how do companies go about quarantine

A great unknown to unveil refers to how companies do to carry out the quarantine. Tactics, strategies and contingency plans

A great unknown to unveil refers to how companies do to carry out the quarantine.

In Arcor, which is considered an essential activity because it is food, reorganized production processes based on remote work, different shifts in the production plants, particular attention to people in risk groups, travel restrictions, remote meetings, as well as contacts with suppliers.

The communication of hygiene measures are permanent. And the protocols are activated always in communication with suspected cases of Coronavirus. Another axis, as pointed out to Clarín, is the recognition and motivation of the people who work in this context.

Regarding Free Market set up several Covid-19 committees in a company with more than 10,000 employees in Latin America and with areas of different characteristics. “Decisions are made quickly and that is very important because there is no time to lose,” they reported.

They established very strict security protocols in the logistics area and decided on actions towards their users such as eliminating commissions for basic necessities, extending the term for the collection of consumer credits and fundraising campaigns.

At Globant, used to teleworking, they put the team of engineers to develop the first interactive panel in the world that will allow the efficient measurement and use of available health resources during the treatment of this pandemic.

The dashboard will provide real-time information on the number of oxygen-gas beds, healthcare professionals, and respirators available. In turn, this tool will give the possibility of keeping a check on missing parts in different equipment and on the use of different supplies.

Also, through 30 3 D printers that they distributed in the equipment, they are printing medical supplies in more than 10 cities in the country, an initiative that will be replicated in other countries. And they are offering a public service robot with official information that can prevent the collapse of networks and systems.

At Enel, the shareholder of Edesur, they focused on guaranteeing the generation and distribution of energy with security protocols, extreme cleaning measures and promoting working groups isolated from the others to contain possible cases of contagion.

Before the quarantine decreed by the Government, all office staff started working from home. And they built two low, medium and high voltage operation centers in record time as a backup.

In El Chocón they isolated the operation workers, canceling any non-essential action for the hydroelectric plant. They did the same at Central Costanera, one of AMBA’s largest generators.

In Genneia, with ten thermal plants and wind farms, which must continue to operate to generate energy, they point out that many of their employees cannot telecommute, and must go to their jobs daily to continue operating.

For us it is key to be able to take care of them, maintain permanent contact with them, show them that they are not alone. That is a great challenge in which all areas of companies must work together. And on the other hand, we have discovered something very positive, that companies must act together. Today, as never before, professional networks, which are many and very good, serve as a great reservoir of good practices. We are all very attentive in this regard, and acting with a sense of solidarity rarely seen, “his manager Gustavo Castagnino told the morning.

According to Diego Campal, director of the consulting firm JeffreyGroup, companies are faced with the challenge of maintaining a balance between alerting and raising awareness among the population, so that they stay at home and fulfill their isolation, and motivate and recognize the role of those who must continue attending their jobs, because their activities are essential.

Mariana Jasper, from Alurralde, Jasper and Associates, maintains that “one of the great challenges of communication of Covid-19 by state, social, and private world leaders, is to achieve legitimacy. He points out that his clients are highly focused on sustaining the relationship with their own ecosystem and adapting their operations.

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