“Fright makes us realize how little we are worth”

In a long interview, the President assured that he is “fed up with seeing businessmen who put money to save their communities”

In a long interview, President Alberto Fernández assured that “after the coronavirus it will be necessary to shuffle and turn around, it is another story.”

“What Argentina is going to need is going to be something more like a Marshall Plan than an inflation containment plan. We are going to have to do what I said in the campaign: ignite the economy, because I am aware that it is now off. “

“It is turned off in the worst way: we send consumers home. What we are going to need is an economy that ignites, that works again. There, the role of the State will be very important, “he added in the interview, also published by Perfil.

Fernández expanded that “current inflation is what some economists call ‘self-built inflation’, of expectations, the worst expectations, those of speculation. It implies saying ‘let’s take advantage now that it is time because I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Let’s sell the gel alcohol at sidereal prices because they are going to need it a lot. Let’s multiply its price by two or three. “The State must stand there and stand firm. It is not inflation with economic logic, it is absolutely speculative.”

Regarding the operation of an Economic and Social Council for a social pact, he said that “if something good can leave us with the coronavirus, it is the opportunity to formulate another society. The coronavirus shows us inequality” and it is “the opportunity we have because we are going to start from a very low place, we are all going to be very low. “

The president, according to Télam, stressed that “a new federal pact must be made on how to develop Argentina” and the Economic and Social Council “may be the great place where all this is debated, where we make reconstitutive agreements.”

He also denied that he is against businessmen: “I had a dispute with a company that threw out people and in many newspapers they called ‘Alberto Fernández against businessmen.’ Me against entrepreneurs? I’m sick of seeing businessmen put money to save their communities. “

Fright has brought us together and makes us realize how little we are worth. Everything is worth nothing. No one who lives in a society saves himself“he emphasized, and rescued that” ethics emerged “in the current circumstances.

He also stressed that before the new scenario “in the future, Peronism will be the party of workers and teleworkers.”

But at that point he said that “Peronism should review its condition” and “could calmly qualify as a Social Democrat.”

“With communism dead, capitalism has no discussion. What we are discussing is what capitalism should be like. What came to an end is what I call speculative and financial capitalism. It was shown to be ephemeral, how easy it can end with the appearance of a microscopic virus that kills consumers, “he said.

He affirmed that “the media are very important in the construction of a reality and less important in the construction of concepts or political ideas” and “they have political ideology”. At the same time, he lashed out at trolls and fake news because “they do harm because they just operate on people’s guilt or innocence. They say: ‘Juan Pérez is such a thing’. They make up a fake story and people believe that. “

Regarding the Media Law, he considered that “I felt it was done on a medium and had an impossible purpose to achieve” because “people think above the media.”

“The media have ideology and they have interests, the problem is not that they have them, but that they hide them. In the United States, the electoral period arrives and they say ‘we warn that this newspaper has such a tendency or is willing to support such a candidate.’ One he reads them knowing where the writer is standing. It seems to me that ethically it is the right thing. The concealment of that and showing oneself as independent is a disloyalty, a very great lack of ethics. “

Fernández recognized that the State’s investment against Covid-19 must be increased. In this regard, he said that 1% of GDP was “for a month, which means that repeating that will at least take two points of GDP.”

On the political rift, he said that “my anti-crack speech is not an occasion, it is not a campaign speech“and therefore urged that” now stop, let’s realize that we are at a common risk. Let’s do that epic of building something valuable for everyone. “

“We have to build a policy of more rationality and fewer emotions. And build more rational leaderships than caudillescos and personalistas,” he said, and maintained that “I have no interest in the existence of albertismo and I will do everything possible so that there is a strong, democratic, consolidated Peronism that competes and wins elections. “

Likewise, he again vindicated former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and said that “I listen to her a lot, I have no qualms about saying it. She governed eight years, she has an experience that I do not. I listen to her, we do not necessarily always agree” .

He also spoke out for “a sensible” opposition and stressed that “I work and dialogue with many opponents although I will face them at some point. This is democracy.”

Fernández pointed out that “the biggest problem the economy has is how to manage itself in front of health because the search for eternity is limited to man. The man wants not to die. You want to live as long as possible. The great challenge is to be able to cover health spending. Health spending is infinite. The human being seeks eternity and that search is very expensive. “

He also highlighted that the pandemic will change the ways of working: “We are going to have large logistics companies that wrap packages and distribute them. People are going to lead a more sedentary life, at home. I do not know if eventually distance education will end up imposing, but I do say that today it is being tested and certain jobs can be done from home. “

Fernández clarified that “there is a zone of freedom where the State cannot move. The Constitution expressly states it: the private actions of men, which in no way offend the rights of third parties, are exempt from the authority of the magistrates and only it is submitted to the judgment of God. There is another article that says “nobody is obliged to do what the law does not prohibit.” They are the bases of the liberal law that I defend. Liberal, not neoliberal. “

“But the Argentine penal system also punishes those who distribute an epidemic. The one who infects maliciously or irresponsibly another,” he emphasized.

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