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1. The ideal table

Gunni & Trentino

Although the color of love is red, pink combined with white are two good allies of romanticism, as this table dressed for the occasion by Gunni & Trentino demonstrates. On a neutral base with a white tablecloth and crockery, it is the accessories (and sweets!) that provide the touch of ‘pink’ color and help create an atmosphere without spending too much. Napkins, glasses and candles play a leading role.

2. Placemats


A good way to create a more intimate table setting is by using a runner or placemats, like these from Westwing. Made of plastic, so that in addition to being pretty they are easy to clean, their golden color adds a touch of sophistication. The pack of two is worth €14.99. They can be placed directly on the table or on a white tablecloth to achieve a plus of elegance.

3. A romantic tableware

Maisons du Monde

And it doesn’t have to be pink, white can give a lot of play if it is accompanied well. To prepare a table according to the circumstances, it is necessary to bring out the heavy artillery as far as protocol is concerned. The Petal tableware from Maisons du Monde is a perfect option. Made of earthenware and with a delicate edge, it is out of the ordinary, without going over the budget. The 27 cm flat plate is worth €6.99 and the dessert plate (21 cm), €6.59.

4. A few ‘good’ drinks

Zara Home

For the final toast. These champagne glasses are made of Bohemian glass, one of the most admired glasses due to its transparency, brightness and resistance. In addition to having a beautiful design. At Zara Home (€17.99).

5. Chandeliers


They are good allies of the dining tables, but they can also be placed in the fireplace or on the coffee table, during the after-meal conversation. Although it is a special moment, they do not need to be too formal, these from Cerabella will also add a note of originality to the environment. Available in three different sizes and four colours, the chandelier with the candle costs €25.40.

6. An eternal rose

Roses are one of the symbols of love, especially the red ones. Therefore, they cannot be missing from your Valentine’s date. Omotensadö offers you a preserved, a technique that removes all the water that the flowers have, which keeps them natural and beautiful for a long time (even years), without the need to water them. This Garden Rose comes in an urn, evoking the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

7. A plant


Although tradition sends flowers and more specifically roses, plants are an alternative to the classic bouquet, which will give a natural and fresh touch to the house for longer. A way to surprise that has guaranteed success. At Interflora there is a wide selection to choose from.

8. A vase


Both for the flower arrangement on the table that night and for the bouquet that a messenger brought that morning. Ideal for a corner of the living room or bedroom, vases have become the latest ‘deco’ object of desire, with the permission of the flowers themselves. This one from Ikea (€5) is made from reclaimed glass and comes in a pretty green color (the trendy shade).

9. With a good aroma


There is nothing like a good fragrance to awaken the senses and contribute to a pleasant atmosphere where you can enjoy an unforgettable evening. Especially if the air freshener is called Love Ballad (€15.99 at Kave Home) and has the scent of flowers such as roses and mimosas.

10. Bubble candles


They have been a real boom as far as candles are concerned. Decorative and stylish, they are elegant and casual at the same time. Ideal for a romantic evening at home, relaxed and even in pajamas. These are from Primark (€5 and €1.50, respectively).

11. Cushions

H&M Home

A simple way to put the house in Valentine’s mode is to replace the cushion covers that the sofa usually wears with red or pink ones, two of the most passionate and romantic colours. On the 15th the salon will be able to recover its usual look or stay for a long time with this sweet image full of love. These H&M Home cushion covers are made of cotton velvet and have a hidden zipper (€7.99).

12. A vinyl with a message


Because love is celebrated every day, nothing better than a message on the wall of the living room or bedroom to remember all the good things about a relationship. On AliExpress (€20.58).

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