Government of Mexico declared a health emergency due to coronavirus

The federal government approved the declaration of national health emergency due to force majeure in the face of a considerable increase in cases of coronavirus. In addition to the measures that are underway as part of the National Sana Distancia Day, all sectors in the country, mainly private companies, are urged to stop most of their activities.

The declaration of sanitary emergency has the purpose of making the population understand and assume the importance of staying at home. The objective is to decrease the virus transmission speed as much as possible. Otherwise, health services will be overwhelmed, as is the case in Spain and Italy.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, who read the declaration of emergency, stated that “we do not consider for what we have experienced that the private sector ceased to participate or opposes these measures, we have found participation, including funds … it is his knowledge that at the time where it was essential to take a measure like this, we all have to close ranks: if it is not done, the economic damage grows. ”

He warned that there is “nothing that comes close to a curfew, the National Guard will continue to do its job as safeguarding strategic facilities, communication channels and protecting society.”

“We are going to have a difficult month, but if we do not have this month and we do not concentrate, the economic impact will be more than a year,” he said.

The stoppage of non-essential activities in the public and private sectors was also extended until April 30 to prevent the spread of COVID-19 spreading. The undersecretary of Prevention and Health Protection, Hugo López-Gatell reported that so far there are 1,094 cases and of them there are 28 deaths, which are eight more people than yesterday. There are also 2,752 suspected cases identified.

“We are already in a phase of rapid ascent.” He said there is still an opportunity to mitigate transmission and the fastest transmission phase will be in phase 3, in community broadcast.

The assistant secretary announced a seven-point program that must be met during the suspension of activities.

1. Suspension of all non-essential activities, with the exception of those that are necessary to attend emergencies such as labor, medical branch and health sector, public and private field; Public security, national integrity and sovereignty, legislative activity, essential sectors for the functioning of the economy and social programs for the government continue.

two. The national healthy distance day is extended until April 30

3. The population is exhorted to a voluntary domiciliary shelter

Four. People over 60 years of age or diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, immunosuppression, pregnancy and diabetes should not report to work even if they work in essential sectors.

5. The Secretary of Labor will determine a staggered return to work activities.

6. Censuses involving physical interaction are suspended

7.All these measures will be done in full respect of human rights.

“The non-essential services of the social and private sectors must immediately adopt modalities of teleworking, remote work or the like, without the activities of their workers involving an on-site act.” indicates the agreement that was made in the General Health Council.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health will have all the tools available in the country at hand.

He also mentioned the responsibilities that other federal agencies will have in this health emergency.

The Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela, thanked the Mexicans for the effort made during this period of isolation, and assured that the health system is ready to face the challenges to come.

At the same time, he recalled that this moment will pass and will not be permanent. He added that many Mexicans will acquire immunity to COVID-19. So he asked to live this challenge with confidence in the Mexican health system.

The announcement of new measures had been advanced by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at his morning conference on Monday, so he asked people to pay attention to the daily report on the progress of COVID-19 in Mexico.

The president maintained his cautious stance toward firm measures to contain the virus and said he will not implement a state of emergency or respond authoritatively. He gave no sign of canceling his weekend tours to the states.

“I am sure we are going to face the coronavirus”, He said, and mentioned the advantages that Mexico has over other countries, as a very “fraternal” family structure. López Obrador mentioned again that women are better caregivers than men and referred to them as personal “nurses” of families.

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