Here’s 44 seconds of the Moto Razr Ultra because an entire ad has leaked

The foldable Moto Razr Ultra isn’t official yet – but thanks to Reliable gadget leaker Evan Blass, who’s been teasing this phone for months, now we have what appears to be an official 44-second ad for the phone.

This is what you came for:

It’s well past my bedtime, so I won’t be back all the other leaks – for the most part suffice it to say that Blass (whose Twitter account remains private) helped reveal almost every aspect of this phone.

We don’t know the price or most of the specs, except that a Motorola executive revealed the exterior display will be 3.5 inches. Blass previously tweeted that one of those phones will be branded Razr 40 Ultra globally, but will be called Razr+ in the US. There won’t be a “Razr Lite,” but rather a “Razr 40,” Blass says.

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