For Endeavor, Cordovan Martín Frascaroli is the “Entrepreneur of the Month”

Cordovan Martín Frascaroli, owner of the Aivo technology company, was declared “Entrepreneur of the Month” by the Endeavor Foundation.

Aivo was born in 2012, offering a chatbot (virtual robot) that applies artificial intelligence to automate communication between companies and their users 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

According to Endeavor, in May the Frascaroli company increased its operations by 34 percent, due to the jump in consultations on line, a fact for which he had to add collaborators to his team of 100 people.

Prior to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, his employees were able to telecommute three days a week. When the quarantine started, it began to work completely remotely and has already announced that it will maintain that scheme regardless of the phases in which the fight against the coronavirus enters.

Closed its offices “for life” due to the coronavirus

In the past four months, he launched a temporary program of his services that includes his live chatbot and free knowledge base, both for his clients and any company that has more than 5,000 conversations per month.

Frascaroli started doing consulting for contact centers. Currently, it has operations in 30 countries and has attended nearly 300 million inquiries from users of its clients.

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