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The investor not only dollarizes their pesos, but can also generate an attractive return in one of the historically safest and most stable markets

In a current context of economic recession, with a dollar that seems to have no ceiling and year-on-year inflation above 50%, the saver dismisses any alternative investment in pesos because it could imply a substantial loss of purchasing power. Consequently, the dollar and the assets tied to this currency become favorites when sheltering your savings.

Real estate developments have proven to be the best alternative to protect the investor from devaluation and generate attractive returns over time. Today, There is the possibility of investing in properties from a minimum of $ 25 thousand pesos. In the last 15 years, the average revaluation of the value of m2 in CABA and GBA was higher than 11% per year in dollars.

Why is it a market so desired by all Argentines?

A country with an economic instability like Argentina, generates that every investor seeks to take refuge in three pillars: protection against devaluation, attractive dollar returns and legal security.

The real estate developments have proven to comply with these three pillars since, being an asset valued in dollars, is covered from devaluation. It also generates attractive returns over time since they are acquired in an early stage of construction and later they are sold finished allowing to defend the value of the m2. In addition, they can generate rental income giving a passive income to the investor.

Today there are investment vehicles that allow access the dollar without limit and to be able to channel them into the real estate market from $ 25,000 pesos. In this way, the investor not only dollarizes their pesos but can also generate an attractive return in one of the historically safest and most stable markets.

With more than 115,000 investors registered on its platform, Crowdium is the largest collective financing company in real estate projects in Latin America. It was born in 2015 with the aim of democratizing investments in one of the safest markets in the world: real estate. Currently the company has 18 funded projects, more than 15 million dollars invested in properties and is already distributing monthly rents of up to 400 dollars. In addition, he won 8 international awards.

Today, Crowdium brings a new investment opportunity, COPA III Condominium, where it is proposed to acquire finished units without brand new with a 30% discount with respect to the market price that will be rented generating an income for the investor for a period of 36 months, at which time they will be sold with a substantial increase in price generating a total estimated return of 25 to 35% in dollars.

How to access this opportunity?

From the comfort of their home, investors can register and create their account for free on the company’s platform, select the amount with which they wish to participate in pesos or dollars and in a few steps invest with total security and transparency. It can be accessed from the web or by calling 0800-220-2769 for a commercial advisor to follow the process.

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