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  • Black Limba

    Mangata Purple sports set (€ 64)
    Mangata Purple sports set (€ 64) – © Black Limba

    This Spanish women’s fashion brand It has different product lines: lingerie, activewear, loungewear and accessories. The brand was born in 2016 as an online e-commerce of lingerie, betting on a new style of bra: the bralette. A design that moves away from the underwire and push-up padding, offering a new concept of comfortable, versatile and elegant bra. In 2018 it presented its first activewear collection, a sports line in which they stand out comfort and versatility, with colorful designs full of details. “Created for women who seek style and comfort for their sports routines”, as they explain.

    Among his latest releases, the ‘Pasivewear line‘is a collection of sportswear with softer, breathable and highly elastic fabrics, designed to be enjoyed both during training sessions and in moments of calm. With neutral colors such as beige to striking colors such as fuchsia or sky blue, the brand adds to its catalog a new line of comfortable and versatile clothing that is perfect for almost any plan.

    Currently, the brand is present in different points of sale in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Greece, Russia, Iceland or Taiwan. Also through its online store, Black Limba send your garments to the whole world.

  • Bradhy

    Maria Rosenfeldt and Bradhy capsule collection set
    Maria Rosenfeldt and Bradhy capsule collection set

    With more than 25 years of experience in the textile market, Bradhy launched its first sportswear collection in November 2020 with the aim of reflecting that sustainable DNA that characterizes it and offering a line of garments that merge fashion and sport without forgetting the commitment acquired with the planet. The result is collections with versatile pieces that adapt to every moment of the day to day and whose production is in addition to kilometer 0 (All its suppliers are less than 10 km from the city of Barcelona).

    This brand with seal ‘made in Spain’, has in its catalog different designs of tops and leggings carefully made in sustainable fabrics such as GRS certified recycled polyester, which have as aim to adapt to the body and achieve maximum comfort. In basic tones and with some daring patterns, Bradhy’s obsession is being able to make it possible to enjoy any activity with a feeling of well-being. Among its most recent novelties, the new capsule collection that the brand has created together with Maria Rosenfeldt, designer and yoga teacher. This is the ‘Mímesis’ collection inspired by art and nature, in which María has taken the walls of her house in Madrid as a reference. In addition, customers can return to the brand the garments already used to be recycled and turn these old models into new proposals. Bradhy pretends with this action awaken a more conscious consumption in the population that looks for more respectful options without giving up current trends.

  • Not only Yoga

    Sets from the first collection of Not Only Yoga
    Sets from the first collection of Not Only Yoga

    Sustainability is one of the common links of all these brands. Eliminated the old prejudices that related sports to garments reserved only for physical exercise, NOY (Not Only Yoga) proposes dual pieces, made with high quality raw materials and obtained with minimal impact. This trade mark was born with the desire to be a versatile brand, capable of offering women garments that are mixed in the daily routine of their sports practice, with their street or office clothes, and that of being relaxed.

    With the purpose of minimize your carbon footprint, their garments are designed in Spain and manufactured in the peninsula and in their production they collaborate social workshops that promote the labor reintegration of women at risk of exclusion, offering them a job and a decent salary. Garments made with sustainable materials, such as 100% organic cotton or recycled and biodegradable fibers. The result is an ‘activewear’ collection with a certain romantic air, with a color palette with powdery tones such as the very flattering purples, beiges, cherry or black that have also been created using ‘seamless’ technology (without seams) with biodegradable thread and designed so that women can create avant-garde looks, balanced thanks to very feminine details such as ruffles and sinuous lines, which are combined with functional sports attributes to highlight each garment separately.

    Their collections will be available through their online store from December 1.

  • Port de Bras

    Various sets of the firm Port de Bras (from € 195)
    Various sets of the firm Port de Bras (from € 195)

    Port de Bras is a Venezuelan ‘athleisure’ brand that manufactures its pieces in a biodegradable way and free of harmful chemicals. Awareness for aesthetics without neglecting ethics led to Clarissa Egaña to found this firm based on the sustainable creation of sportswear with a certain air of elegance, so that women feel attractive as well as comfortable. The firm, which owes its name to a movement of the arms in ballet, arose from a thyroid problem in Egaña herself, who discovered that some pieces of clothing can be harmful and harmful to the body depending on the materials used to make them. The search and lack of garments that meet these needs, led the founder to create her own brand.

    The garments of Port de Bras are made with a Solvay polyamide 6.6 yarn, a fabric with far infrared technology that transforms the heat of the human body into benefits for skin care. Thanks to the bioactive minerals embedded in the thread, it absorbs body heat and emanates far infrared rays towards the skin, offering thermoregulatory properties and improving blood microcirculation.

    With a totally sustainable, eye-catching and flattering design, the firm has garments of all kinds. From their fanciful ‘jumpsuits’ to ‘leggings’ or tops with striking colors and formats. Versatile garments in which comfort prevails.

  • Believe Athletics

    Regina Rodríguez (Garnet outfit € 112), Xuan Luan (Blue Capri outfit € 138) and Marisol Rodríguez (Navy outfit € 138)
    Regina Rodríguez (Garnet outfit € 112), Xuan Luan (Blue Capri outfit € 138) and Marisol Rodríguez (Navy outfit € 138)

    Since its inception, Believe Athletics is committed to building a sustainable future and respecting the environment. Created by the sisters Marisol and Regina Rodríguez to meet the needs of a woman concerned about her health, trends, the planet and the most vulnerable groups, their garments are designed in Barcelona and they are produced in Portugal, always betting on attractive and environmentally friendly designs.

    Garments designed for an active and cosmopolitan woman who seeks a balance between elegance and comfort in her day to day, wearing clothes that transcend beyond the yoga mat and are part of a lifestyle. With the recent incorporation of Xuan Lan, one of the benchmarks in yoga teaching worldwide, as a brand image, Believe Athletics It is positioned as much more than clothing for training or yoga. «I like to dress with style, but even more to dress with values», Xuan Lan herself explained in the announcement of her arrival at the brand. “Believe Athletics and their yoga clothes advocate an active and conscious lifestyle, something that I share and recommend in each of my sessions to all those people who come to me to change their lives,” he continued. Ambitious but real, this is the objective that has marked the entire trajectory of the Catalan firm. Accompany all those women who decide to change their life and change it with sports garments designed to project self-confidence.

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