Former president of Brazilian soccer will be released from prison in the US on humanitarian grounds

Mar 30 (Reuters) – The former octogenarian of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) José Maria Marin, jailed as part of the corruption investigation within FIFA, will be released prematurely on humanitarian grounds, the judge of the case.

Pamela K. Chen argued that Marin will be released in part due to the coronavirus pandemic.

United States jails and prisons are reporting an accelerated spread of the coronavirus, resulting in thousands of inmates being released to limit the number of potential victims. Marin was serving a four-year sentence that was due to end in December.

Chen’s statement cited “Marin’s advanced age, 87, a significant deterioration in his health, an increased risk of serious health consequences due to the COVID-19 outbreak, his non-violent inmate status, and compliance with 80% of his original sentence “as the reasons for his early release, which did not clarify when it would occur.

Marin was convicted in December 2017 on six conspiracy charges, including committing fraud and money laundering.

The man who oversaw the organization of the 2014 World Cup was one of three CBF presidents accused of the FIFA corruption scandal, but the only one jailed.

(Report by Andrew Downie. Edited in Spanish by Javier Leira)

Written by Argentina News

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