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‘Flare’, ‘slouchy’, ‘tappered’, ‘regular’, ‘straight’, ‘culotte’, ‘wide leg’, ‘mom’, ‘skinny’, ‘bootcut’ … There are more and more types of Cowboys at our disposal. And it is that although the variety is the taste, many times it can complicate the decision to choose the correct pants when buy online.

First of all and in order not to go crazy when choosing, we must differentiate if we want narrow, baggy or flared pants. In addition, we must also take into account our body type to find the style that can favor us the most.


Despite the almost ten types of jeans that exist, skinny jeans are still the most chosen par excellence, but there are different styles.

The ‘skinny ‘ They are the tightest jeans on the market and have a second skin effect that defines the silhouette very well.

This design «stylizes the legs and lengthens the silhouette», they clarify from Mango, and also «it is the one that is sold the most because it is so versatile that you can use it both on weekends and for daily use», explains Jairo Mera, a passionate about fashion that has been working at Inditex for five years.

The ‘slim’ They are slightly wider than the ‘skinny’ ones at the bottom, which gives them extra comfort, especially for those with more pronounced cufflinks. They are also easier to remove, an essential feature for those with wide ankles.


Halfway between wide and narrow pants are the straight‘, also known as regular or straight. This is the most timeless design characterized by its straight cut and comfort. They especially favor people with wide thighs and calves who do not want to mark their figure and “people who have very long legs,” Mera says.

The ‘mom’ They are jeans that stand out for their comfort. As explained from Mango, they tend to be high-waisted and ankle-length and their inspiration is from the 90s. Its versatility is so great that “it has become a staple.” With this type of wide leg design but glued at the waist, the curves are enhanced and also by showing the ankle it favors people who want to lengthen their figure. “It is the typical pants that you can wear to be comfortable”, clarifies Mera.

A little wider than the previous ones are the jeans’slouchy ‘or’ tappered ‘, which are tight at the waist and ankle, but looser than the ‘mom’ on the leg. They are also retro-inspired and according to Mango they are the perfect balance between comfort and style.

The ‘culotte’ They have become very popular in recent years. It is a wide design, but it fits in the part of the waist and the butt, so it enhances this part. However, from the thighs down, the cut is much wider than the ‘mom jeans’ and usually reveal the ankle, a ‘must’ for those who want to lengthen their figure.

Finally, another type of jeans that does not mark the legs is the ‘wide leg‘, wide leg translated from English. As its name suggests, it is a loose jean at the waist that has an A or triangle shape. Mainly it differs from the ‘culotte’ in that the ‘wide leg’ is usually longer, since it tends to reach the ground in most designs, Mera says. For their part, Mango adds that “with its infinite length it is ideal to add a vintage touch to the look.”


In this last category we find two versions. The ‘flare’ They are the typical flared jeans that became popular in the 70s. They are slightly fitted at the top, but start to flare like a bell from the knee.

For their part, the ‘bootcut ‘As the name suggests, they are designed to be able to wear tall boots. Like the ‘flare’, it flares out from the knee, but not so much as to make a bell shape. This is the perfect width to allow the boot to fit inside the pants.

Other features

Other characteristics to take into account when buying jeans is the type of cut. Here the word comes into play ‘cropped‘, which means that a pair of pants reaches the height of the ankle, “something that helps a lot to the short ones,” says Mera.

The type of shot of a pants is also key when choosing. The most popular today are those of high shot Because they favor those who have curves, they also visually lengthen the figure. Those of low waist favor straighter bodies because they highlight the hips and those of mid shot They are halfway between the two models.

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