Florencia Kirchner claimed a Palestinian activist on Instagram and had her post deleted

Florence Kirchner He has a low profile and generally tries to get away from controversial issues that surround politics and the leading role that his family has. However, a post he made on Instagram generated debate and was finally deleted by “violent”. The daughter of the Vice President of the Nation praised Leila Khaled, a militant and activist of the Popular Front for the Palestinian Liberation, before the Israeli annexation plan of Palestinian territories.

Florencia commented on her Instagram account: “The horror continues as always for the Palestinian people. She is Leila Khaled. To lxs (sic) who don’t know her, It is not a bad time to approach its history, which is also the history of resistance. See if your starting point was not a luck, a privilege. They are horrible in their private #PalestinaLibre worlds. ”

The post that IG eliminated Flor K. It spoke of the fight of Leila Khaled. (Photo: IG capture @florenciakf)

Leila Khaled is a militant of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. She became internationally known after a kidnapping she led when she was 25 years old. He entered the cockpit of a US Trans World Airlines (TWA) plane that had stopped in Rome, Italy. Along with other activists, he took control and forced the landing in Damascus, the capital of Syria. They then evacuated the crew and blew up the plane. The post that was removed had a photo of the Palestinian activist with an AK-47 rifle in her hands.

The posting on Instagran generated support and rejection. Later, Florence reported that it was erased.“All super democratic”, Cristina Kirchner’s daughter complained. “Welcome to the world in what is only seen as being uneducated without any determination about anything. The publication was considered violent. I wish they considered what happens there violent, the lives of thousands of children (sic) would be different,” he added.

Finally, in his defense, he stated: “Absolutely all networks censor publications related to Palestine at some point. Why is it? Violence is that they do not let us speak. My publication had no insults, nor did it discriminate or speak of terrorist organizations. allusion to the plan of annexation of territories that was in the news in recent days and highlighted a historical figure of the resistance. Every day they propose a new burial in the language of submission. “

To all this, on Twitter, “Florence Kirchner” quickly became a trend and the opinions on his Instagram post and the situation in Palestine were mixed. Her followers fervently supported her, while anti-Kirchnerism accused her of claiming terrorists.

This occurs in the context in which Israel announced that it must annex part of the West Bank, in order to advance the peace plan that US President Donald Trump presented last January. The initiative contemplates that the Jewish State permanently dominates 30% of the territory.

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