How to process the certificate to circulate during quarantine

The Unique Enabling Certificate for circulation is in force for those who have to go outside because its category enables it. How is it obtained

One month from isolation social and compulsory, obtain the Unique Enabling Certificate to circulate –CUHC– It is a procedure that can be done through the web in an agile and simple way.

Although in the first days of implementation, completing it was quite complicated, with the page collapsed due to high demand, today all the tools are available to do it quickly, from the web, or by completing a form.

This procedure applies to all people excepted within article 6 of Presidential Decree 297/20, within the framework of the mandatory quarantine for the coronavirus pandemic.

How to process the CUHC

The entity in charge of issuing the certificate is the Ministry of the Interior. The form has the character of sworn declaration therefore, the eventual falsification of data will give rise to sanctions that are applicable according to current regulations.

To validate it, it is necessary to do it through the Remote Procedures -TAD- platform, and it will be exhibited at the request of the competent authority when driving on public roads, together with the National Identity Document.

At the same time, those who must move due to force majeure are exempt from the obligation to process the CUHC, so in this case they must prove the exception to “social, preventive and compulsory isolation” with reliable documentation that proves the reasons. of its circulation on public roads.

Steps to make permission

Once on the site, you must enter the Certificate to Work option.

In the same place, choose the one that corresponds and enter the details of the person, ID number and procedure (found at the front of the document), sex and address.

After entering the data, press Request Certificate.

Workers who are still in their positions, with a chinstrap.

Once the requirements have been completed, when clicking, the system will confirm receipt of the documentation and start the process with a file number.

Within 24 hours you can download the certificate online in the download form. You must enter the DNI number and the procedure number that appears on the front of the document.

You can also have the certificate available in the My Argentina application. For this, the personal data must be completed correctly, to view the certificate in the “My Wallet” section of the cell phone application. It does not require biometric validation, you only need to have previously created an account in My Argentina.

Exceptions to isolation and movement permits

People can only make minimum displacements and essential to stock up on cleaning supplies, medicines and food. In these cases they will not require circulation permits.

Also people who must attend a situation of force majeure, do not have a valid certificate at the national level. A situation of force majeure is understood to be contingent, non-deferrable, and extra-daily events. In all cases it will serve to prove the urgency with as much documentation as possible.

To know which certificate corresponds in each case, the following list indicates it with the number of the subsection that establishes the exception:

  • Health Personnel, Security Forces, Armed Forces, migratory activity, national meteorological service, firefighters and air traffic control. The competent authority, the highest authority or whoever it authorizes from each of the organisms or entities on which the personnel depend, will determine how to accredit the exception status.
  • Higher authorities of the national, provincial, municipal governments and of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Workers of the national, provincial, municipal public sector and of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, summoned to guarantee essential activities required by the respective authorities.
  • In the case of male and female workers in the provincial, municipal and Autonomous City of Buenos Aires public sector, what is available in each national, provincial or municipal jurisdiction is applied.
  • Personnel of the justice services on duty, as established by the competent authorities. The authority that the superintendency of each judicial branch exercises will indicate with which instruments the judicial officers on duty will circulate.
  • Foreign diplomatic and consular staff accredited to the Argentine government, within the framework of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, and the staff of international organizations accredited to the Argentine government, of the Red Cross and White Helmets.
  • People who must assist others with disabilities; family members needing assistance; older people; to boys, girls and adolescents.
  • By Resolution 15/2020, the Ministry of Women, Genders and Diversity ordered that all situations for which women or LGTTBI + people alone or with their sons and daughters leave their homes to be considered as force majeure. purposes of making the pertinent criminal complaints regarding acts of violence or aimed at requiring help, assistance or protection due to the situation of violence that they are transiting.
  • People affected to the performance of funeral services, burials and cremations.
  • People affected to the attention of school, community canteens and picnic areas.
  • Personnel working in audiovisual, radio and graphic communication services.
  • Personnel affected to public works.
  • Wholesale and retail supermarkets and local retail stores. Pharmacy. Hardware stores. Veterinary. Bottle supply.
  • Food industries, their production chain and supplies; personal hygiene and cleanliness; of medical equipment, medicines, vaccines and other sanitary supplies.
  • Activities related to the production, distribution and commercialization of agriculture and fishing.
Telecommunications services must continue to function.

Telecommunications services must continue to function

  • Telecommunications, fixed and mobile internet and digital services activities.
  • Undeferrable activities related to foreign trade.
  • Collection, transport and treatment of urban solid waste, dangerous and pathogenic.
  • Maintenance of basic services (water, electricity, gas, communications, etc.) and emergency care.
  • Public passenger transportation, transportation of goods, oil, fuels and LPG.
Collectives can circulate freely.

