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The Minister of Economy spoke before the Board of Directors of the labor union in the Felipe Vallese Auditorium of the cegetista headquarters

The Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman; and his work pair, Claudio Moroni; They met this afternoon with the leadership of the CGT, before the dissertation that the head of the Palacio de Hacienda gave before the Board of Directors of the labor union in the Felipe Vallese Auditorium, and in which he explained the objectives of the Government in the negotiation with the IMF.

Guzmán and Moroni were received by the leadership of the CGT in a meeting in which the guidelines of the “multi-year planthat the national government will present in Congress and negotiation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), official and union spokesmen reported.

After the meeting, the head of the Palacio de Hacienda spoke before the Board of Directors of the labor union in the Felipe Vallese Auditorium of the cegetista headquarters, located in Azopardo 802, in Bajo Buenos Aires.

Guzmán and Moroni’s meeting with the CGT, led by the triumvirate headed by the general secretaries Héctor Daer (Health), Pablo Moyano (Truckers) and Carlos Acuña (Service Stations), joins the meetings already held with the chief of Cabinet, Juan Manzur; and with the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, among other national officials.

Guzmán and Moroni, together with the leaders of the CGT.

Agreement with the IMF: Guzmán’s main phrases before the CGT

  • “True social inclusion occurs on the generation of work that dignifies and generates hope and opportunities. Our productive structure must be capable of generating work.”
  • “Our government will not sign no settlement agreement because it would mean preventing the economic recovery from continuing. “
  • “We are working for an agreement that allows us to continue on the path of what we want is for everything to be sorted out.”
  • “It is too big that debt (with the IMF) to face the maturities as they are programmed according to the stand-by loan in 2022 and 2023, anything that is destined to that means less capacity of recovery of the Argentine economy “.
  • It is negotiating to have a public policy scheme that is ours and allows Argentina to continue on the path of reassure the economy and that when we are better we can face the debt with the IMF. “
  • “This is not a problem that can be solved in a single step because the problem is too big. If we reached an agreement soon that would mean starting to pay the IMF in 2026”.
  • “What we are looking for is an agreement for sustainable development where we have a multi-year program, where we say to the IMF: ‘I present this and it is what I am going to do so that Argentina recovers, creates jobs and inflation goes down, which is fundamental for the proper functioning of the economy. And for the economy to add more value. With that, it allows me to refinance; I don’t have to pay you now. “
Guzmán admitted that it is

Guzmán admitted that the problem is “too big.”

  • “What is happening is a negotiation of a Nation State with more than 190 Nation States. The IMF is that; they are the States of the world. They do not all have the same power. It is a geopolitical negotiation where a country does better if it acts more together, as a nation state. “
  • “There are those within Argentina who ask for something else and it is convenient for Argentina to have an adjustment program. There is a lot of pressure for that. Some for economic reasons and others for political reasons. At the international level there are those who would like something like this. it happens because, after all, what ends here is who pays for the crisis “.
  • What we say is that economic recovery comes first and that is where acting as a nation state with all the power factors of Argentina playing for the same side helps more in a negotiation of this type “.
  • “Never again will it be possible for a government on duty to come and in three weeks it reached an agreement with the IMF without discussing it in front of society or going through Congress and it leaves us with such a problem.”
  • “What we are looking for is first to agree with the IMF staff and then we are going to say” representatives of the Argentine people and the provinces, this is what we achieved, now you vote. Does this take care of Argentina or does it not take care of Argentina? That’s the way to do things if we really want to take care of ourselves as a society. “
  • “We have to be able to continue on the road to recovery and for that we must be able to give continuity to the public policy scheme that we have been carrying out.”
  • This is happening with job recovery, the two axes are work and production, it is governed for the welfare of the workersThis is what we do, it is absolute conviction, it is a dynamic that must continue, that is why it must come hand in hand with a stronger recovery of the purchasing power of wages, which is not only a fair question, but is necessary so that the economy goes well “.
  • “The CGT is very important in building an Argentina in which workers can live better.”
  • “We govern thinking about the welfare of workers.”

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