For the first time since the brutal attack, Brenda spoke, the girl assaulted and dragged in Moreno

The young woman recovers in the hospital. (Photo: video capture).

Through a short video, Brenda Gutierrez, the young woman dragged by jet engines and then run over by a car in Brown Last week, she sent a message of thanks to the doctors and neighbors who assisted her on the street.

“I’m still in pain”says the 24-year-old girl who is still admitted to the Mariano and Luciano de la Vega Hospital.

“I want to thank the medical staff, to the residents of the Villa Sala neighborhood, who were accompanying me and also attending to me at the time of the accident, “he adds in a video of just over a minute sent by his family this Tuesday to Up Argentines (the thirteen). “Also to my family and everyone who cared,” he closes with a smile.

Brenda is hospitalized but her health improves every day. (Photo: Facebook Gabriela Gutiérrez).

The images recorded by security cameras in the area at the time of the assault are shocking. They wanted to steal a fanny pack from Brenda when she returned home after shopping at a bakery in the area, and since she couldn’t get loose, they took her dragged on a motorcycle until she was hit by a neighbor’s car.

The young woman survived and her health improves every day. “It’s better. He continues with a catheter and can eat very little, but that is already a good sign “, said his dad, Ruben, in dialogue with TN on Friday. “They removed a spleen that he was engaged. He has to recover from the broken ribs and blows to the head, “the man explained.

“She remembers being dragged and then woke up in the hospital”, said Rubén. And he added that his daughter “had never been robbed. We always said that we would never resist an assault. What they wanted was to tear off his fanny pack, they couldn’t and hooked it. And she grabbed onto a backpack as a reflex act so it wouldn’t be lifted into the air. They did not give time to anything”.

Two detainees

On Friday morning, during a raid in Moreno, the two suspects in the brutal assault on Brenda were arrested. They still had the motorcycle and the weapon that they used on the day of the incident..

The detainees had already changed the color to the fender from the vehicle to divert the investigators, but they kept the parts they had taken from the black Honda 250 in the house where one of the arrests took place. They also seized a 22-caliber Bersa pistol, a magazine, ammunition, a black backpack and the clothing that, according to the security camera records, they were wearing when they attacked Brenda.

They stopped the two motorcycle jets that attacked Brenda. (Photo:
They stopped the two motorcycle jets that attacked Brenda. (Photo: TN

The cause is investigated in the Functional Unit of Instruction and Trial No. 8 of the Moreno-General Rodríguez Judicial Department, in charge of the prosecutor Gabriel López, who ordered the raids that were carried out this Friday.


