From Río Cuarto, Pampa Start will put US$ 5 million to promote technologies for agriculture

Pampa Start, a venture investment fund born in Río Cuarto, launched the search for US$ 5 million to invest 8 or 9 agrifoodtech.

What are agrifoodtech? They are mainly digital technology ventures, which provide solutions to agricultural activity and food production.

It is estimated that there are 165 companies of this type in Argentina that generate 3,839 jobs, 84% of which have undergraduate training and 70% of them belonging to the 30 to 40-year-old age group.

This investment fund puts money (in exchange for a shareholding) in entrepreneurs who have already obtained the support of an angel investor and who have validated the business model with some billing. With contacts, money and advice, they seek to promote this project so that the new company grows and when it is sold (an instance called exit), make the profits from having scaled.

Pampa Start was born in 2019, under the initiative of entrepreneurs such as Manuel Ron (Bio4), Federico Cola (Seed Matriz), Rafael Ibáñez (IncluIT) and Luciano Nicora (Endeavor Argentina and investor).

The group structured its first fund in 2021, launched it in March 2022 and in six months raised US$ 1.7 million, which it invested in six startups (technology-based ventures): Nippy, GenGanar, Circular, Sima, Agrired and Eiwa.

At that time, it brought together 32 investors, all from the southern part of the province, most of them agricultural producers who decided to put money into technological projects.

The group appeared in this city this Tuesday to launch its second fund, Pampa 2, with the idea that close to half of the investors participate again, but with the plan to add institutional investors and businessmen from the Cordoba capital.

“In the last 25 years, thanks to direct sowing, fertilization and other technologies, grain production in Argentina has tripled. The next leap is going to be made with digitization”, assured Nicora, before a group of businessmen from the city.

Juan Ninfea, operating director of Pampa Start, added in this context that the plan for Pampa 2 is to get this amount in two years, although that period could be stretched to three, since the drought is going to make it difficult to find investors. in the farm

The funds are put into a trust that lasts 10 years, so investors could wait until 2029 or 2030 for that venture to scale and be sold.

Written by Argentina News

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