From Buenos Aires to Santa Cruz by bike: Diego’s journey to raise awareness about soil conservation

By Axa Pacheco

Diego Colombo is a social communicator, he worked as a banker, he had his own business, but really identifies as nomadic and curious. “My whole life is crossed by travels”, is the phrase to begin his story.

“My mother says that the first trip was a year old,” the young man from Banfield told TN. He went from working as a banker in different provinces of Argentina to living with a community mahout at an elephant sanctuary during a month of volunteering in Thailand.

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He always wanted to live in another country to connect with other cultures, and he did it with a visa working holiday which allowed him to reside for almost two years in New Zealand. He there he worked in gardening and landscaping and toured the two islands in a motor home. He also lived six months in the Dominican Republic, traveled to Mexico, Spain and other countries.

In all his travels, he always had to do something for the planet. (Photo: Courtesy of Diego Colombo.)

Among all those experiences, however, activism, another of his passions, remained as a pending issue. With this in mind, Diego organized a trip with special meaning for this year: from February 25, he will tour Argentina by bicycle to raise awareness among communities about soil conservation.

It will leave Banfield, pass through Bariloche and travel along Route 40. The point of arrival will be the Perito Moreno Glacier, in the province of Santa Cruz. If everything goes according to plan, Diego will cover the journey in 60 days.

reconcile with their land

“For a long time, I wanted to do this,” he said. For several years, Diego made donations to Greenpeace, but he felt he needed to do something more for the environment, and his search led him to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, an Indian yogi who created the global movement called Save the soil.

This organization was born in 1998 and has the support of different organizations, including the WHO, the UN, and even artists like Maluma or the American rapper

Curiosity and love for the planet prompted him to embark on his first trip with an environmental message.  (Photo: Courtesy of Diego Colombo.)

Curiosity and love for the planet prompted him to embark on his first trip with an environmental message. (Photo: Courtesy of Diego Colombo.)

The goal of Save the Soil is to “advocate for policies in all nations for soil restoration”. Diego’s contribution, in this case, will be give talks in schools and communities of the provinces you will visit.

“At the end of last year, I sent them an email (to Save the Soil). They answered me and we began to organize the trip, ”he explained. The organization provided the material for the talks and gave him recommendations on how to approach the topics.

By traveling by bike you will not only contribute to caring for the environment, but you will be able to appreciate even more the beauty of the provinces. The arrival point, the Perito Moreno Glacier, also has a great representative level for him because it will be the first time he will visit it and the challenge of pedaling there excites him.

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In addition, the glacier is part of the Patagonian Continental Ice, 17,000 kilometers long, which is one of the most important drinking water reserves in the world and, therefore, a symbol of caring for the planet.

The reason for undertaking this feat on his mother’s soil, being him a nomad, has a reason. “When I left for New Zealand, I left with a little bit of anger. I can’t deny that the quality of life outside is much better, but this land one loves and appreciates. When I returned, I reconciled with my country“, be sincere.

“I think it is important to convey this message here, it’s like giving something back”, he remarked. Although he does not rule out leaving again either, he has the need to “befriend” Argentina and considers that this is the best opportunity.

Written by Argentina News

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