For Alberto Fernández, lowering wages “would be a demagogic act”

“Argentina does not have a president today who works a week and takes two vacations,” he said and defended his ministers and officials.

President Alberto Fernández considered that lowering the salaries of officials would be “a very demagogic act” and stressed that his ministers “are not gnocchi nor do they receive envelopes from the left.”

“I have a government of ministers and officials who do not have fortunes, do not have foreign accounts, do not have assets, do not have companies: they really live off their salaries. I call them at any time and they attend. I know that the officials are not stealing the silver, “said the president.

The head of state affirmed that adopting the Together for Change proposal to lower the salaries of senior officials would be “a very demagogic act” and questioned his predecessor, Mauricio Macri: “Argentines do not have a President who works for a week and take two on vacation. “

“I don’t want to get caught up in that discussion,” said Alberto Fernández, who continued anyway: “I don’t have anyone stealing money, no one gets an envelope from the left, no gnocchi.”

And he concluded: “Don’t come with those things, because later they call us populists.”

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