Posted by TN Todo Noticias on Friday, October 16, 2020

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"}, {" _ id ":" ET7WXZIXARGGXAIMOVY3QNYIXU "," type ":" text "," additional_properties ": {" comments ":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602855810169}, "content": "The detainees had already changed the color of the fender to the vehicle to divert the investigators, but they kept in the house where one of the arrests took place the parts that they had extracted from the black Honda 250. They also seized a 22-caliber Bersa pistol, a magazine, ammunition, a black backpack and the clothing that, according to the security camera records, they were wearing when they attacked the 24-year-old. "}, {" _ Id ":" TBNSJLITXBBM5PIXSGB5L3QG5U "," type ":" text "," additional_properties ": {" comments ":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602855810170}, "content": "The arrests were carried out by officers from the Departmental Investigations Delegation (DDI) of Moreno, during the procedures ordered in two homes in the Graham Bell and Del Cerril Artery area this. 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"}, {" _ id ":" YHICFMGBCNDGNL5UEIMP6X3U6Q "," type ":" text "," additional_properties ": {" comments ":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602855810174}, "content": "Despite this, the jets did not stop but they dragged the victim several meters down Centenario Street to 1700, until she was hit by her neighbor's car, identified as Tomas Villalba, 20 years old. "}, {" _ id ":" ETKTNPBYQ5B6RHIMLMK3DHC6SM "," type ":" text "," additional_properties " : {"comments":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602855810175}, "content": "The impact also threw the two robbers to the ground, but they were able to rejoin and they escaped to the shots. One of the shots hit Villalba's windshield, but fortunately no one was injured. "}, {" _ Id ":" TTNJEZAFFNC27EGJXL5TWTWPMQ "," type ":" custom_embed "," subtype ":" genoa "," additional_properties ": { "_id": "CF4LD3NP3BF4FCMP2YDSD64HZU", "comments":[]}, "embed": {"id": "994720", "url": "", "config": {" description ":" "," thumbnail ":" "," duration ": 128000," m3u8 ":" .m3u8 "," created ":" 2020-10-16T10: 42: 25Z "," resolution ":" 426x240 "," is_live_content ": false," resized_urls ": {" original ":" https: // thumbs.","lowResBody":" " "small": "" medium " //""",jpg:""hlarge ttps: //} "}QMXpg" _BZpg2 ", TJRZpg2" _BZpg2 ", T1080XM"} " type ":" header "," level ": 2," additional_properties ": {" comments ":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602855810176}, "content": "Brenda is recovered"}, {"_ id": "HDCYN5VY3RFOTM4CZUOQDNXRL4", "type": "text", "additional_properties": {"comments":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602855810177}, "content": "Meanwhile, the young woman assaulted and dragged down the street by motorcycle jets until she was run over by a neighbor, remains hospitalized in the De la Vega Hospital, where her state of health "evolves stably ”."}, {"_ id": "CS2B5HHETNGF5BEK4VQT6KKQFQ", "type": "text", "additional_properties": {"comments":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602855810178}, "content": "This was confirmed to Telam in the last hours the director of the Moreno party health center, Emanuel Sabaris, who pointed out that after being cirurgic intervention, the 24-year-old victim was transferred "to the Critical Area of ​​the emergency service for control and monitoring" in conjunction with intensive care personnel. "}, {" _ id ":" PDSZMGFMYBGJFPQSNJZVRCQXFM "," type ":" text " , "additional_properties": {"comments":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602855810179}, "content": "In addition, he explained that Brenda has four rib fractures, one in the left humerus and one in the pelvis, but they are stable injuries and "Without risk of life". "}, {" _ id ":" WGF5ZALDKVDATKDT6GVMCPYP3M "," type ":" text "," additional_properties ": {" comments ":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602855810180}, "content": "
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He had stab wounds and bruises on his legs. 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According to the first information, the corpse had different types of injuries, for which the authorities suggest that it was a femicide. "}, {" _ Id ":" LHQTGFULLJDNHCA7LBCSOV7WE4 "," type ":" interstitial_link "," additional_properties ": {" _ id ":" NWOK5QIUPVGMZHLD32YRQWGQLU "," comments ":[]}, "url": " -odio / "," content ":" The femicide of Alejandra Nahir Álvarez in Jujuy was "intimate and with much hatred" "}, {" _ id ":" YUGKHUGLEVAB3CCCXQR2E6AOOA "," type ":" text "," additional_properties ": {"comments":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602802158723}, "content": "According to reports, a girl discovered the woman's body around 11:30 in the property located in Virgin of Luján and Teodoro Fells, in the Parque Trujui neighborhood. I was naked and had at least five stab wounds and bruises on the legs. "}, {" _ id ":" UVWOSICYJFE73N6FCIGSR4JWLM "," type ":" text "," additional_properties ": {" comments ":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602802158724}, "content": "According to Telam, it transpired that García's partner, a 50-year-old man identified as José Oscar Tolaba, said that the young woman had disappeared two days ago, when you left your house to go to a party. "}, {" _ id ":" BYXFFRUDSVCRTJL6IO25KC7V7U "," type ":" text "," additional_properties ": {" comments ":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602802158725}, "content": "After finding the body, Tolaba showed up in the field and then he went to a local police station to testify. According to witnesses in the case, had cutting wounds in the torso area. "}, {" _ id ":" IJVQCWLGPFB5VHEE2B5GLADWOQ "," type ":" text "," additional_properties ": {" comments ":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602802158726}, "content": "In the place where the body was found, members of the Villa Trujui police station, members of the Moreno Patrol Command (CP) and the Moreno-General Rodríguez Departmental Directorate of Investigations worked . "}, {" _ id ":" OVPPVYCRSZHXHNLI2ISI4NPXCA "," additional_properties ": {" fullSizeResizeUrl ":" / photo / resize / ygxxB1IvjL4o9QLQxmMdpVmGpgM = / arc-anglerYPXP2 / arc-anglerYPXP2 / arc-anglerYPNXCR2 / arc-anglerSPXP2 / arc-anglerYPNG2 / arc-anglerYPGNPX2-galleries-OJPGNPG2 / galleries-YPGNPG2-galleries-YPGNXPG2 / arc-anglerfish4SPGN / galleries-YPGNP2 / galleries ":[], "ingestionMethod": "manual", "mime_type": "image / jpeg", "originalName": "tnpic_1602810820.jpg", "originalUrl": "https: //cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing. com / artear / OVPPVYCRSZHXHNLI2ISI4NPXCA.jpg "," owner ":" "," proxyUrl ":" / photo / resize / ygxxB1IvjL4o9QLQxmMdpPmGpgXHNM = / arc-anglerICA2 / arc-anglerICR2Public-arc-anglerfish2 / arc-anglerfish2 / arc-anglerfish2 / arc-anglerfish4-arc-publicICR2PJPP , "published": true, "resizeUrl": " .jpg "," restricted ": false," thumbnailResizeUrl ":" arc2-prod-artear / public / OVPPVYCRSZHXHNLI2ISI4NPXCA.jpg "," version ": 0," template_id ": 253," comments ":[], "_ id": "BJNYLMW3LFE4HNYOMBNNE3J6RI"}, "address": {}, "created_date": "2020-10-16T01: 15: 17Z", "credits": {"affiliation":[]}, "height": 1500, "image_type": "photograph", "last_updated_date": "2020-10-16T01: 15: 17Z", "licensable": false, "owner": {"id": "artear" , "sponsored": false}, "source": {"additional_properties": {"editor": "photo center"}, "edit_url": "", "system ":" photo center "}," taxonomy ": {" associated_tasks ":[]}, "type": "image", "url": "", "version": "0.10.3", "width": 1500, "syndication": {}, "resized_urls": {"original": "", "lowResBody ":" " small ":" " "medium": " jpg "," large ":"":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602802158727}, "content": "During the afternoon, the troops they searched the security cameras of the neighborhood in the hope that they have registered in the last hours some movement related to the murder of the woman. "}, {" _ id ":" IJVQCWLGPFB5VHEE2B5GLADWOQ "," type ":" text "," additional_properties ": {" comments ":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602802158729}, "content": "According to the neighbors, García lived with his partner on Calle Virgen de Luján at 3272, a few meters from the place where the body was found. Both worked in a kiosk that they had inside their home, and Tolaba also works as a butcher. "}, {" _ Id ":" VNYDCUCNLRHBXILA5JS6FLMXK4 "," type ":" text "," additional_properties ": {" comments ":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602802158730}, "content": "The case is being handled by the Functional Unit No. 8 of the Moreno-General Rodríguez judicial department, which ordered the autopsy of the body to determine the causes of death and whether the woman was the victim of sexual abuse. "}, {" _ id ":" OBB42II4RZD5DJWUESJPHX77LY "," type ":" text "," additional_properties ": {" comments ":[], "inline_comments":[], "_ id": 1602802158731}, "content": "He also asked to analyze the images from the security cameras, if found, and summon the witnesses of the event to take a statement."