Her baby was born in quarantine and this weekend they took her for a walk for the first time

This weekend the recreational outings for the boys in the Buenos aires city, and hundreds took the opportunity to walk with their parents for an hour. In that context, a drink born in full quarantine had the opportunity to get to know the streets of Buenos Aires by first time.

Cameras TN roamed the Rivadavia Park, in Caballito, when they met the family, who was walking outdoors after almost two months of being indoors.

“It is the first way out”, expressed the father of the baby born on March 24, just four days after the social, preventive and compulsory isolation came into effect. “When the quarantine was decreed we could no longer do anything and we stayed at home to respect it. What happens is something very serious“he added.

In this way, he stressed the importance of complying with the preventive measures established by the Government to avoid possible infections. “What is happening in the world scares you. More than anything for the creatures, for your family. You have to be very careful and clean yourself well“, I consider.

Regarding the first family outing after so many weeks of quarantine, he said: “We are enjoying the moment with the baby and her. We are happy”.

However, he added that the economic situation is beginning to become a problem, since there are still many activities that continue to be paralyzed by isolation. “We hope to be able to work again soon. But you have to be patient”he concluded.

This Sunday is the second day of recreational outings in the City. As on Saturday, the Buenos Aires Government hopes that the measure will be carried out in an orderly manner and that the protocols will be respected.

In this sense, it should be remembered that children and adolescents up to 15 years of age may even go out together with one of their parents only during weekends, according to the completion of the accompanying adult document, within a radius of not more than 500 meters from their homes and for one hour.

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