Collectives can circulate freely.

  • Home delivery of food, medicines, hygiene products, cleaning products and other supplies of need.
  • Laundry services.
  • Postal and parcel distribution services.
  • Essential surveillance, cleaning and guard services.
  • Minimum guards to ensure the operation and maintenance of Oil and Gas Fields, Oil and gas treatment and / or refining plants, transportation and distribution of electrical energy, liquid fuels, oil and gas, fuel dispensing stations and electric power generators .
  • I KNOW. Casa de Moneda, ATM services, transportation of flows and all those activities that the CENTRAL BANK OF THE ARGENTINE REPUBLIC has essential to guarantee the operation of the payment system.

Second stage exceptions

After the first batch of people and activities enabled to circulate, other activities began. Exceptions were issued within the framework of Administrative Decision 429/2020.

They include:

  • Industries that carry out continuous processes whose interruption involves structural damage to production lines and / or machinery may request authorization from the Ministry of Industry, Knowledge Economy and External Commercial Management, not to discontinue their production, minimizing their activity and endowment of personal.
  • Biofuel production and distribution.
  • Nuclear power plants operation.
  • Hotels affected by the health emergency service. They must also guarantee benefits to people who are housed in them as of the date of Decree No. 297/20.
  • Minimum staffing necessary for the operation of the Argentine Aircraft Factory Brig. San Martín S.A.
  • The authorities of the National Securities Commission may authorize the activity of a minimum staffing and that of its regulated parties, if necessary.
  • Airport operation. Garage and parking operations, with minimum provisions.
  • Sustaining activities related to environmental mining protection.
  • Tanneries, with a minimum endowment, for the reception of leather from the refrigeration activity.
  • Restaurants, prepared food places and fast food places, may sell their products through home delivery services, subject to the specific protocol established by the health authority.
The operation of the restaurants is only by delivery.

The operation of the restaurants is only by delivery.

  • Exceptions incorporated in the framework of Administrative Decision 450/2020
  • Sale of supplies and construction materials provided by corralones.
  • Activities related to the production, distribution and commercialization of forestry and mining.
  • Tanneries, sawmills and wood products factories, mattress factories and road and agricultural machinery factories.
  • Activities related to foreign trade: exports of ready-made products and essential imports for the operation of the economy.
The export allowed to reopen some factories to sell abroad.

The export allowed to reopen some factories to sell abroad.

  • Exploration, prospecting, production, transformation and marketing of nuclear fuel.
  • Essential maintenance and fumigation services.
  • Mutual and credit cooperatives, through minimum attention guards, for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the operation of the credit and / or payment system.
  • Registration, identification and documentation of people.
  • Exceptions incorporated in the framework of Administrative Decision 468/2020
  • Private work of energy infrastructure.

Decision 467/2020

Enabled notarial activity.

Administrative Decision 490/2020

  • Circulation of people with disabilities and those included in the autism spectrum disorder group.

People with disabilities will be able to go out on the public highway, with a single companion, family member or cohabitant, if they need it, to make short walks, no more than 500 meters from their residence. In such cases, the assisted persons and their companion must carry their respective DNI and the Unique Certificate of Disability or the medical prescription indicating the diagnosis and the need for exits, which may be made digitally.

Resolution 77/2020 of the National Disability Agency establishes that people with disabilities can only make short trips when they do not have symptoms compatible with COVID-19 (fever, sore throat, cough and / or respiratory distress).

  • Banking with customer service, exclusively with a shift system.
The banks started to work again in shifts.

The banks started to work again in shifts.

  • Workshops for maintenance and repair of automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles. Exclusively for public transport, vehicles of the security forces and armed forces, vehicles affected by health benefits or personnel authorized to circulate, in accordance with current regulations.
  • Sale of spare parts, parts and pieces for automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles. Only under door-to-door delivery. In no case may they pay attention to the public.
  • Manufacture of tires; sale and repair of the same. Exclusively for public transport, vehicles of the security and armed forces, vehicles affected by health benefits or personnel authorized to circulate.
  • Sale of bookstore items and computer supplies, exclusively under the modality of home delivery. The sale of books on the Internet is included, but in no case may the public be attended.
  • Scheduled medical and dental care. Of preventive nature and monitoring of chronic diseases, with a previous shift system.
  • Clinical analysis laboratories and diagnostic imaging centers. With previous shift system. They will circulate with the constancy of the shift granted for their attention.
  • Optics. With previous shift system.
  • Experts and claims adjusters from insurance companies that allow the settlement and payment of claims reported to beneficiaries and beneficiaries. In no case may the public be attended and all the procedures must be done virtually, including the corresponding payments.
  • Establishments for the care of victims of gender violence.

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