how to request the “stop debit” to postpone payment

The Central Bank ruled that the maturities of the cards are postponed until April 13. How to prevent payment from being made automatically

The Central Bank arranged that the maturities of the credit cards will be postponed until April 13, and reduced the interest rate for the balances of financing with those cards from 55% to 49%.

The agency also established that the unpaid balances of credits granted by financial entities, whose installments are due between this Wednesday and June 30, 2020, will not accrue punitive interest.

In the case of credit card maturities, the clients of the entities may cancel them on April 13, without any surcharge; the financing rate may not exceed 49%, in accordance with the provisions.

“In the case of financing from financial entities under the credit card regime, the expiration of account statements that occur between April 1 to 12, 2020 may be canceled by customers on the 13th of that month by the same amount of the summary and without any surcharge “, explained the Central Bank.

Those who pay with automatic debit can let the payment be done in the normal way or, to avoid it, request the “stop debit“at the bank.

In fact, many banks allow you to do it with few clicks on your home banking systems, or by phone call through the call center.

However, the monetary authority recalled that both direct debit and automatic debit in the financial institution itself can be reversed at the request of clients, within 30 calendar days from the date of the debit and the return of the funds must operate within three business days of the request.

This implies that if the debit payment was made before April 13, the client may request that the bank refund the money.

In addition, the monetary authority made it official that -in the framework of the extension of the mandatory quarantine- financial institutions will open their branches from Friday, April 3 only for the care of beneficiaries of pension assets and pensions that are members of the Argentine Integrated Social Security System ( YES DAD).

The measure includes those whose administrative entity corresponds to provincial jurisdictions or to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, or beneficiaries of benefits, plans or aid programs paid by ANSeS) or another payment administrator.

The Central Bank clarified that the service will take place every bank business day during the usual day of attention to the public, according to the jurisdiction in question, “having to be subject to strict compliance with health regulations to preserve the health of customers and bank workers. “

While the quarantine lasts, the financial and exchange entities will not be able to open their operating houses to serve the general public.

On the other hand, the monetary authority established that the unpaid balances corresponding to maturities of credit assistance granted by financial entities that operate from this Wednesday until June 30, may only accrue the compensatory interest at the contractually anticipated rate.

In the case of unpaid balances of financing from financial entities -excluding credit cards- that operate in that period, the entity must incorporate the installment in the month following the end of the life of the credit, considering the accrual of the interest rate. compensatory interest.

Likewise, it established that banks should adopt the necessary measures in order to enable deposit mailboxes and a system for receiving cash for larger amounts in all their branches.

Lastly, it established that the financial entities that are financial agent of the provincial, municipal or Autonomous City governments of Buenos Aires, arbitrate the means to provide, as of this Wednesday, the cash that the state entities corresponding to the mentioned jurisdictions require extract from your accounts.

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