He opened Tinder to his ex and gives away his wedding dress: “I chose the clothes for his dates”

“Gift wedding dress. It clearly has a single use. He retires for CABA ”. Just those three sentences were enough for a woman for her tweet to reach unexpected repercussions. The owner of the dress, separated from her for several years, assured that she did it for only one reason: “I can’t take it anymore in my house.”

Under the pseudonym “Olga Patricia Ivanova”, Mae does not reveal in which neighborhood of the City of Buenos Aires she lives. She will only tell the woman who finally got the white dress which he used at his wedding.

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“Many people took the trouble to give me advice on what to do with the dress instead of giving it away. Lots of girls ask about the size (wedding dresses aren’t usually made to size, they’re made to measure),” Mae told TN.

She married Mariano on May 17, 2013 by civil law. That was a Friday. The next day, they summoned their friends and family for an intimate outdoor celebration.

The tweet that Mae published to promote the donation of her dress (Photo: TN).

We started dating in 2011, everything happened very quickly. We went to live together and they uploaded us on Twitter, because it was all very romantic. We met through the social network,” Mae recalled.

And he continued: “We were both divorced. He proposed to me, I said yes and he replied: next Friday the 17th falls we’ll get married. That’s why it was on that date.”

Mariano and Mae began dating in 2011, they got married in 2013, and after two years they separated (Photo: TN).

Mariano and Mae began dating in 2011, they got married in 2013, and after two years they separated (Photo: TN).

“When there was a month and a half to go, he told me that he couldn’t wait to see me dressed in white. We organized the party in a month and a half. We got married funny and after two years we separated like that, funnyMae recounted.

From being married to organizing dates with other women

During courtship and subsequent marriage, Mariano befriended Mae’s friends. That is why after the separation, both frequented each other and maintained a friendly relationship.

“Everything continued to work fine, to the point that he is color blind and I prepared his clothes for his dates. I was guilty of having encounters with other men. I saw him alone, even When Tinder was downloaded, he did not dare to write to anyoneMae recalled.

Souvenirs from the wedding organized on May 18, 2013 (Photo: TN).

Souvenirs from the wedding organized on May 18, 2013 (Photo: TN).

It was she who went to his house, with the excuse of working from there, to be his “support therapy.” Mae recounted: “She helped him with the chamuyos. But the moment she became a boyfriend we stopped talking”.

As for the dress, Mae believes that she will end up wearing it “a girl who is friends with another girl who saw it on Twitter, but since she didn’t have an account, she wrote to me on instagram. I had previously put it up for sale, but I got tired of having it published. And I didn’t want to throw it away either.”

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“Everything was revolutionized from the tweet. When I found someone for whom the measurements worked, I warned all the others that a girl was already going to look for him, but that if she didn’t like it or whatever, she was going to talk in order with the others. so today I have everyone asking if the dress matched the other“, complete.

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