He participated in the “anti-quarantine” march on the Obelisk and died of coronavirus

A 74-year-old retiree, who had participated in the anti-quarantine march at the Obelisk, died of coronavirus last Monday 15, in his apartment in the Mataderos neighborhood.

Ángel Spotorno, who was better known by José, his middle name, was part of various social media groups in which he organized political street actions. As her cousin told in different media, was against mandatory isolation and he believed that he could become infected with COVID-19.

“He believed that (the coronavirus) was a cold like any other. It was anti. He died thinking he had an allergy, although she was a little scared when she said ‘I caught her‘ “, revealed Marita Riera in dialogue with radio Del Plata.

This man’s cousin also told Infobae that, “of the 90 days he lived in quarantine, about 85 will have been on the street.” The woman assured that the victim was in good health and that she did not reconsider despite being asked to stay home.

“My soul was broken, I was very bad. I said to him:‘ If you want to live, you will receive a pension and retirement and you are not bad, why are you going out to look for the virus? ‘ His daughters also asked him not to go outRiera revealed.

As he explained, what angered Spotorno the most it was when the Buenosairean government tried restrict outings to older adults. “He was on the cell phone all day and administered various groups (among them ‘Argentina does not give up’ and ‘The Republic will never be red’). Sometimes I think why his own co-religionists did not take care of him and they told him ‘stay home that we went out’. Everyone in those Facebook groups was hurt when they learned of his death and offered condolences, but I keep reading that they are putting together new calls. It is as if they have not understood. Lack of awareness, “demanded her cousin.

In one of his Facebook groups, José Spotorno (right, in beret) showed his militancy. (Photo: Facebook)
In one of his Facebook groups, José Spotorno (right, in beret) showed his militancy. (Photo: Facebook)

Spotorno lived on Avenida Juan Bautista Alberdi at 7000, I had participated in the march of June 6 against the quarantine, which took place in the Obelisk. The following week, he called his cousin and said: “I caught it”. It alluded to COVID-19. A few days later, he died sitting on the couch in his living room.

“One day he says to me, ‘I went to the rally at the Obelisk.’ We talked until 1 in the morning. I told him that I didn’t understand why he was doing this knowing that most people were quarantining and he wasn’t. He was very angry , to the point of telling him that if something happened to him, leave a note stating that he was not going to occupy an intensive care bed, “Riera recalled.

On June 10, when he is retired started with symptomsAs a lack of oxygen, he approached the guard of the Álvarez Hospital. There, they took his fever, he was prescribed paracetamol and steamed of salted water, and they sent him home.

Spotorno started having mucus and, on the 13th, he went back to the same health center, but the doctors diagnosed with an allergy, and they would have suggested “to open the windows of his house”, according to his cousin.

In addition, Riera revealed that the man called the emergency line 107 several times, but that they did not approach his home.

On Monday June 15, the man I was chatting with a partner of militancy when, suddenly, stopped responding. This woman had asked him long ago for the phone number of one of his daughters so that he could contact them with any problem.

As the last connection of Spotorno was marked at 22:20 and did not return to activity, this PRO member called his relatives to alert them that something was going on. However, the daughter of this man considered that he could have run out of light or battery, and decided to wait.

On Tuesday, the retiree was still unanswered and his one of the daughters approached the apartment. He rang the bell and no one answered. So a neighbor rang the bell to corroborate that this was his father’s home.

At that moment, they decided to call 911 and, with police assistance, they managed to open the door and enter. There they found the retiree dead, sitting in front of the television

At first, her daughters thought she had a heart attack. But being a dubious death, in the middle of a pandemic, the intervening court placed a sash on the house and performed an autopsy on the body.

Riera said that her cousin I had left a thermometer on one of the tables that marked 38 degrees Of temperature. Which warned them that he had a fever when he died.

Finally, the morgue’s death certificate, which was released to the family on Saturday the 20th, confirmed the suspicions. Spotorno was positive for COVID-19 and died as a result of “lung disease”.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)

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