Google is still drip-feeding AI into Search, Maps, and Translate

Google announced a bunch of AI-enabled search, maps, and translation updates as part of its “Google Presents: Live from Paris” event on Wednesday.

Although it showed hints of ChatGPT-rivaling chatbot AI “Bard” style search, powered by its LaMDA technology, most of the features focused on features we’ve seen before, like “search” implementations visual” that extend Google Lens, a more immersive version of Google Maps, and a Google Translate that better understands context. Of course, you can already play around a bit with Microsoft’s new ChatGPT-powered Bing and access the already available ChatGPT itself, which was enough to generate a “code red” on the AI ​​features in Mountain View.

Some of the features are things you can enjoy soon, unfortunately many are further away.

Let’s start first with some that are available at short notice.

Other new features have also been announced, but so far they don’t have specific release windows – they will ship in the coming weeks/months.

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