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It is not surprising that “a good salary” is the first answer that Argentines give when thinking about what characteristics the “dream job” should have. But what are the other characteristics that employees look for when they have to lean towards one job or another?

The answer becomes relevant at a time when many companies are struggling to fill vacancies, especially in technology areas.

The Bumeran job portal asked 3,939 of its users between January 27 and February 15 what is most and least important when choosing a job. After the salary, the respondents put in second place the work group and the work environment. In third place appeared to be able to work remotely, a variable that has skyrocketed in the last two years with the pandemic.

Fourth place among the most mentioned characteristics appear bonuses or prizes, followed by proximity to the office, more vacation days, more flexible hoursbenefits, that the company is from abroad and that it has a nursery.

What type of position are they applying for? 36% selected assistant or analyst, 33% trades and 16% manager or manager.

20% opted for a salary between 80 and 100 thousand pesos per month, another 20% between 60 and 80 thousand pesos per month

How much is a “good salary”?

When asked what they considered to be a good salary, 20% opted for a salary of between 80 and 100 thousand pesos per month, another 20% between 60 and 80 thousand pesos per month, and 14% more than 200 thousand pesos per month.

In the previous Bumeran survey, 70% of Argentines had stated that they were not satisfied with their salary, 47% of them answered that they would ask for an increase of more than 30% and 36% between 15% and 20%. .

The work environment is also decisive. For 60% it is elementary, for 38% it is important and for 2% it is not so important. This means that it is a fundamental factor for 98% of Argentines.

Regarding the possibility of being able to work remotely, although it was considered one of the main aspects when choosing a job, when respondents were asked what type of work they preferred, 46% chose face-to-face, 37% a hybrid form and only 16% ranged.

In addition, 84% said that they would accept a 100% face-to-face job compared to 16% who answered that they would not.

What about bonuses and prizes? 63% considered them important, 21% not so important and 15% elemental.

The location of the workplace occupies the fifth place in the ranking of factors that make the dream job. For 59% it is important, for 19% it is elemental and for 17% it is not so important.

How many vacation days do Argentines want? 41% selected two weeks, 32% three weeks and 21% one month. Regarding the more flexible schedule, 62% considered it important, for 24% it is elementary and for 13% not so relevant.


The work environment is also decisive. For 60% it is elementary, for 38% it is important and for 2% not so much

What benefits do employees want?

Discounts, non-working days outside of vacations, meals or snacks, or transportation services to and from the workplace are some of the benefits that many companies offer their employees. But, which are the most valued?

The indisputable favorites are discounts on training courses, an option chosen by 70% of those surveyed. Transport and extra non-working days between Christmas and New Year tie in second place, with 53%. The third place is for the equipment to work at home (51%), the fourth is not to work on the day of the birthday (44%), and the fifth is subsidized meals (41%).

To work or not to work abroad? 52% answered no and 48% yes and, of that 48%, 67% would do so for growth opportunities, 49% to charge in other currencies and 44% for the possibility of traveling to another country. .

In summary, the majority of those surveyed want to earn between 60 and 100 thousand pesos per month, have two weeks of vacations, work in person and develop in a national company. He considers the work group and work environment elementary and believes that it is important to have bonuses and rewards, flexible hours, a good location of the workplace, and a childcare service.

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