}], "promo_items": {"basic": {"_ id": "FTTEYJAHBZA6NNBCJJJUX2U7JU", "subtype": "genoa", "type": "custom_embed", "embed": {"id": "994501", "url ":" "," config ": {" description ":" Sandra Soledad García's body appeared in a vacant lot in Villa Trujui (Photo: Semanario Actualidad). "," Thumbnail ":" "," duration ": 151000," m3u8 ":" https: //vod.vodgc .net / manifest / C68599A81E2FCDFEE2E9C3F03F93905A637.m3u8 "," created ":" 2020-10-15T19: 04: 55Z "," resolution ":" 426x240 "," is_live_content ": false," title ":" The body of Sandra Soledad García appeared in a field in Villa Trujui. "," Resized_urls ": {" original ":" "," lowResBody ":" https: // artear-tn /resizer/6lzImKHYxSUDExexqUTFstyb790=/1023x0/smart/","large":"https://artear-tn40/en/processor_english/cdd/","large":"https://artear-tnrn40extrep/english/resizer/ /smart/":[]}}], "_ id": "78228c5d3a158df692b86c33199640231ec92a9869fbb799231b8a321117027d"}, "expires": 1603200688696, "lastModified": 1603200388696}}, "popular-" stories ": {" { "endDRults " today, "{": : 5, "startDate ": "yesterday "} ": {" data ":[{"headlines":{"basic":"“Cantando 2020”: Alexander Caniggia no se presentó a la sentencia y quedó eliminado "},"website_url":"","pageType":"story","PublishDate":"2020-10-20T03:24:30+00:00"},{"headlines":{"basic":"El mensaje de Nacha Guevara tras enterarse que Lola Latorre tiene coronavirus "},"website_url":"","pageType":"story","PublishDate":"2020-10-20T02:38:42+00:00"},{"headlines":{"basic":"Un policía y un pasajero murieron en un tiroteo en un colectivo en Barracas "},"website_url":"","pageType":"story","PublishDate":"2020-10-20T09:59:18+00:00"},{"headlines":{"basic":"Cantando 2020: tras la expulsión de Pablito Ruiz, Ángel de Brito advirtió que otros participantes también podrían ser sancionados "},"website_url":"","pageType":"story","PublishDate":"2020-10-20T00:44:57+00:00"},{"headlines":{"basic":"“Apagá la cámara porque te la bajo”: encapuchados agredieron al equipo de TN en El Foyel "},"website_url":"","pageType":"story","PublishDate":"2020-10-20T00:07:45+00:00"}], "expires": 1603202950326, "lastModified": 1603199350326}}, "get-stories": {"{" includedFields ": " _ id, headlines.basic, website_url, promo_items, taxonomy.primary_section.path ", "published ": true, "website ": "tn ", "websiteUrls ":[]} ": {" data ": {" stories ": {}," _ id ":" 51e7b6152f7a68446778b9cfea06c9606133946cbbe0d667379fed6181fed890 "}," expires ": 1603200506738," lastModified feed ": 1603200506738," lastModified feed "}: 1603200206738"}: {content feed "}: size ": " 4 "}": {"data": {"type": "results", "version": "0.6.0", "additional_properties": {"took": 33, "timed_out" : false}, "count": 537815, "next": 4, "content_elements":[{"type":"story""version":"0106""created_date":"2020-10-19T20:19:27942Z""revision":{"revision_id":"VPERWHN4LVDK3EOA75AWH4BFNU""parent_id":"H2VSNNNU2FFWHEMFX2KB4QJHOM""editions":[{"type":"story""version":"0106""created_date":"2020-10-19T20:19:27942Z""revision":{"revision_id":"VPERWHN4LVDK3EOA75AWH4BFNU""parent_id":"H2VSNNNU2FFWHEMFX2KB4QJHOM""editions":["default"], "branch": "default", "user_id": "", "published": true}, "last_updated_date": "2020-10-20T13: 15: 07.667Z", "canonical_url": " ", "headlines": {"basic": "Just the same! Isabel Macedo and her daughter Belita Urtubey wore the same sweater", "mobile": "", "native": "", "print": "", " tablet ":" "," web ":" "," meta_title ":" "}," owner ": {" sponsored ": false," id ":" artear "}," address ": {}," workflow ": {" status_code ": 3," note ":" "}," subheadlines ": {" basic ":" The actress and her two-year-old daughter combine their diamond-cut fabrics with jeans. "}," description ": {"basic": ""}, "language": "", "source": {"system": "composer", "name": "artear", "source_type": "staff"}, "label": {}, "taxonomy": {"sites":[], "tags":[{"text":"Isabel Macedo","description":"Isabel Macedo","slug":"isabel-macedo"},{"text":"look","description":"look","slug":"look"},{"text":"estilo","description":"estilo","slug":"estilo"},{"text":"moda","description":"moda","slug":"moda"},{"text":"it baby","description":"it baby","slug":"it-baby"}], "sections":[{"_id":"/style/celebrities""_website":"tn""type":"section""version":"060""name":"Celebrities""path":"/style/celebrities""parent_id":"/style""parent":{"default":"/style"}"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/style/celebrities""site":{"site_url":"/style/celebrities/"}"_website":"tn""name":"Celebrities""order":{"hamburger":2003}"parent":{"default":"/style""primary":null"hamburger":"/style"}"ancestors":{"default":[{"_id":"/estilo/celebridades""_website":"tn""type":"section""version":"060""name":"Celebridades""path":"/estilo/celebridades""parent_id":"/estilo""parent":{"default":"/estilo"}"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/estilo/celebridades""site":{"site_url":"/estilo/celebridades/"}"_website":"tn""name":"Celebridades""order":{"hamburger":2003}"parent":{"default":"/estilo""primary":null"hamburger":"/estilo"}"ancestors":{"default":[""], "primary":[], "hamburger":["","/estilo"]}, "inactive": false, "node_type": "section"}}, "_ website_section_id": "tn./estilo/celebridades"♡,["_id":"/style""_website":"tn""type":"section""version":"060""name":"Style""path":"/style""parent_id":"https://tncomar/""parent":{"default":"https://tncomar/"}"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/style""site":{"site_url":"https://tncomar/estilo/"}"_website":"tn""name":"Style""order":{"default":1015"hamburger":1007"footermenu2":1006"primary":1006"Videos":1011}"parent":{"default":"https://tncomar/""hamburger":"https://tncomar/""footermenu2":"https://tncomar/""primary":"https://tncomar/""Videos":"https://tncomar/"}"ancestors":{"hamburger":[""],"footermenu2":[""],"primary":[""],"Videos":[""]},"inactive":false,"node_type":"section"}},"_website_section_id":"tn./estilo"}],"primary_section":{"_id":"/estilo/celebridades","_website":"tn","type":"section","version":"0.6.0","name":"Celebridades","path":"/estilo/celebridades","parent_id":"/estilo","parent":{"default":"/estilo"},"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/estilo/celebridades","site":{"site_url":"/estilo/celebridades/"},"_website":"tn","name":"Celebridades","order":{"hamburger":2003},"parent":{"default":"/estilo","primary":null,"hamburger":"/estilo"},"ancestors":{"default":[""],"primary":[],"hamburger":["","/estilo"]},"inactive":false,"node_type":"section"}}}},"related_content":{"basic":[],"redirect":[]},"distributor":{"name":"artear","category":"staff","subcategory":""},"canonical_website":"tn","geo":{},"planning":{"internal_note":"","story_length":{"word_count_actual":444,"character_count_actual":2603,"character_encoding":"UTF-16","line_count_actual":19,"inch_count_actual":3}},"display_date":"2020-10-20T13:15:06.542Z","subtype":"article","first_publish_date":"2020-10-20T13:15:06.542Z","websites":{"tn":{"website_section":{"_id":"/estilo/celebridades","_website":"tn","type":"section","version":"0.6.0","name":"Celebridades","path":"/estilo/celebridades","parent_id":"/estilo","parent":{"default":"/estilo"},"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/estilo/celebridades","site":{"site_url":"/estilo/celebridades/"},"_website":"tn","name":"Celebridades","order":{"hamburger":2003},"parent":{"default":"/estilo","primary":null,"hamburger":"/estilo"},"ancestors":{"default":[""],"primary":[],"hamburger":["","/estilo"]},"inactive":false,"node_type":"section"}},"_website_section_id":"tn./estilo/celebridades"},"website_url":""}},"additional_properties":{"clipboard":{},"has_published_copy":true,"is_published":false,"publish_date":"2020-10-20T13:15:06.542Z"},"publish_date":"2020-10-20T13:15:06.542Z","publishing":{"scheduled_operations":{"publish_edition":[],"unpublish_edition":[]}},"_id":"TPDQR6FLKFHL5L4BPNFKISMLQY","website":"tn","website_url":"","content_elements":[{"_id":"VFNZRMLPB5H67H3STGQ4IHSOUM""type":"text""additional_properties":{"comments":[{"_id":"VFNZRMLPB5H67H3STGQ4IHSOUM""type":"text""additional_properties":{"comments":[],"_id":1603138723587,"inline_comments":[]},"content":"Nada es más adorable que ver a una madre y su hija combinando outfits. Esta tendencia (que se impuso con más fuerza durante la pandemia) es una de las preferidas entre los famosos, quienes adoran mostrar el crecimiento de sus hijos en redes. Marley y Mirko, Flavio y Dionisio Mnedoza, Jesica Cirio y Chloé Insaurralde; son algunas de las figuras que ya posaron haciendo matching outfits junto a sus pequeños."},{"_id":"JUNSIW4E2RFIZJX7ZTITAA34CI","additional_properties":{"fullSizeResizeUrl":"/photo/resize/hnqgL34w3vpqNIY8OZYdcADUqgg=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/JUNSIW4E2RFIZJX7ZTITAA34CI.jpeg","galleries":[],"ingestionMethod":"manual","keywords":["look"],"mime_type":"image/jpeg","originalName":"WhatsApp Image 2020-10-19 at 12.12.38 (5).jpeg","originalUrl":"","owner":"","proxyUrl":"/photo/resize/hnqgL34w3vpqNIY8OZYdcADUqgg=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/JUNSIW4E2RFIZJX7ZTITAA34CI.jpeg","published":true,"resizeUrl":"","restricted":false,"thumbnailResizeUrl":"","version":0,"template_id":253,"comments":[],"_id":"4EZNWS6S7VD7NHCYOTVUZCFV6E"},"address":{},"alt_text":"Ambas eligieron la estampa batik.","caption":"Jesica y Chloé eligieron la estampa batik.","created_date":"2020-10-19T17:31:45Z","credits":{"affiliation":[{"name":"Instagram","type":"author"}]},"height":797,"image_type":"photograph","last_updated_date":"2020-10-19T17:31:45Z","licensable":false,"owner":{"id":"artear","sponsored":false},"source":{"additional_properties":{"editor":"photo center"},"edit_url":"","system":"photo center"},"subtitle":"Jesica Cirio","taxonomy":{"associated_tasks":[]},"type":"image","url":"","version":"0.10.3","width":720,"syndication":{},"creditIPTC":"Instagram","resized_urls":{"original":"","lowResBody":"","small":"","medium":"","large":""}},{"_id":"4UIOBIQRVBAJVGC6HGZXIKGCHE","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603161571494},"content":"¿La ultima en unirse al club? Isabel Macedo y Belita Urtubey. Radicada en Salta junto a su marido, Manuel Urtubey, la actriz publica constantemente en su cuenta de Instagram las mejores fotos (y looks) de su hija de dos años. Fanática de la naturaleza, los animales y la cocina, Belita luce siempre equipos relajados y trendys, en tonos pasteles."},{"type":"oembed_response","subtype":"instagram","_id":"EYATJNPCFZAERDKDANCGL46ZCU","raw_oembed":{"version":"1.0","author_name":"isabelmacedophoto","provider_name":"Instagram","provider_url":"","type":"instagram","width":658,"html":"

