Government of Mexico offers employment to medical personnel over 60 years of age to reinforce health system threatened by coronavirus

MEXICO CITY, Apr 17 (Reuters) – The Mexican government has offered employment to retired medical personnel over 60 years old in hospitals that do not care for patients with coronavirus, with the aim of strengthening the health system, threatened by the imminent boom of the epidemic, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said on Friday.

The president added that if the call is successful, the country could have 20,000 more doctors when the peak of the outbreak occurs, which in Mexico City and some municipalities adjacent to the capital would be around May 10.

“I am sure that this call will be successful. Yesterday we called general practitioners from all over the country and the call had a lot of response,” said López Obrador, after clarifying that the candidates should be healthy and not present any chronic disease that the put you at risk.

The attempts of the Mexican authorities to hire more doctors in the country have caused in recent days some crowds in front of the hiring offices, violating the restrictions of social distancing imposed by the Ministry of Health.

The Government has been questioned about the lack of supplies of protective equipment for hospital workers, especially as a result of several cases of outbreaks of the virus in at least three hospitals with dozens of infected medical workers.

Mexican authorities reported on Thursday 6,297 infected and 486 deaths from the coronavirus, which in the world has left more than 2.1 million infected and more than 143,000 deaths.

(Report by Raúl Cortés Fernández)

Written by Argentina News

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