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The black dress is one of those pieces that do not fail in the feminine wardrobe and that contribute to easily make any look sophisticated. A garment that, although it is equally versatile all year round, in the Christmas season becomes the queen of all outfits, regardless of the style you have. Classic, alternative, bohemian, rocker … There is a black dress for each woman that can take on a completely different look if you are right when it comes to playing with patterns, fabrics and textures.

The collections of the brands in recent weeks they give it more prominence than at any other time, and for all those who have decided to succumb to it, there are certain guidelines that should be taken into account in order to find the perfect option to be trendy, but that can be used for future seasons and thus get the most out of it.

As usual the ‘insiders’ already have their outfits prepared Looking ahead to the upcoming holidays and they have given a good account of it on Instagram, a hotbed of ideas from which five key points as useful as they are sophisticated are extracted.

Futuristic rhythms

Although black designs tend to be worn under classic cuts, recent fashion weeks have made it clear that minimalism and futuristic brushstrokes are two of the key trends for the coming months. Saint Laurent or Balenciaga are the best examples of this, betting on oversized silhouettes with marked shoulder pads, large collars and puffed sleeves. There are gown-style designs and fabrics with personality such as leather or neoprene that transfer to a technological world

Strategic openings

Openings are always an effective resource to make a garment look more sensual and sophisticated, and if the legs and waists have been the most recurring areas in recent times, now they come in a more striking way at necklines and shoulders with innovative and suggestive shapes. When wearing this type of design, it is advisable to accompany them with a collection and wear as few accessories as possible so that the attention is focused on the garment. Less is more.

Floating neckline

It is worn in the heart, illusion or Bardot type where, unlike the more classic models, they are presented with the straps creating the optical effect that they ‘float’ and give the garment a much more sophisticated and innovative finish. In this case, since the upper part is already quite special, it is advisable to opt for a design with a simple pattern that balances it so that the outfit does not look overloaded.

Volume here and there

It never fails, especially when looking to offset the silhouette or highlight any part of the body. The most appreciated areas are the shoulders, waists (in small doses) and the hem with fabrics in which tulle or crepe predominates.

Appliques, embroidery and contrasts

In the face of the parties and other ‘saraos’ they constitute a very effective solution so that any type of garment looks more regal. Sequins, borders with other fabrics, pearls and other pieces of embroidered rhinestones, transparencies … Anything goes as long as the total calculation of the style is striking without losing elegance. The key, as always, is in balance.

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