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Con unos globos desinflados, corriéndonos , riéndonos, jugando , es como yo me quiero acordar siempre de nosotras. Vos chiquitita, despeinada, con un botón desabrochado( porque yo quiero ponerte toda la ropa hasta cuando ya te explota) me gusta como sos. Te amo con toda mi alma y espero ser la mejor versión de madre posible para vos❤️❤️❤️

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n","thumbnail_url":"","thumbnail_width":640,"thumbnail_height":640,"_id":"","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"_id":1603209414677}},"referent":{"id":"","service":"oembed","type":"instagram","provider":"","referent_properties":{"additional_properties":{"comments":[],"_id":1603209414677}}}},{"_id":"CCJL554CHNC3DCSRMVSYPXYHS4","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603161571496},"content":"Vestidos delicados de broderie, blusas en color rosa y mucha estampa floral son las constantes que Isabel elige para el vestidor de Belita y sus preferidos para pasar tardes en el campo y al aire libre. Podría decirse que tiene un estilo muy similar al de Malaika Von Plessen, la hija mayor de Zaira Nara."},{"_id":"P5PNWGPUH5EDBGJYDAUHA47REM","type":"interstitial_link","additional_properties":{"_id":"4FHAD3QMXJA7DMKNT5EY7MR7UY","comments":[]},"url":"","content":"Jesica Cirio y Chloé Insaurralde idénticas, con el mismo conjunto sporty"},{"_id":"LVUOC7QNT5GFBDAQSDNG23M63A","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603161571498},"content":"Pero ahora el dúo madre e hija sorprendió con un especial outfit casual de media estación: ambas usaron el mismo suéter con diseño de rombos y de varios colores. Lucieron una prenda artesanal en tonos de beige, rosa, bordó y mostaza. Incluso se pusieron el mismo estilo de jean desgastado para armar un estilismo idéntico. La actriz sacó la selfie en donde posó con la mirada seria y el pelo suelto, algo despeinado, mientras Belita dormía en sus brazos."},{"_id":"OSNTVGOYMNCI7LYLKQ7LAC7ASM","additional_properties":{"fullSizeResizeUrl":"/photo/resize/ov4pR7QRWAg8FWmJj6we6Atubro=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/OSNTVGOYMNCI7LYLKQ7LAC7ASM.jpeg","galleries":[],"ingestionMethod":"manual","keywords":["look"],"mime_type":"image/jpeg","originalName":"WhatsApp Image 2020-10-19 at 18.12.14 (2).jpeg","originalUrl":"","owner":"","proxyUrl":"/photo/resize/ov4pR7QRWAg8FWmJj6we6Atubro=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/OSNTVGOYMNCI7LYLKQ7LAC7ASM.jpeg","published":true,"resizeUrl":"","restricted":false,"thumbnailResizeUrl":"","version":0,"template_id":253,"comments":[],"_id":"4OTMY5ANBVBIXKQZMUMGGX2IPY"},"address":{},"alt_text":"Compartió el look con su hija Belita.","caption":"Compartió el look con su hija Belita.","created_date":"2020-10-20T00:05:21Z","credits":{"affiliation":[{"name":"Instagram","type":"author"}]},"height":886,"image_type":"photograph","last_updated_date":"2020-10-20T00:05:21Z","licensable":false,"owner":{"id":"artear","sponsored":false},"source":{"additional_properties":{"editor":"photo center"},"edit_url":"","system":"photo center"},"subtitle":"Isabel Macedo","taxonomy":{"associated_tasks":[]},"type":"image","url":"","version":"0.10.3","width":720,"syndication":{},"creditIPTC":"Instagram","resized_urls":{"original":"","lowResBody":"","small":"","medium":"","large":""}},{"_id":"3NSNB7OGSJF4NOLSUQICDOKKMI","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603161571500},"content":"“Mi vida entera”, comentó Isabel en el posteo que ganó más de 50.000 likes y miles de halagos. “Que lindos suéteres”, “Son hermosas”, “¡Pero por Dios! Encima las dos igualitas”; son algunos de los comentarios que fueron llegando."},{"_id":"7OGQMDWYXFECJGBVWULPQPOMNA","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603161571501},"content":"Esta fue la primera vez (después de mucho tiempo) que se muestran vestidas igual. A principios de año posaron juntas desde la playa con enterizos rayados de inspiración navy/retro. Isabel eligió un modelo sexy a rayas, en clave rosa y blanco con volados en las tiras y un escote muy profundo. ¿Complementos? Como toda fashionista, sumó anteojos de sol y un sombrero para protegerse del sol. Por su parte, Belita usó un diseño bastante parecido, pero de color celeste y blanco (el look marinero clásico)."},{"type":"oembed_response","subtype":"instagram","_id":"FXRUDADBGZEWZGH5QXOIMQYBVA","raw_oembed":{"version":"1.0","author_name":"isabelmacedophoto","provider_name":"Instagram","provider_url":"","type":"instagram","width":658,"html":"

