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We often choose to use the same brands and addresses when buying clothes. Perhaps out of routine, comfort or fear of the unknown, it is difficult to investigate and look for new firms, missing out on great opportunities and undiscovered brands. The multi-brand stores become a practical and comfortable resource in which discover new designers and have access to many other brands that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. Spaces that bring together numerous firmsnew or already established, in which to discover, try and buy at the same time from the latest London brand, to the latest release ‘made in Spain’ or that new line that had not yet reached Spain. most with physical store and online supportmulti-brand spaces are true oases of fashion which you should go through, at least to live the experience.

Beni Room

– Lagasca Street, 35 (Madrid)

One of the Beni Room spaces
One of the Beni Room spaces – © Erea Azurmendi

The multi-brand fashion boutique founded in 2015 by Beatrice Nicholas inaugurated a new space a few months ago at number 35 on Calle Lagasca in Madrid. A new store in which the interior design itself invites you to enter and enjoy a pleasant day of shopping, with a striking and elegant design, closely related to the philosophy of the brand and the needs of its customers. Here you will find exclusive and high-quality garments from contemporary European brands; in addition to others from Colombia, Peru, Ecuador or even Australia. Clothes and complements from international firms such as Ralph Lauren, Iro, Mioh or Sophie and Lucie, among others, in addition to its own collection.

Many of the firms that are sold in Beni Room you only meet in Spain exclusively in this space, fulfilling the mission that its customers not only find the best selection of fashion, but also discover new designers and artisans in the world.


– Online exclusive

Alohas brand boots for sale in Kykliklós
Alohas brand boots for sale in Kykliklós – ©Instagram

Only with online version, Kyklikós is a new e-commerce platform where sustainable women’s fashion from different Spanish brands is sold with the aim of bringing sustainability closer to that growing number of fashion buyers who are increasingly concerned about the level of responsibility in the production of garments. A multi-brand model that aims to promote committed ‘made in Spain’ fashion: «Since all the brands are on the same website it’s much easier to get to know them allbeing able to acquire several products in each purchase for the creation of a capsule wardrobe”, explain its founders Ariana Bridgesexpert in marketing and Cristina Prietointerior designer, who after not finding accessible and easy options on the market that matched her way of dressing both in style and values, combined forces to create this project in March 2021.

The selected brands follow the sustainability criteria Kyklikós, ensuring that each purchase made from the web is responsible throughout the entire production chain. Spanish brands that are committed to responsible production models and timeless styles resistant to ephemeral trends such as Alohas, Ecoalf, Labienhecha, Mireia Playá, Mus & Bombó, RRROAD, Thimking Mu or Walk Whith Meamong other.

It is fascinating

– Calle del Conde de Aranda, 22 (Madrid)

Some of the proposals that can be purchased at ES Fascinante
Some of the proposals that can be purchased at ES Fascinante – ©Instagram

The community of signatures and followers of It is fascinating They represent the Spanish movement ‘Slow fashion’, sustainable fashion, high quality, handmade and with timeless designs, manufactured in or by Spain. With wide support in social networks where they have more than one hundred thousand followers on Instagram, the project of Valentina Suarez-Zuloaga and his mother, Margaret Ruyra de Andrade, part of his experience and knowledge in the world of art, fashion and crafts with the aim of creating a space of Spanish culture in which to discover new talents.

In this boutique with a strong commitment to the online sales platform, you will find garments and accessories that support “the local economy, sustainable design, real retail prices and significant fashion experiences. We value quality over quantity», explain its founders. Fashion, jewellery, art, decoration and even bridal fashion from brands such as Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, Artissa, Duyos, Mimoki, Molecot, Juan Vidal, Paola Q or Verbena Madridamong many others.

Experience 27

– Jorge Juan Street, 12F (Madrid)

Experience 27 space in Madrid
Experience 27 space in Madrid – © DR

Experience 27 It is a space where you can find luxury fashion collections from independent designers from all over Spain. Located on Jorge Juan street and with an online space, it is “a creative adventure of each designer” that they present with art and design objects to reinforce their stories, as explained from the space itself.

“Our goal is that each season we have a constant rotation of collections, each with its own history and aesthetic, from exclusive international designers in Madrid and Spain. To do this, both in the store and on our website, we present the designer’s work along with those things that are part of his creative process, be it music, art or decoration », they explain. Here are the proposals of firms such as Alejandra Alonso Rojas, Erdem, ROWSE, Simone Rocha or Yliana Yepez.


– Calle Velázquez, 28 / Calle Marqués de la Ensenada, 2 (Madrid)

One of the Ekseption spaces in Madrid
One of the Ekseption spaces in Madrid – © DR

It is probably one of the longest running multi-brand spaces in the capital since its opening in 1987. With two stores and a wide range of firms, in the boutiques of Exeption It is committed to brands and designers that follow responsible and ecological consumption and production.

«We want to give a space of their own to this generation of designers who care, who know that there are other paths and look for them. We try to contribute to promoting more responsible consumption», they explain from Exseption. Among its portfolio of brands are pieces of Jacquemus, Ganni, Balenciaga, Off-White, Veja, Mara Hoffman or Raquel Allegra. A space of inspiration where you can find quality clothing and accessories for both men and women.

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