Graciela Borges, a hand-finished beauty

Graciela Borges He is the most exquisite, talented and beautiful star in the history of our cinema. Of course there were other great figures, but none of them Jorge Luis Borges gave him his last name when his father prohibited him from using his own. It has been said of her, in all fairness, that her skin seems illuminated from within, that her face has been finished by hand.

She is an odd beauty, with a chilling voice and a great actress. A lady in Chronicle of a Lady, a humble employee in The Dependent, a day laborer in Zafra, a goddess in Circe and a golden dream in Summer Skin. He made dozens of movies that would be impossible to review; He worked with the greatest directors: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, Leonardo Favio, Raúl de la Torre, Fernando Ayala, Manuel Antín and so many more. It is, as defined by Vogue de France magazine, “The great actress of Argentine cinema”.

But what is especially remarkable in an actress of that magnitude is that already at the peak of her fame and with international recognition, Graciela Borges supported with his presence and his talent young figures that they began in the cinema, that they had no previous prestige, that they launched into that abysmal world.

He worked on the first film for Lucrecia Martel (The swamp) long before she became the renowned director she is today; worked with Jorge Polaco (Kindergarten), a very controversial director; participated in the beginnings of Luis Ortega (Monoblock); supported a practically unknown Maximiliano Gutiérrez (Tokyo); joined the debutant Martín Sastre (Miss Tacuarembó) and participated in many other initiatory adventures.

Beyond her acting quality, the charm she displays in her National Radio for years, beyond its awards and accolades, of the devotion of its public and its beauty that does not know the passage of time, what Graciela Borges offers to the world is a way of artistic generosity that is very difficult to find in the consecrated figures. She puts her name and her prestige at the service of cinema, takes risks and acts according to the motto that she never tires of repeating, about the importance of love. It is love: your age is not the least important.

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