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❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ #belitaviajera

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n","thumbnail_url":"","thumbnail_width":480,"thumbnail_height":480,"_id":"","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"_id":1603209414684}},"referent":{"id":"","service":"oembed","type":"instagram","provider":"","referent_properties":{"additional_properties":{"comments":[],"_id":1603209414684}}}},{"_id":"ZNPFMFUGOJD6LKVGMPHE6KSQA4","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603161571504},"content":"Bajo el hashtag #belitaviajera, Macedo derritió de amor a sus seguidores con esta gran propuesta. Queda comprobado que en cada estación esta dupla combina y mimetiza sus outfits, demostrando que el estilo también se hereda."},{"_id":"HIQJMQKSYBE3ZOYF4LCN7HYHBY","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603161571505},"content":"¿Con qué look idéntico volverán a sorprendernos?"},{"_id":"TMVUZ6PA5JBQTF4D7PDVIHAVBA","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603161571506},"content":"Seguinos en @estilotn y enterate de todas las novedades del mundo de la moda y belleza."},{"type":"oembed_response","subtype":"instagram","_id":"J4EQNYILYJCEPDRBTR5SIO3FGM","raw_oembed":{"version":"1.0","author_name":"estilotn","provider_name":"Instagram","provider_url":"","type":"instagram","width":658,"html":"

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Meghan y Harry posaron oficialmente y se desató una polémica. Entra a la web para enterarte de todo! #royals #TNEstilo

