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The Secretary of Internal Commerce affirmed that the Government is already seeking to establish the guidelines for a second stage of the price control program

The Secretary of Internal Trade, Roberto Feletti, met this Tuesday with representatives of wholesale and retail marketing chains from all over the country, to begin to outline what the + Prices Care program will be like from January 7, when the agreement is concluded to maintain the maximum values ​​of almost 1,500 mass consumer products.

Along these lines, he assured that by January they will make up “a federal basket, that recognizes the heterogeneities of our country “, in addition to the incorporation of traditional products for the Christmas table such as varieties of sweet bread, pudding and cider, which will soon be added to the list of + Care Prices.

“We want to begin to discuss the next phase of the program in a consensual manner among all the actors to consolidate a wide, diverse and affordable basket,” said Feletti at the end of the two work meetings that he held this afternoon with some twenty company representatives , chambers and associations of the sector.

“We know that the commercialization chain is long and heterogeneous. Therefore, we will implement the necessary instances to listen to all the participants and thus be able to reach a consensus before January,” he added.

Prices: Feletti warned that control measures will be intensified.

More controls are coming

Regarding the future development of the program, the secretary said that the Government is “working to generate a scheme that provides greater transparency and allows for a efficient monitoring of compliance“.

“The more precise the information we have, the easier it will be to reach a consensus and be able to adjust and modify the basket based on the needs that arise,” he said.

In addition, he anticipated that among the objectives of 2022 is the relaunch of the program Super Close, with an increase in the number of products and with a strong regional imprint, in line with the purpose of expanding the participation of the SME sector.

“There is a concern of the Government to generate a process of expansion of supply and to incorporate new actors to generate diversity, both in production and in marketing, which will benefit consumers,” said the secretary of Domestic trade.

Also participating in the meetings were the Undersecretary of Actions for the Defense of Consumers, Debora Giorgi, and the Undersecretary of Policies for the Internal Market, Antonio Mezmezian.

In the first place, the officials met with representatives of the wholesale sector, with whom, Feletti said, “is being very strict with the fulfillment of the + Care Prices program”, since the objective “is to take care of the income and the effort of the companies. families “while giving them” predictability and certainty “in the proximity of the end of the year festivities.

At the meeting, each actor had the opportunity to express their situation in relation to compliance with the program and shared proposals to consolidate the initiative.

“The weakest link”

Regarding the meeting with the representative chambers of the retail trade, Feletti stressed that the situation of each actor is being considered: “We know that you are the weakest link in the chain, we recognize the heterogeneity and we are here to help you.”

By wholesalers, were company authorities Micropack, Parodi, Yaguar, Vital, Nini, Maxicconsumption, Diarco and Makro.

The government wants wholesalers to play a role in curbing food prices.

The government wants wholesalers to play a role in curbing food prices.

On the part of the retail sector, representatives of the United Supermarkets Association (ASU), the Argentine Chamber of Supermarkets (CAS), the Argentine Federation of Supermarkets and Self-Service (FASA), the Federation of Warehouses of the province of Buenos Aires participated ( FABA), of the General Confederation of Warehouses (CGA), of the General Warehouse Confederation of the Argentine Republic (CGARA), of the Chamber of Chinese Supermarkets, of the Union Kiosqueros Argentine Republic (UKRA), of Josimar, of the Chamber of Almaceneros y Kiosqueros, from Fedecamaras, Good Morning, Almacor Coop. LTDA., And Cordiez.

The program + Care Prices was established by the Ministry of Domestic Trade, through Resolution 1050/21, and sets maximum prices for the sale to the consumer for a wide basket of mass consumption products that includes the items of Warehouse, Cleaning and Hygiene and Personal Care until January 7th.

The purpose of the program -explained Comercio Interior- is to accompany consumption expectations for the last quarter of the year with measures that protect wages, so that the value of mass consumer goods does not erode the income and purchasing power of Argentine households .

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