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The incredible amount of money the best Twitch streamers earn per hour

A study published by the online platform Kapwing reveals how much the best streamers earn per hour. The most relevant data

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02/14/2022 – 1:30 p.m.

Twitch has always been a lucrative platform for its streamers. In October 2021, hackers infiltrated the video game streaming website and stole creators’ payment details, leaking earnings from Twitch channels to the public.

Perhaps the most important revelation from the leaked data was that half of streamers’ earnings on Twitch went to just 10% of streamers, implying that Twitch was more interested in directing its users to channels they already had. established instead of promoting new ones.

This leaked data ended up being the basis for Kapwing’s study of Twitch streamers’ hourly earnings compared to traditional professions such as those in the fields of education or medicine. And this is where things get interesting.

The collected data, would indicate that the Twitch streamer that generates the most money is Ranboo, with a profit of 2,398.62 dollars per hourand that the Minecraft streamer’s earnings on Twitch amount to $2,401,021.84 in his 1,001 cumulative hours of streaming.


Kapwing compared Twitch streamers’ hourly earnings to traditional professions

Much more than a doctor

The study compared Ranboo’s hourly rate to that of American doctors. Specific, a doctor earns an average of $35.90 per hour and compared to Ranboo, he would need to work 67 hours to earn the same amount of money Ranboo makes for an hour of streaming.

The study cited Pokimane as another example, noting that her hourly rate of $702.02 was 29 times that of a teacher. Pokimane recently held a Tesla giveaway to celebrate the success of his streaming platform.

On the other hand, Asmongold is also mentioned, who made his career as a World of Warcraft streamer, revealing he earns $869.97 per hour. Asmongold himself has been quite honest and unapologetic about his lifestyle, noting that his earnings have allowed him to stay home and take care of his sick mother, who sadly passed away a few months ago.

Some streamers earn, on average, much more than a doctor

Some streamers earn, on average, much more than a doctor

Studies reveal an inconvenient truth

While the study’s findings describe the income of Twitch streamers as lucrative and exorbitant, it also echoes the idea that the rest of the American workforce is grossly underrewarded for their efforts, especially in fields that are considered essential to society.

The main beneficiary of the popularity accumulated by Twitch streamers is its parent company –Amazon-which has a bad reputation for the treatment it gives its employees, and the study shows that the corporate giant not only does not meet the low wages of the people who work in the company, but also does not distribute wealth and opportunities to the most humble content creators who use the Twitch platform.

The subsidiary of the American giant is also not far behind in complaints of abuse.

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