How to log in with multiple accounts at once

This platform was adapting and getting to know more and more accounts that in many cases have in common the user and therefore integrates new methods

Instagram It has become a social network for any type of user, from artists, to lovers of selfies. This platform was adapting and getting to know more and more accounts that in many cases have in common the user and therefore integrates new methods that save us time.

Before integrating this function, we had to be forced to remember different email accounts and their respective password. Now just by remembering the main one, we will be able to log in without complications and keep our data safe.

How to link Instagram accounts

To join several Instagram accounts, which are still being renewed with new effects, we do not have to relate them to Facebook, something we do have to do with other processes.

If we want to start saving time on our Instagram logins, we should only have on our mobile phone both accounts that interest us and after this we will go to the account profile that we want to make main.

Once here, we will touch at the top to display the settings tab and at the end we will see the option called “Set up login with multiple accounts“Touching this option will indicate that if we continue with the process, we are going to give access permissions to the other ditches, something that can be dangerous if we share the main one with other users.

Continuing with the process we will be able to choose to which accounts we want to link the main profile, by completing these simple steps, we will not have to worry about forgetting the password of the other accounts again.

To verify that the method works, we can log out of all and re-enter with the main account, instantly and without having to do anything else, we can access the rest of Instagram profiles.

How to unlink accounts on Instagram

If for some reason we have to remove linkage, the method is very simple and following these same steps we will be able to choose the account that we have linked and from which we now want to delete the link.

This error can occur if instead of giving permissions to the main account, we grant them to the secondary account and it does not work as it should. We must be careful, since, if we give permissions to those who do not correspond, other people with whom we share the company or work account, could enter our own Instagram profile and have access to all our data.

Instagram is one of the applications that absorbs the most time in the world.

How to fix Instagram login errors

Instagram is a social network that is not exempt from suffering problems or errors that, often, for the user are not easy to solve. For example, at the start of the session, the company provides through its support page several practical solutions, which we present below, for the user to fix these types of eventualities:

Check for updates

Before starting, it is essential to verify that the latest version of Instagram is installed, along with the latest available version of computer operating system. This guarantees a better operation of the application.

You have to restart the computer

This is the first step to take in case of unknown errors. Restarting the mobile device, in the usual way, solves a large percentage of incidents.

Check Internet connection

Many times the problem is that there is no Internet and the user despairs because he does not perceive it instantly. For this, it must be evaluated whether it is a WiFi configuration or mobile data is being used.

If it is WiFi, the local connection distribution center must be checked on the computer or telephone and thus the location of the interference is verified. If cable data is being used, it must be verified if the contracted company is offering service at that time and there is no incident.

Instagram sometimes has issues that require a reinstallation to fix them.

Instagram sometimes has issues that require a reinstallation to fix them.

Uninstall and reinstall Instagram

If the previous steps do not allow the user to log in, Instagram advises two more things to do. On the one hand, the application must be uninstalled and reinstalled. In case of doing so, Instagram allows user data to be downloaded before carrying out this maneuver. To remove the application, it must be done in iOS and Android:

  • On iOS: On the home screen, the user must touch and hold the application icon until it generates a shaking movement. Instantly an X will appear, allowing you to delete the application. Finally, he goes to the Apple Store where he looks for Instagram to reinstall it.
  • On Android: To uninstall Instagram, the user go to Settings / Applications / Manage applications / Instagram and press Uninstall. Then it goes to Google Play Store and the app is downloaded again.

Instagram from any browser

Confinement is causing some artists to entertain people in these moments of home boredom. And the live broadcasts Instagram accounts have become commonplace, allowing the application to collect more data from its users.

Until now we were tied to the official mobile application to see these broadcasts, and it is not always comfortable to see them from the mobile. Instagram has enabled Instagram live in desktop web browsers.

So we can see the favorite live broadcasts of Instagram from the computer.The support for watching live content on the web comes at a time when it is necessary to kill boredom as possible, and its adaptation to the web interface It even allows us to make comments, which facilitates our interaction in the live shows.

Instagram stories are one of the stars of the confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Instagram stories are one of the stars of the confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The web version does not have a renewed interface, so it is still much better to see the “live” in the mobile application (especially in the iOS), but the big difference lies in the comments.

On Instagram Live for mobile, comments are scrolled through a transparent window at the bottom of the video. These comments can obstruct what we are seeing, and hinder the attention of the video and chat at the same time.

The web interface solves this problem, since comments move in a side shiftSo there is no element to distract us from the live show we are witnessing. For this alone, it is worth watching the live in the browser.

The interface is somewhat small, and the format is clearly intended for mobile, and there is quite a prominent space left on the screen. If you have an especially large screen (for example, a television or a monitor larger than 30 inches) the display becomes a bit strange.

However, this is not dramatic either; In case you cannot see what is happening, you can always zoom in on the page to see everything bigger, although it is not the most ideal option. The process is exactly the same; we are notified about the live and we will see it. We don’t have to install anything, or perform any kind of strange process.

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