vote as you want, but don’t leave it to chance,” Kirchner concluded.

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