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"}],"promo_items":{"basic":{"_id":"H6EACBU2SBGLRO3HTPQ7RQWUN4","additional_properties":{"fullSizeResizeUrl":"/photo/resize/-9RuZZNwh3Ui2Eh2GfoBg7itNCg=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/H6EACBU2SBGLRO3HTPQ7RQWUN4.jpg","galleries":[],"ingestionMethod":"manual","keywords":["look"],"mime_type":"image/jpeg","originalName":"isabel e hija.jpg","originalUrl":"","owner":"","proxyUrl":"/photo/resize/-9RuZZNwh3Ui2Eh2GfoBg7itNCg=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/H6EACBU2SBGLRO3HTPQ7RQWUN4.jpg","published":true,"resizeUrl":"","restricted":false,"thumbnailResizeUrl":"","version":0,"template_id":253},"address":{},"alt_text":"Llevó el mismo look que su hija Belita.","caption":"Llevó el mismo look que su hija Belita.","created_date":"2020-10-19T21:23:00Z","credits":{"affiliation":[{"name":"Instagram","type":"author"}]},"height":768,"image_type":"photograph","last_updated_date":"2020-10-19T21:23:00Z","licensable":false,"owner":{"id":"artear","sponsored":false},"source":{"additional_properties":{"editor":"photo center"},"edit_url":"","system":"photo center"},"subtitle":"Isabel Macedo","taxonomy":{"associated_tasks":[]},"type":"image","url":"","version":"0.10.3","width":1366,"syndication":{},"creditIPTC":"Instagram","resized_urls":{"original":"","lowResBody":"","small":"","medium":"","large":""}}},"credits":{"by":[]}},{"type":"story","version":"0.10.6","created_date":"2020-10-20T12:04:23.491Z","revision":{"revision_id":"DSLRMRGPENDF7NKGZ4YJELAZIY","parent_id":"JXMVUV2EPVFJ7GPVXDAAJ6CLQY","editions":["default"],"branch":"default","user_id":"","published":true},"last_updated_date":"2020-10-20T13:12:41.499Z","canonical_url":"","headlines":{"basic":"Gio Simeone relató su tormento en las inferiores de River y cómo lo perjudicó ser el hijo del Cholo","mobile":"","native":"","print":"","tablet":"","web":"","meta_title":""},"owner":{"sponsored":false,"id":"artear"},"address":{},"workflow":{"status_code":3,"note":""},"subheadlines":{"basic":"El delantero argentino, una de las sensaciones del fútbol italiano, recordó su etapa formativa en el Millonario. “La pasé muy mal”, confesó."},"description":{"basic":""},"language":"","source":{"system":"composer","name":"artear","source_type":"staff"},"label":{},"taxonomy":{"sites":[],"tags":[{"text":"Gio Simeone","description":"Gio Simeone","slug":"gio-simeone"},{"text":"Cholo Simeone","description":"Cholo Simeone","slug":"cholo-simeone"},{"text":"River","description":"River","slug":"river"}],"sections":[{"_id":"/deportes""_website":"tn""type":"section""version":"060""name":"TodaPasión""path":"/deportes""parent_id":"https://tncomar/""parent":{"default":"https://tncomar/"}"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/deportes""site":{"site_url":"https://tncomar/deportes/"}"_website":"tn""name":"TodaPasión""order":{"primary":1001"hamburger":1002"footermenu2":1001"default":1007"Videos":1006}"parent":{"default":"https://tncomar/""primary":"https://tncomar/""hamburger":"https://tncomar/""footermenu2":"https://tncomar/""Videos":"https://tncomar/"}"ancestors":{"default":[{"_id":"/deportes""_website":"tn""type":"section""version":"060""name":"TodaPasión""path":"/deportes""parent_id":"https://tncomar/""parent":{"default":"https://tncomar/"}"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/deportes""site":{"site_url":"https://tncomar/deportes/"}"_website":"tn""name":"TodaPasión""order":{"primary":1001"hamburger":1002"footermenu2":1001"default":1007"Videos":1006}"parent":{"default":"https://tncomar/""primary":"https://tncomar/""hamburger":"https://tncomar/""footermenu2":"https://tncomar/""Videos":"https://tncomar/"}"ancestors":{"default":[""],"primary":[""],"hamburger":[""],"footermenu2":[""],"Videos":[""]},"inactive":false,"node_type":"section"}},"_website_section_id":"tn./deportes"}],"primary_section":{"_id":"/deportes","_website":"tn","type":"section","version":"0.6.0","name":"Toda Pasión","path":"/deportes","parent_id":"","parent":{"default":""},"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/deportes","site":{"site_url":""},"_website":"tn","name":"Toda Pasión","order":{"primary":1001,"hamburger":1002,"footermenu2":1001,"default":1007,"Videos":1006},"parent":{"default":"","primary":"","hamburger":"","footermenu2":"","Videos":""},"ancestors":{"default":[""],"primary":[""],"hamburger":[""],"footermenu2":[""],"Videos":[""]},"inactive":false,"node_type":"section"}}}},"related_content":{"basic":[],"redirect":[]},"distributor":{"name":"artear","category":"staff","subcategory":""},"canonical_website":"tn","geo":{},"planning":{"internal_note":"","story_length":{"word_count_actual":805,"character_count_actual":4350,"character_encoding":"UTF-16","line_count_actual":32,"inch_count_actual":5}},"display_date":"2020-10-20T13:12:41.206Z","subtype":"article","first_publish_date":"2020-10-20T13:12:41.206Z","websites":{"tn":{"website_section":{"_id":"/deportes","_website":"tn","type":"section","version":"0.6.0","name":"Toda Pasión","path":"/deportes","parent_id":"","parent":{"default":""},"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/deportes","site":{"site_url":""},"_website":"tn","name":"Toda 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donde encontró la que hasta el momento es su mejor versión como futbolista pese a que su objetivo es triunfar en España. Viene de marcar dos goles en el triunfo del Cagliari por 3 a 2 al Torino que lo colocaron en el centro de la escena de los protagonistas, y en un repaso de su presente recordó también su etapa formativa en River en la que sorprendió con una confesión: “Ser el hijo del Cholo fue complicado para mí y eso me hizo estar muy solo”."},{"_id":"VGRPBLZLSFFKROBPSE2WGDHYRA","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198948794},"content":"Gio se declaró fanático de la UEFA Champions League, cuyo trofeo se tatuó a los 13 años. En diálogo con el programa español El Larguero, contó la particular historia por la cual se grabó esa imagen en su piel. “Desde chico veía el torneo y me reflejaba mucho en Europa. Me pasó que en las inferiores me señalaban por ser el hijo de Simeone, me dejaban de lado, fue bastante complicado para mí y eso me hizo estar muy solo”, recordó."},{"_id":"EU77FJZ5AFEOHJ6PBJMGHJDJNE","additional_properties":{"fullSizeResizeUrl":"/photo/resize/mh14886jE5NFdQM_5XEMnxoBz6g=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/EU77FJZ5AFEOHJ6PBJMGHJDJNE.jpeg","galleries":[],"ingestionMethod":"manual","mime_type":"image/jpeg","originalName":"WhatsApp Image 2020-10-20 at 09.32.55 (2).jpeg","originalUrl":"","owner":"","proxyUrl":"/photo/resize/mh14886jE5NFdQM_5XEMnxoBz6g=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/EU77FJZ5AFEOHJ6PBJMGHJDJNE.jpeg","published":true,"resizeUrl":"","restricted":false,"thumbnailResizeUrl":"","version":0,"template_id":253,"comments":[],"_id":"2H63JELOVJCLTAQ4W4LFVMP5FM"},"address":{},"caption":"Giovanni Simeone junto a Diego Cholo Simeone, su padre (@simeonegiovanni).","created_date":"2020-10-20T12:42:13Z","credits":{"affiliation":[]},"height":1251,"image_type":"photograph","last_updated_date":"2020-10-20T12:42:13Z","licensable":false,"owner":{"id":"artear","sponsored":false},"source":{"additional_properties":{"editor":"photo center"},"edit_url":"","system":"photo center"},"taxonomy":{"associated_tasks":[]},"type":"image","url":"","version":"0.10.3","width":1080,"syndication":{},"subtitle":"Giovanni y Diego Cholo Simeone.","resized_urls":{"original":"","lowResBody":"","small":"","medium":"","large":""}},{"_id":"CGDJIJ3QMVE7TA6T445OF7HI4I","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198948796},"content":"El delantero, que llegó a River con 13 años y en el club de Núñez hizo su debut como profesional, agregó: “En esa circunstancia me enfocaba mucho en mis objetivos y uno era la Champions. Me volvía loco, era una obsesión para mí; me pasaba todos los días viendo qué partidos había, quién jugaba, estaba tan fanatizado que mi mamá un día me dio permiso para hacerme el tatuaje y me hizo prometerle que el día que hiciera mi primer gol me besaría el dibujo”."},{"_id":"NUDSGBQJBRAZ5OHRB6C5U4A73A","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603195469871},"content":"Giovanni, el mayor de los cinco hijos del Cholo Simeone, detalló: “La pasé muy mal en inferiores. Mis compañeros creían que la diferencia económica hacía la diferencia entre una persona y otra, y por eso me dejaban de lado, no me incluían en sus charlas”, lamentó."},{"_id":"LDG2QTLBRVHQPPHCBIK6ZP7RC4","additional_properties":{"fullSizeResizeUrl":"/photo/resize/JLXursy903vDVWQ9z1qg5tixU-A=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/LDG2QTLBRVHQPPHCBIK6ZP7RC4.jpg","galleries":[],"ingestionMethod":"manual","mime_type":"image/jpeg","originalName":"simeonegiovanni en river.jpg","originalUrl":"","owner":"","proxyUrl":"/photo/resize/JLXursy903vDVWQ9z1qg5tixU-A=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/LDG2QTLBRVHQPPHCBIK6ZP7RC4.jpg","published":true,"resizeUrl":"","restricted":false,"thumbnailResizeUrl":"","version":0,"template_id":253,"comments":[],"_id":"EFJSLQY6BVEI5LU5FB7WWWZNRM"},"address":{},"caption":"Giovanni Simeone (medio) junto a sus hermanos Gianluca (izq.) y Giuliano (der.), durante su etapa como futbolista de River (@simeonegiovanni).","created_date":"2020-10-20T12:44:27Z","credits":{"affiliation":[]},"height":548,"image_type":"photograph","last_updated_date":"2020-10-20T12:44:27Z","licensable":false,"owner":{"id":"artear","sponsored":false},"source":{"additional_properties":{"editor":"photo center"},"edit_url":"","system":"photo center"},"taxonomy":{"associated_tasks":[]},"type":"image","url":"","version":"0.10.3","width":635,"syndication":{},"subtitle":"Giovanni Simeone junto a dos de sus cuatro hermanos.","resized_urls":{"original":"","lowResBody":"","small":"","medium":"","large":""}},{"_id":"5ZWD6CZS6ZDA5AJ77YA36BA55Q","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198948799},"content":"En ese sentido reconoció: “La verdad es que eso me lastimó demasiado porque no podía entenderlo. Yo tenía las misma ganas, la misma pasión para llegar a Primera. No me fijaba en la plata que tenían ellos o yo porque lo único que me interesaba era jugar a la pelota. Con el tiempo fui demostrándole mi forma de ser, mis ganas de jugar, de hacer goles y me aceptaron como uno más pero en un momento la pasé bastante mal”."},{"_id":"LZJIKUQRHZBFZDR2GHHTOPH6KE","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603195469874},"content":"Sobre la importancia que tiene el dinero en su vida, explicó: “A mí lo que me interesa es ser cada vez un mejor futbolista. Cada vez que me levanto pienso que debería hacerlo más temprano para entrenar el doble. Hoy los jugadores no miran fútbol, yo me la paso viendo partidos... Los jugadores hablan de los autos que tienen y esas cosas pero el fútbol se termina rápido. Al final, sobre todo en ese momento, somos todos iguales porque somos personas”."},{"_id":"RZCREC2I5FGDPLLQ2LXYDH4HRQ","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198948801},"content":"Giovanni Simeone, de 25 años, desembarcó en la Liga de Italia en la temporada 2016/17 tras su pasos por River y Banfield en la Argentina. Desde entonces lleva disputados 150 partidos entre Genoa, Fiorentina y su presente en Cagliari, en los que marcó 50 goles. En lo que va de la temporada, recién iniciada, acumula tres tantos en cuatro compromisos, con lo que ratifica su gran presente."