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Sometimes there is no time or budget to get into a comprehensive home renovation to bring it up to date. If you still want to renewalto give the house at least a facelift to make it feel more up-to-date, prettier and more comfortable, these four tips from four interior design experts to make simple but high-impact changes can help.

1. The effect of wallpaper

Project by Alberto Aranda in which the effect of a good wallpaper can be seen.
Project by Alberto Aranda in which the effect of a good wallpaper can be seen.

the interior designer Alberto Arandaat the head of Espacios Alberto Aranda, in Jaén, has it clear: the best ally for a facelift of the home, which also provides an immediate plus of style, is the painted paperof which there are currently options of all kinds, colors and motifs on the market.

«The use of wallpaper is one of the most frequent resources due to its speed and the great change it causes. If we add to that the placement of some molding, we get a more current aesthetic and better results immediately,” he explains.

2. Choose natural materials

Natural materials and plants provide warmth.
Natural materials and plants provide warmth. – coblonal

It is the trend of the moment, textiles and natural materialsand also the plants, which provide warmth thanks to their rustic touch and are part of the idea of ​​adding environmental awareness to the decoration as well.

The experts at Coblonal Interiorismo, a studio located in Barcelona, ​​think so: “We would opt for the use of textures in natural materials. Among them, we can find wicker, paper or linen baskets that, in addition to providing extra warmth and comfort, are aesthetic and help us maintain order. Likewise, the natural fabrics they dress the whole of the space and clothe us on a visual level. Another resource that could be used to effectively improve the visual appearance of a space is the incorporating plants, that help us to complete our compositions by also growing in height».

3. Dare with color

Just painting the house can completely change it.
Just painting the house can completely change it. – Leroy Merlin

Many times the solution is simpler than we think, and it simply goes through the painting. The interior designers of La Granja Design, also from Barcelona, ​​indicate this: «Regardless of whether it is a residential, office, hotel or restaurant project, from our point of view the most significant and easiest change that can be made within a interior space is that of color.

«Color changes our perception and the ‘feeling’ of interior design. With very little you can achieve substantial improvements that directly influence the order, setting and style. Light and relaxed tones provide comfort and reflect light, giving a feeling of spaciousness and order to your home. On the other hand, the brightest colors emphasize the geometry and give it personality, creating a visual impact”, they explain.

“In this way -they add- it is also essential to highlight the importance of the lighting within the different environments. Only by matching the color of the light sources can a very interesting visual and chromatic order be achieved.”

4. Remove visual noise

Small objects generate a lot of visual noise and reduce the feeling of spaciousness.
Small objects generate a lot of visual noise and reduce the feeling of spaciousness. – Susana Urbano

The order brings harmony and beauty. A tidy house radically changes its appearance and the effect it has on its occupants or visitors. The interior designer Susana Urbano, in charge of her own studio in Marbella, proposes “the incorporation of chests of drawers, closed cabinets or boxes where pick up smaller objects».

“If there are bookstores or libraries, it is essential sort the books by size and combine the placement of the books horizontally and vertically, leaving some shelves free, placing decorative objects instead of books on them”, he advises.

Urbano also calls for “thinking if everything that is present is really necessary” and, if not, “place it in another room or in a box in the storage room or the loft of a closet”, out of sight.

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