How to strengthen the bond with your quarantined dog

The quarantine we face can be well used to reinforce the bond with our dog. He can be a little disoriented for seeing us for so long at home, in the same space, sharing moments that are not usual.

However, these days can be useful for improve the human-dog relationship, attend to their diet and shape their education.

The Affinity Foundation He launched a series of recommendations for us to interact with the animal so that it makes it (and we do) more bearable the passing of these atypical days that we live.

It is important to play with the dog at least twice a day (Photo: Isaac Moore / Unsplash)

One of the issues that we must address first is their diet and take care not to gain weight. This period of some stillness can favor an imbalance in daily food, which can enable the dog to overeat.

So, the ideal is to recreate that moment as if it were a game where you stimulate your mind to satiate your appetite. You can invent a circuit of strategically placed small food portions so you have to guide yourself and get to your food. The key is to promote both your activity and your diet.

Another important aspect to work these days is pet education And a good point to do so is to reward what you do well. Spending more time than usual in our houses, allows us to mark the limits with more assiduity, reinforcing their good behaviors. How? Through food, games or caresses. This is called positive training, since what is sought is not to reach punishment, rewarding good behavior.

He too spreading the dog serves for a healthy bond. The foundation proposes that we dedicate ourselves to play with him at least twice daily, 15-20 minutes at a time. This systematization of the game will also help the animal is active and keeps fit.

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