},{"_id":"KQSYN7EU4JFFVMQCB5HAGLBWXU","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198948802},"content":"“Me está saliendo todo bien porque trabajo, porque siempre busco mejorar, pero tengo que seguir haciéndolo”, apuntó y se declaró un obsesivo del aprendizaje permanente: “Me fijo en objetivos como mejorar en aspectos del juego, no tanto en marcar goles . Me concentro en el juego y eso hace que venga todo lo que me está pasando, que es marcar en mi equipo, la convocatoria a la Selección y demás”, destacó."},{"_id":"5MJ7TTMDG5AWJCI6JH2DSSDE6A","additional_properties":{"fullSizeResizeUrl":"/photo/resize/Fmw3J5DLshD5vHHbuoPGUau_i7Q=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/5MJ7TTMDG5AWJCI6JH2DSSDE6A.jpeg","galleries":[],"ingestionMethod":"manual","mime_type":"image/jpeg","originalName":"WhatsApp Image 2020-10-20 at 09.32.55 (1).jpeg","originalUrl":"","owner":"","proxyUrl":"/photo/resize/Fmw3J5DLshD5vHHbuoPGUau_i7Q=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/5MJ7TTMDG5AWJCI6JH2DSSDE6A.jpeg","published":true,"resizeUrl":"","restricted":false,"thumbnailResizeUrl":"","version":0,"template_id":253,"comments":[],"_id":"MJOKH4BLI5GVJAGLAXNAMZJQ6Y"},"address":{},"caption":"Gio Simeone, uno de los nombres fijos en las convocatorias de Lionel Scaloni (@simeonegiovanni).","created_date":"2020-10-20T12:50:41Z","credits":{"affiliation":[]},"height":866,"image_type":"photograph","last_updated_date":"2020-10-20T12:50:41Z","licensable":false,"owner":{"id":"artear","sponsored":false},"source":{"additional_properties":{"editor":"photo center"},"edit_url":"","system":"photo center"},"taxonomy":{"associated_tasks":[]},"type":"image","url":"","version":"0.10.3","width":1080,"syndication":{},"subtitle":"Gio Simeone disfruta de las convocatorias a la Selección Argentina.","resized_urls":{"original":"","lowResBody":"","small":"","medium":"","large":""}},{"_id":"HH65BB7M5NAX3OKNGV3BGLV2DY","type":"header","level":1,"additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198948804},"content":"Crecer en Italia y triunfar en España"},{"_id":"DDHGNQW765CINBKSBWM7ID7HRQ","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198948805},"content":"Ese es el propósito de Gio. “Siempre me gustó España. Cuando llegué a Italia lo primero que me dijo mi viejo fue que me quedara uno o dos años porque iba a ser más jugador de fútbol porque lo técnico y lo táctico se aprende acá, pero es el día de hoy que me dice que soy más jugador para la liga de España. Mi corazón está con el Atlético pero también me gusta mucho el Sevilla”, reconoció."},{"_id":"2SPYJABOWJB5LEPNI646NR6ULE","type":"header","level":1,"additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198948806},"content":"De tal palo..."},{"_id":"ZBYH36XC25GLVDOXIPTNADRN74","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198948807},"content":"El delantero reconoció que el fútbol es su obsesión y que dedica mucho tiempo a entender el juego. “Vivo mirando partido de fútbol y me sorprende que muchas veces voy a los entrenamientos y le pregunto a mis compañeros si vieron tal partido y no saben de qué les hablo. Yo creo que ver partidos es fundamental para aprender. La pasión del fútbol no es sólo jugar. Hay muchos futbolistas que solo juegan y no son más que eso, no ven fútbol, ni siquiera de las grandes ligas... Yo creo que viendo se aprende mucho, yo veo mucho fútbol porque si no lo hago siento que no estoy mejorando”."},{"_id":"2DAHY2D5BZA73NTKMEDP54KHTM","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603195469876},"content":"
"}],"promo_items":{"basic":{"_id":"5KAGUG6T4BFGFHIRXMYG7XWSB4","additional_properties":{"fullSizeResizeUrl":"/photo/resize/9bqFbtrrE9XFcxDcKKD5HBxYfqw=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/5KAGUG6T4BFGFHIRXMYG7XWSB4.jpg","galleries":[],"ingestionMethod":"manual","mime_type":"image/jpeg","originalName":"62268820_879846105713087_8094485419661196319_n (1).jpg","originalUrl":"","owner":"","proxyUrl":"/photo/resize/9bqFbtrrE9XFcxDcKKD5HBxYfqw=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/5KAGUG6T4BFGFHIRXMYG7XWSB4.jpg","published":true,"resizeUrl":"","restricted":false,"thumbnailResizeUrl":"","version":0,"template_id":253},"address":{},"caption":"Giovanni Simeone, el segundo desde la izquierda, junto a sus hermanos y a Diego Simeone (Instagram Giovanni Simeone)","created_date":"2020-10-20T13:12:10Z","credits":{"affiliation":[]},"height":583,"image_type":"photograph","last_updated_date":"2020-10-20T13:12:10Z","licensable":false,"owner":{"id":"artear","sponsored":false},"source":{"additional_properties":{"editor":"photo center"},"edit_url":"","system":"photo center"},"subtitle":"Giovanni Simeone","taxonomy":{"associated_tasks":[]},"type":"image","url":"","version":"0.10.3","width":1059,"syndication":{},"resized_urls":{"original":"","lowResBody":"","small":"","medium":"","large":""}}},"credits":{"by":[]}},{"type":"story","version":"0.10.6","created_date":"2020-10-20T12:23:05.598Z","revision":{"revision_id":"4TLTHVGSXBCTPB7RUUEOI7MQLM","parent_id":"QLDEIWXWT5FKVIRBS66OHLESZU","editions":["default"],"branch":"default","user_id":"","published":true},"last_updated_date":"2020-10-20T13:10:17.173Z","canonical_url":"","headlines":{"basic":"Danna Paola ama el dulce de leche, el mate... ¿y a Tini?","mobile":"","native":"","print":"","tablet":"","web":"","meta_title":""},"owner":{"sponsored":false,"id":"artear"},"address":{},"workflow":{"status_code":3,"note":""},"subheadlines":{"basic":"La artista mexicana, que fue señalada como tercera en discordia entre la cantante y Sebastián Yatra, sorprendió cuando le preguntaron sobre la ex “Violetta”."},"description":{"basic":""},"language":"","source":{"system":"composer","name":"artear","source_type":"staff"},"label":{},"taxonomy":{"sites":[],"tags":[{"text":"Danna Paola","description":"Danna Paola","slug":"danna-paola"},{"text":"Tini Stoessel","description":"Tini Stoessel","slug":"tini-stoessel"},{"text":"Los famosos en las redes sociales","description":"Los famosos en las redes sociales","slug":"los-famosos-en-las-redes-sociales"}],"sections":[{"_id":"/show""_website":"tn""type":"section""version":"060""name":"Show""path":"/show""parent_id":"https://tncomar/""parent":{"default":"https://tncomar/"}"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/show""site":{"site_url":"https://tncomar/show/"}"_website":"tn""name":"Show""order":{"primary":1002"hamburger":1003"footermenu2":1002"default":1003"Videos":1007}"parent":{"default":"https://tncomar/""primary":"https://tncomar/""hamburger":"https://tncomar/""footermenu2":"https://tncomar/""Videos":"https://tncomar/"}"ancestors":{"default":[{"_id":"/show""_website":"tn""type":"section""version":"060""name":"Show""path":"/show""parent_id":"https://tncomar/""parent":{"default":"https://tncomar/"}"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/show""site":{"site_url":"https://tncomar/show/"}"_website":"tn""name":"Show""order":{"primary":1002"hamburger":1003"footermenu2":1002"default":1003"Videos":1007}"parent":{"default":"https://tncomar/""primary":"https://tncomar/""hamburger":"https://tncomar/""footermenu2":"https://tncomar/""Videos":"https://tncomar/"}"ancestors":{"default":[""],"primary":[""],"hamburger":[""],"footermenu2":[""],"Videos":[""]},"inactive":false,"node_type":"section"}},"_website_section_id":"tn./show"}],"primary_section":{"_id":"/show","_website":"tn","type":"section","version":"0.6.0","name":"Show","path":"/show","parent_id":"","parent":{"default":""},"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/show","site":{"site_url":""},"_website":"tn","name":"Show","order":{"primary":1002,"hamburger":1003,"footermenu2":1002,"default":1003,"Videos":1007},"parent":{"default":"","primary":"","hamburger":"","footermenu2":"","Videos":""},"ancestors":{"default":[""],"primary":[""],"hamburger":[""],"footermenu2":[""],"Videos":[""]},"inactive":false,"node_type":"section"}}}},"related_content":{"basic":[],"redirect":[]},"distributor":{"name":"artear","category":"staff","subcategory":""},"canonical_website":"tn","geo":{},"planning":{"internal_note":"","story_length":{"word_count_actual":474,"character_count_actual":2722,"character_encoding":"UTF-16","line_count_actual":17,"inch_count_actual":3}},"display_date":"2020-10-20T13:10:16.619Z","subtype":"article","first_publish_date":"2020-10-20T13:10:16.619Z","websites":{"tn":{"website_section":{"_id":"/show","_website":"tn","type":"section","version":"0.6.0","name":"Show","path":"/show","parent_id":"","parent":{"default":""},"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/show","site":{"site_url":""},"_website":"tn","name":"Show","order":{"primary":1002,"hamburger":1003,"footermenu2":1002,"default":1003,"Videos":1007},"parent":{"default":"","primary":"","hamburger":"","footermenu2":"","Videos":""},"ancestors":{"default":[""],"primary":[""],"hamburger":[""],"footermenu2":[""],"Videos":[""]},"inactive":false,"node_type":"section"}},"_website_section_id":"tn./show"},"website_url":""}},"additional_properties":{"clipboard":{},"has_published_copy":true,"is_published":false,"publish_date":"2020-10-20T13:10:16.619Z"},"publish_date":"2020-10-20T13:10:16.619Z","publishing":{"scheduled_operations":{"publish_edition":[],"unpublish_edition":[]}},"_id":"EGMCSJMXEJCRHCEOKGTD2CWANU","website":"tn","website_url":"","content_elements":[{"_id":"Z262CBOEZVDCRINVHS7LRMXJ2M""type":"text""additional_properties":{"comments":[{"_id":"Z262CBOEZVDCRINVHS7LRMXJ2M""type":"text""additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603208992678},"content":"La actriz y cantante mexicana Danna Paola se detacara tanto por su talento musical y como por el protagónico en la serie de Élite. Pero su nombre dio que hablar cuando fue señalada como la tercera en discordia entre Tini Stoessel Y Sebastián Yatra tras la separaciónde la pareja. Si bien los protagonistas se encargaron de desmentirlo, cada uno a su manera, el rumor quedó en el aire. Sobre todo después de que Tini tuiteara una frase (“Ahora entiendo su mala fama”) que aunque es parte de la letra de su último single Duele, muchos se lo adjudicaron a la mexicana."},{"_id":"IQMUG4P5M5H7LBBYXFXHTB6JU4","type":"interstitial_link","additional_properties":{"_id":"DDPQ44ZU4NFMHGG3TD4BVWFWJY","comments":[]},"url":"","content":"Lee también: La reacción de Danna Paola al ver el saludo de Sebastián Yatra por su cumpleaños"},{"_id":"MH466WC4YJACTGCTJ6YRTMHUSQ","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603208992680},"content":"Pero pasaron unas semanas y quien sorprendió ahora con sus declaraciones fue Danna. Cuando le preguntaron si le gustaría hacer una colaboración musical con Tini, la joven que empezó su carrera en Televisa con protagónicos infantiles y grabó su primer disco con solo 5 años, declaró a Teleshow: "Me encantaría, ¿por qué no? Una de las cosas que más disfruto de estar dentro de la industria de la música es ver a todas estas mujeres maravillosas posicionándose en los charts, que es muy complicado. Hoy en día hay muchísimos hombres liderando y millones de colaboraciones con siete, ocho chicos en una canción, ¿por qué no hacerlo entre chicas? ¡Por supuesto! La música no debe tener género, no hay competencia. No debe haber rivalidad entre nadie. (Tini) Se me hace alguien súper talentosa, siempre lo dije”."},{"type":"oembed_response","subtype":"instagram","_id":"GW22GWILTFC67OTQFTEVQYI55A","raw_oembed":{"version":"1.0","author_name":"dannapaola","provider_name":"Instagram","provider_url":"","type":"instagram","width":658,"html":"

