Graciela Alfano recalled her meeting with Pablo Escobar: “My mother wanted me to marry him”

Graciela Alfano was the main protagonist of last Saturday’s broadcast of PH, we can talk. It is not for nothing that the actress herself defined herself as “a Netflix” in real life: she has countless stories to tell. Some happy, others painful – such as the memory of her hard childhood, marked by abuse and violence – and others curious. “Curious” is perhaps the best word to define an anecdote that took place in Cali, Colombia, in 1972.

The actress went back to that year to remember when she was consecrated as Miss Pan American Beauty. “We all had a Colombian girl who accompanied us and assisted us at that time with things of beauty, and we also had a young man who was with us, as is Marcelo now, very elegant. We called him aide-de-camp, ”he said, pointing to Polino, another of the show’s guests, who, as always, wore an impeccable coat.

According to her account, she was accompanied by a young man from Medellín, called Pablo Escobar Gaviria. At the time he was in his early 20s and, of course, he was not publicly known. “The funniest thing was that my mother had accompanied me, because in these jokes, you knew how, and she loved this little boy“He recalled in the cycle led by Andy Kusnetzoff at Telefe.

In that sense, he recounted what he remembers from that meeting: “At that time, absolutely nothing was known about his origins, he was a creature. He was a very quiet person and he liked beauty very much. I remember that I would go out and stare at me like that, it kind of bothered me

Polino, quick with reflexes, asked if anything had happened between them. But Grace He flatly denied it: “No, we were very young. My mom wanted me to marry him …

“Years later, when the father of my children had a fight with my mother -because they had fights, my mother was tremendous with everyone-, he would tell her: ‘See if your daughter had married the Colombian …He recalled with a laugh.

Leaving humor aside, Alfano recalled his harsh childhood with a heartbreaking story: she was abused at age four by seven by a neighbor. Her father abandoned her when she was a child – she returned to her home very occasionally – and her mother left the house for days, leaving her alone: ​​“The person to whom Mom left the keys to check how I was this neighbor, a pedophile. So when I needed someone to come, this naked man appeared, who fortunately had no erections, so it didn’t penetrate me, but I stuck that tongue up my throat with an onion breath that I still feel. ”

“When my mom came back and told her about this, she didn’t want to listen because it didn’t suit her until one day, when she was seven years old, I told my father who was visiting us. I told him ‘the man does this to me and this in this way’ and I remember that he grabbed me and my mom there, put us in a hotel and a week or days later we moved to another place, ”he said.

Moved, she recalled that she was a “victim” of her mother’s wishes to recover her husband, since, according to her account, she invented the man that Alfano had some illness to go to the house: “My mother manipulated my father to come, I said that they had to operate on me. So I underwent surgery at the age of four for a completely healthy appendixI don’t know how he convinced the doctors. They gave me anesthesia with a mask and I was afraid of dying. They also removed an amygdala at three years old. ”

And that was not all. Always according to Alfano’s words, they almost amputated a leg: “At seven years old my knee became inflamed and I don’t know how my mother managed to have a shift at the Military Hospital. I couldn’t speak but I heard that they said they were going to cut my legs. The doctor talked to my mom and she said, “We have hours to operate on her,” and he said, “Let’s postpone the surgery, let’s give this girl a chance.” But this is only part… ”

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