heartbreaking letter from Suar to employees

The coronavirus pandemic and isolation have hit all industries, and the entertainment industry does not escape this harsh reality.

He decreed isolation as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic and with the aim of stop its expansion It has had economic impacts that are still difficult to measure. All industries, even those who were able to continue their activities, have suffered adverse effects derived from the pandemic and quarantine, as well as the crisis in the consumption and demand for certain products.

The entertainment industry It was one of the hardest hit, since many activities had to be stopped completely. This had an impact on the income generation of the companies and, consequently, on the workers pocket.

In that context, Adrián Suar sent a letter to Polka employees, the company of its foundation that produces entertainment content spread in the tthe Argentine television.

He entertainment journalist Rodrigo Lussich revealed that letter in the Intruders program, where he also told that Polka is on the verge of collapse in the midst of the economic crisis and the pandemic.

This is the complete letter that Adrián Suar sent him to his employees, in which a tone as understanding as sad reigns.

“We live together moments of joy and we also had difficult times. But no time has been as complicated and uncertain as this. Personally I am living this period with a lot of sadness and concern and I understand and imagine the anguish in each one of you “, says, in its first lines, the message of the Argentine producer.

Adrián Suar in the celebration of 25 years of Polka

“The intention of these lines is first: to express my sincere apologies for everything they are going through and also to update them on what is happening in our production company. We have been producing continuously for more than 26 years. It is the first time than Polka pierces a situation so limit How is it going. We know that we are not the only ones. It is clear that many companies – like ours – face an inevitable picture and in some cases, without exit. But what perhaps some do not know, is that the economic problems of our producer come from years ago. That ‘television’ in which we started, which offered 350 hours of air per year, which positioned us as a leading company with national and international content, which positioned us as one of the most important national fiction companies and one of the few production companies with the largest fixed staff in the region, that television, no longer exists, “added Suar, in a context in which there is also controversy over the rating of Channel 13.

Polka, founded in 1994 by Suar and Fernando Blanco, currently has Grupo Clarín as main shareholder with 55%, while the actor and employee of the holding company keeps 27% of the shares.

In his message, Suar details that “for some years those hours have been decreasing. Together, we witnessed this gradual change. There were glorious years when we made two strips and a unit. From a time to this part, with a lot of effort we got to make a strip and only sometimes, a unit. Inevitably, this way of producing generated recording time between projects, which made it impossible to cover fixed costs. We had a way of producing that filled us with pride but with an education very difficult to sustain. Still, with desire, will and a lot of financial effort, we kept going. We are looking for several alternatives. One of them was going out to get external productions to find a ‘breather’ and maintain the structure of the company. A half solution, because these types of contracts are never a promise of continuity. ”

“Producing in these circumstances has become very difficult, but we have made the greatest effort to bet on fiction. Despite having the possibility of airing other cheaper formats, the channel has decided to sustain our products at a great cost This is the outlook for our production company until March of this year, when something happened that nobody can foresee. The pandemic that paralyzed the entire world, paralyzed us too. It stopped us completely and made us unable to continue working, precipitated our reality as a company. Now it is not enough with the desire or the will. It takes much more than that to be able to continue, “said Suar.

In the following paragraph, the owner of the company points out: “It is a situation that forces us to be aware of an undeniable reality: the Polka that we knew until before the pandemic is unsustainable. We do not know what industry we are going to find when our activity is reactivated. In the midst of this uncertainty, beyond the effort we put in, from our production company and the channel, I don’t know which Polka we are going to. “

Adrián Suar wrote a letter to the employees of his company, Polka

Adrián Suar wrote a letter to the employees of his company, Polka

To end, Suar points out: “I want you to know that I understand perfectly the personal situation of each one. Everyone, without exception, deserves my respect. I have shown them all these years that we work together. Today Polka is trying her best for fulfill their commitments. You know that throughout these years sWe have always met. I am a doer, a generator that will not sit still. Much less give up. Producing is my vocation. So today more than ever it is my must face this difficult situation and honor the production company that we all knew how to build. You and me as a family. ”

The situation Polka is experiencing, as stated at the beginning, is similar to that of other companies in the sector and other items as well.

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