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Besarte del verbo, quiero.

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n","thumbnail_url":"","thumbnail_width":640,"thumbnail_height":799,"_id":"","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"_id":1603209244985}},"referent":{"id":"","service":"oembed","type":"instagram","provider":"","referent_properties":{"additional_properties":{"comments":[],"_id":1603209244985}}}},{"_id":"JINV4W6QJVBVZKIX7I73DULZFI","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603208992682},"content":"Además, la joven que se destacó en musicales como Wicked y alcanzó la fama mundial gracias a Netflix, confesó que la Argentina es un país que representa mucho para ella y que admira a más de un artista. “Lali me encanta, Luciano Pereyra, Noel Schajris -con quien ya grabé una canción que quiero muchísimo-, ¡y un montón! Argentina siempre tiene y ha tenido un lugar muy especial en mi corazón. Amo el dulce de leche y el mate. ¡Tomo mate!”"},{"type":"oembed_response","subtype":"instagram","_id":"CY2GL5GCPFAXPNSNFPRZOBK2LM","raw_oembed":{"version":"1.0","author_name":"dannapaola","provider_name":"Instagram","provider_url":"","type":"instagram","width":658,"html":"

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Cuando hay bonita luz en la oficina... ??

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n","thumbnail_url":"","thumbnail_width":480,"thumbnail_height":599,"_id":"","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"_id":1603209244987}},"referent":{"id":"","service":"oembed","type":"instagram","provider":"","referent_properties":{"additional_properties":{"comments":[],"_id":1603209244987}}}},{"_id":"F6SJZLFEUFGFXOPB2VOHVYIP3Y","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603208992684},"content":"Respecto a sus ganas de enamorarse, la autora de Mala Fama contestó sin rodeos. "Siempre tengo ganas de enamorarme, solamente que no me ha ido muy bien, por eso, escribo canciones. No me cierro al amor, el amor te sorprende en la vida cuando menos te lo esperas. Así que depende de cómo me lleve la vida, puedo transmitirlo en mi música, en mis canciones, para mis fans. Entonces, ¿why not?, el amor lo puede todo. Es eterno”, admitió quien, debajo del escenario, se define como una chica cómun y corriente. “Soy una chica bastante normal, loca, emocionada por la vida, romántica empedernida, completamente musical. Una drama queen. Creo mucho en la autenticidad, en irse construyendo, a pesar de estar justo en este focus light, en este stoplight Y exposure. Obviamente, he vivido toda mi vida dentro de este medio pero he tratado de mantenerme auténtica y fiel a quien soy como mujer y cómo me he construido”."}],"promo_items":{"basic":{"_id":"VEU4UWC5Q5C75A5CBAEMJQMDN4","additional_properties":{"fullSizeResizeUrl":"/photo/resize/N0hyEtbmmar6uboPcwaWv-HBwHQ=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/VEU4UWC5Q5C75A5CBAEMJQMDN4.jpg","galleries":[],"ingestionMethod":"manual","mime_type":"image/jpeg","originalName":"DANNA TINI.jpg","originalUrl":"","owner":"","proxyUrl":"/photo/resize/N0hyEtbmmar6uboPcwaWv-HBwHQ=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/VEU4UWC5Q5C75A5CBAEMJQMDN4.jpg","published":true,"resizeUrl":"","restricted":false,"thumbnailResizeUrl":"","version":0,"template_id":253},"address":{},"created_date":"2020-10-20T12:48:23Z","credits":{"affiliation":[]},"height":766,"image_type":"photograph","last_updated_date":"2020-10-20T12:48:23Z","licensable":false,"owner":{"id":"artear","sponsored":false},"source":{"additional_properties":{"editor":"photo center"},"edit_url":"","system":"photo center"},"taxonomy":{"associated_tasks":[]},"type":"image","url":"","version":"0.10.3","width":1365,"syndication":{},"caption":"¿Danna Paola hará una colaboración con Tini? (Fotos: Instagram: @dannapaola @tinistoessel)","resized_urls":{"original":"","lowResBody":"","small":"","medium":"","large":""}}},"credits":{"by":[]}},{"type":"story","version":"0.10.6","created_date":"2020-10-20T11:44:08.952Z","revision":{"revision_id":"BZIVF7YJ7BGAHO7DOOFA4F537E","parent_id":"JD7ZJKOVSJBHTHDB6ORADXS77A","editions":["default"],"branch":"default","user_id":"","published":true},"last_updated_date":"2020-10-20T13:07:37.517Z","canonical_url":"","headlines":{"basic":"Por primera vez desde el brutal ataque habló Brenda, la chica asaltada y arrastrada en Moreno","mobile":"","native":"","print":"Por primera vez desde el brutal ataque habló Brenda, la chica asaltada y arrastrada en Moreno","tablet":"","web":"","meta_title":""},"owner":{"sponsored":false,"id":"artear"},"address":{},"workflow":{"status_code":3,"note":""},"subheadlines":{"basic":"“Todavía sigo dolorida”, dijo en un video que su familia envió a Arriba Argentinos. Le amputaron un brazo y continúa recuperándose en el hospital. "},"description":{"basic":""},"language":"","source":{"system":"composer","name":"artear","source_type":"staff"},"label":{},"taxonomy":{"sites":[],"tags":[{"text":"Moreno","description":"Moreno","slug":"moreno"},{"text":"motochorros","description":"motochorros","slug":"motochorros"},{"text":"Inseguridad","description":"inseguridad","slug":"inseguridad"}],"sections":[{"_id":"/sociedad","_website":"tn","type":"section","version":"0.6.0","name":"Sociedad","path":"/sociedad","parent_id":"","parent":{"default":""},"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/sociedad","site":{"site_url":""},"_website":"tn","name":"Sociedad","order":{"default":1008,"hamburger":2009,"footermenu1":1006,"Videos":1005},"parent":{"default":"","primary":null,"footermenu1":"","hamburger":"/todo-noticias","Videos":""},"ancestors":{"default":[""],"primary":[],"footermenu1":[""],"hamburger":["","/todo-noticias"],"Videos":[""]},"inactive":false,"node_type":"section"}},"_website_section_id":"tn./sociedad"}],"primary_section":{"_id":"/sociedad","_website":"tn","type":"section","version":"0.6.0","name":"Sociedad","path":"/sociedad","parent_id":"","parent":{"default":""},"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/sociedad","site":{"site_url":""},"_website":"tn","name":"Sociedad","order":{"default":1008,"hamburger":2009,"footermenu1":1006,"Videos":1005},"parent":{"default":"","primary":null,"footermenu1":"","hamburger":"/todo-noticias","Videos":""},"ancestors":{"default":[""],"primary":[],"footermenu1":[""],"hamburger":["","/todo-noticias"],"Videos":[""]},"inactive":false,"node_type":"section"}}}},"related_content":{"basic":[],"redirect":[]},"distributor":{"name":"artear","category":"staff","subcategory":""},"canonical_website":"tn","geo":{},"planning":{"internal_note":"","story_length":{"word_count_actual":463,"character_count_actual":2667,"character_encoding":"UTF-16","line_count_actual":20,"inch_count_actual":3}},"display_date":"2020-10-20T13:06:34.111Z","subtype":"article","first_publish_date":"2020-10-20T13:06:34.111Z","websites":{"tn":{"website_section":{"_id":"/sociedad","_website":"tn","type":"section","version":"0.6.0","name":"Sociedad","path":"/sociedad","parent_id":"","parent":{"default":""},"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"/sociedad","site":{"site_url":""},"_website":"tn","name":"Sociedad","order":{"default":1008,"hamburger":2009,"footermenu1":1006,"Videos":1005},"parent":{"default":"","primary":null,"footermenu1":"","hamburger":"/todo-noticias","Videos":""},"ancestors":{"default":[""],"primary":[],"footermenu1":[""],"hamburger":["","/todo-noticias"],"Videos":[""]},"inactive":false,"node_type":"section"}},"_website_section_id":"tn./sociedad"},"website_url":""}},"additional_properties":{"clipboard":{},"has_published_copy":true,"is_published":true,"publish_date":"2020-10-20T13:07:37.233Z"},"publish_date":"2020-10-20T13:07:37.233Z","publishing":{"scheduled_operations":{"publish_edition":[],"unpublish_edition":[]}},"_id":"2S3G5XZQDNHEDKL2QT5SARVAVA","website":"tn","website_url":"","content_elements":[{"_id":"7MVZQBPLEJHMLH65T7A5CAD4WE""type":"text""additional_properties":{"comments":[{"_id":"7MVZQBPLEJHMLH65T7A5CAD4WE""type":"text""additional_properties":{"comments":[],"_id":1603193107964,"inline_comments":[]},"content":"A través de un breve video, Brenda Gutiérrez, la joven arrastrada por motochorros y luego atropellada por un auto en Moreno la semana pasada, envió un mensaje de agradecimiento a los médicos y a los vecinos que la asistieron en plena calle."},{"_id":"OLAITU4SK5HOZHCFLENJIYXZ74","type":"interstitial_link","additional_properties":{"_id":"5DN576JMUVE2ZI7CARXV3NEWU4","comments":[]},"url":"","content":"Detuvieron a los dos motochorros que arrastraron a Brenda para robarle en Moreno"},{"_id":"VNPHQSBUMRAZTPVG7UMWUN77CU","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198925610},"content":"“Todavía sigo dolorida”, dice la chica de 24 años que continúa internada en el Hospital Mariano y Luciano de la Vega."},{"_id":"BQF2KEOXYNHZZPQNC5GJBBLP4Q","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198925611},"content":"“Quiero darle las gracias al personal médico, a los vecinos del barrio Villa Sala, que estuvieron acompañándome y atendiéndome también en el momento del accidente”, agrega en un video de poco más de un minuto enviado por su familia este martes a Arriba Argentinos (eltrece). “También a mi familia y a todos los que se preocuparon”, cierra con una sonrisa."},{"_id":"PDOXJJ6WWJB27P4KA43YQ5XQZM","additional_properties":{"fullSizeResizeUrl":"/photo/resize/ALnOQeRhCODSr4BJkD_b7qKz4qs=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/PDOXJJ6WWJB27P4KA43YQ5XQZM.jpg","galleries":[],"ingestionMethod":"manual","mime_type":"image/jpeg","originalName":"brenda gutierrez.jpg","originalUrl":"","owner":"","proxyUrl":"/photo/resize/ALnOQeRhCODSr4BJkD_b7qKz4qs=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/PDOXJJ6WWJB27P4KA43YQ5XQZM.jpg","published":true,"resizeUrl":"","restricted":false,"thumbnailResizeUrl":"","version":0,"template_id":253,"comments":[],"_id":"UCZAXAHHCRH2LAPKD2TRXLW4GQ"},"address":{},"created_date":"2020-10-16T20:54:37Z","credits":{"affiliation":[]},"height":765,"image_type":"photograph","last_updated_date":"2020-10-16T20:54:37Z","licensable":false,"owner":{"id":"artear","sponsored":false},"source":{"additional_properties":{"editor":"photo center"},"edit_url":"","system":"photo center"},"taxonomy":{"associated_tasks":[]},"type":"image","url":"","version":"0.10.3","width":1366,"syndication":{},"caption":"Brenda está internada pero su estado de salud mejora cada día. (Foto: Facebook Gabriela Gutiérrez).","subtitle":"","resized_urls":{"original":"","lowResBody":"","small":"","medium":"","large":""}},{"_id":"6N4QJU242FDTBHFFZBAM5SAY6E","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198925613},"content":"Las imágenes que registraron las cámaras de seguridad de la zona en el momento del asalto son impactantes. A Brenda quisieron robarle una riñonera cuando volvía a su casa luego de comprar en una panadería de la zona, y como no pudo soltarse, la llevaron arrastrada en una moto hasta que fue atropellada por el auto de un vecino."},{"_id":"CTHFSZOFINAJBAKRLR5S7RBYGU","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198925614},"content":"La joven sobrevivió y su estado de salud mejora todos los días. “Está mejor. Sigue con sonda y puede comer muy poquitito, pero eso ya es una buena señal”, contó su papá, Ruben, en diálogo con TN el viernes. “Le extirparon un bazo que estaba comprometido. Tiene que recuperarse de las costillas fracturadas y los golpes en la cabeza", detalló el hombre."},{"_id":"QKBS4Q3NLNCRPCPKR7ZM7GPQY4","type":"interstitial_link","additional_properties":{"_id":"XC7NJAZ6TREPBHLVFN6VE362SQ","comments":[]},"url":"","content":"La chica asaltada y arrastrada por motochorros en Moreno se recupera en el hospital"},{"_id":"KTQ3JIWUGVEKDN4F2IZG5ZDZDU","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198925616},"content":"“Ella se acuerda de que la arrastraron y luego se despertó en el hospital”, precisó Rubén. Y agregó que a su hija “nunca le habían robado. Nosotros siempre dijimos que jamás nos resistiríamos a un asalto. Lo que estos quisieron fue arrancarle la riñonera, no pudieron y la engancharon. Y ella se agarró de una mochila como acto reflejo para que no la levantaran por el aire. No le dieron tiempo a nada”."},{"_id":"KDWNZVP5L5DC5JL6VYLBOXYA5Q","type":"header","level":2,"additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198925617},"content":"Dos detenidos"},{"_id":"MEQC22JUU5BO5DNENZSY7DFQTM","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198925618},"content":"En la mañana del viernes, durante un allanamiento en Moreno, detuvieron a los dos sospechosos del brutal asalto a Brenda. Todavía tenían en su poder la moto y el arma que usaron el día del hecho."},{"_id":"B3B65DWC4VEVVKX2H3ZVOGNE4A","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198925619},"content":"Los detenidos ya le habían cambiado el color al guardabarros del vehículo para desviar a los investigadores, pero guardaban en la casa donde se produjo uno de los arrestos las partes que habían extraído de la Honda 250 color negra. También secuestraron en el lugar una pistola Bersa calibre 22, un cargador, municiones, una mochila color negra y la ropa que, según los registros de las cámaras de seguridad, usaban cuando atacaron a Brenda."},{"_id":"D3TP4PFDTZAVBMNBH76A4TU6HI","additional_properties":{"fullSizeResizeUrl":"/photo/resize/KmFmNQL6RZ0AhvAog-YXdSIxCr0=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/D3TP4PFDTZAVBMNBH76A4TU6HI.jpg","galleries":[],"ingestionMethod":"manual","keywords":[""],"mime_type":"image/jpeg","originalName":"moreno-detenido-tapa.jpg","originalUrl":"","owner":"","proxyUrl":"/photo/resize/KmFmNQL6RZ0AhvAog-YXdSIxCr0=/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-artear/public/D3TP4PFDTZAVBMNBH76A4TU6HI.jpg","published":true,"resizeUrl":"","restricted":false,"takenOn":"2020-10-16T09:22:31Z","thumbnailResizeUrl":"","version":0,"template_id":253,"comments":[],"_id":"KNY62PL64ZHSPG5HS54PZHZQWI"},"address":{},"caption":"Detuvieron a los dos motochorros que atacaron a Brenda. (Foto:","created_date":"2020-10-16T12:25:49Z","credits":{"affiliation":[{"name":"TN","type":"author"}],"by":[]},"height":291,"image_type":"photograph","last_updated_date":"2020-10-16T12:25:49Z","licensable":false,"owner":{"id":"artear","sponsored":false},"source":{"additional_properties":{"editor":"photo center"},"edit_url":"","system":"photo center"},"subtitle":"motochorros Moreno","taxonomy":{"associated_tasks":[]},"type":"image","url":"","version":"0.10.3","width":520,"syndication":{},"creditIPTC":"TN","resized_urls":{"original":"","lowResBody":"","small":"","medium":"","large":""}},{"_id":"EUSNFTGZDZENVLSZ7FO5IOVQNI","type":"text","additional_properties":{"comments":[],"inline_comments":[],"_id":1603198925621},"content":"La causa es investigada en la Unidad Funcional de Instrucción y Juicio Nº 8 del Departamento Judicial Moreno-General Rodríguez, a cargo del fiscal Gabriel López, quien ordenó los allanamientos que se realizaron este viernes."}],"promo_items":{"basic":{"_id":"TI4RRGDDAZDLHMTZGGPQ3AITPI","subtype":"genoa","type":"custom_embed","embed":{"id":"996127","url":"","config":{"title":"Habló Brenda, la chica asaltada y arrastrada por motochorros en Moreno","description":"La joven se recupera en el hospital. (Foto: captura video).","thumbnail":"","duration":49960,"m3u8":"","created":"2020-10-20T08:58:17Z","resolution":"426x240","is_live_content":false,"resized_urls":{"original":"","lowResBody":"","small":"","medium":"","large":""}}}}},"credits":{"by":[]}}],"_id":"589703d6b2f595d811fbc9b66c74bb56644f6c7d38b212440081d2f9d6fe5f93"},"expires":1603200453414,"lastModified":1603200153414}}};

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