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In addition to addressing issues such as foreign debt, entering the digital world and caring for the environment, the space proposes a new Constitution

One week after defeat of the ruling party In the last legislative elections, the former vice president of Cristina Kirchner, Amado Boudou, presented his own political space together with the former ambassador of Venezuela Alicia Castro and Gabriel Mariotto, former head of the AFSCA.

The speech that accompanied the launch of the new party, left a double message. On the one hand, Boudou, on probation for the Ciccone Case, made clear his support for the Government: “Sovereigns do not come to break anything, they come to heal the Homeland, with the government of Alberto Fernández and the leadership of Cristina, to have a just and sovereign free homeland. ”

“There is a group that believe they are the owners and do not let us have an opinion,” said Mariotto.

However, the criticism was also felt. Mariotto was the first to express himself harshly: “Reality hurts us, we don’t get used to the landscape of kids who don’t eat,” he said.

And he continued: “Alberto Fernández assumed without rules of the game and without program. Cristina one day sent a message and elected him. We had to win and we won, barbarian, but two years have passed and Alberto continues without rules of the game or program. That’s why we lost the PASO and the legislative ones. “

But the criticism of the ruling party did not end there and the former AFSCA head fired: “there is a group that believe they are the owners and do not let us have an opinion” and that “they put us in a place of applause that we did not like.” And he concluded: “But we have the same opinion. Those who do not want to express their opinions for fear of the Instituto Patria or the Casa Rosada, I tell them that we are going to continue giving opinions.”

The launch

The presentation took place at the Mugica Cultural Center, located on Calle Piedras 720, in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, with 300 people who did not leave free places.

Before the event began, a video by Milagro Sala was shown: “I wanted to greet the members of the new space. They have a great challenge because they are going to discuss non-payment to the IMF and also the political prisoners. These are all things that are not being discussed today in this Government and that it seems that in the Front of All there is fear or it seems that they take care of themselves too much. I wish them the best of luck, “he closed.

Before starting Milagro Sala greeted in a video

The deputy Fernanda Vallejos, the actresses Cecilia Roth and Luisa Kuliok, and the composer Teresa Parodi, among other personalities who will also be part of this brand new trend, were part of the launch.

Other members of the new party are: the sociologist Jorge Elbaum; the writer Mempo Giardinelli; the referent of the Union of Land Workers (UTT) Nahuel Levaggi; the former head of the Financial Information Unit (UIF), José “Pepe” Sbatella; the actress Cristina Banegas; the economist Felisa Miceli; the historian Araceli Bellotta and the economist Hernán Arbizu.

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