From tarot cards to a barbecue strip: the unusual objects that passengers forget on a trip

Who did not ever forget an umbrella or even until the wallet or cell phone in a taxi or remis? It is undoubtedly one of the most common oversights. But do you leave one strip of roast, underwear, or dollars? Apparently it also happens.

The data was grouped into a list that the Uber travel application assembles every year, taking into account all the objects that passengers forget in their cars. Two lists are drawn up, all over the world: one with the things they leave the most in the back seat, which includes in almost all cases, cell phones, wallets, umbrellas and keys, and another with the most unusual.

Passengers also forgot bags, backpacks, and bags. (Photo: AFP).

In the Argentina, drivers using the application 96% of items returned. And more than half of the passengers are reunited with their belongings less than 12 hours after they reported their loss, they reported.

The top ten of the most forgotten objects in the country:

MobileWrenchesBackpack, wallet or luggageSilverWalletGlassesClothingUmbrellaWater bottle or thermosDocuments

In the list of the most unusual there are 1,500 dollars, which a passenger forgot. (Photo: Reuter).
In the list of the most unusual there are 1,500 dollars, which a passenger forgot. (Photo: Reuter).

On the side of the strangest articles or, unexpected, they found:

A pinataA bag with two tarot decksA micro passageA bag with a toothbrush and nutsA strip of roastA saber sheath$ 1,500A tenderA bag with a pair of flip flops and milkA bag with a shirt and a boxer brief

What are forgotten, according to the day

With the information from their records, the app also produced a report that tells what users forget, according to the day of the week.

According to the report, Saturdays are when users are most distracted, especially at night. During the weekends, the objects that are most lost are documents and headphones. Meanwhile, on Mondays people lose books; Tuesdays, wallets; Wednesdays and Thursdays, water bottles, and on Fridays, umbrella.

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