Factory of famous mayonnaise for coronavirus closed

The plant belongs to Unilever. The Municipality of Pilar was notified and the corresponding cleaning and sanitation processes began

The Unilever factory located in the Buenos Aires town of Pilar closed its doors after confirming the first positive case of Covid-19 from one of your workers.

The closure of the empanada tapas company Alijor was also reported, as 13 positive cases were detected.

As for Unilever, as disclosed by the multinational, the employee works in the sector Hellmann’s and he is currently in good health, complying with the mandatory isolation from his home.

In a statement, the company indicated the way in which they acted once this result was known, “taking all the measures recommended by doctors and experts on the subject to preserve the health of factory personnel. ”

We are making a programmed shutdown of the factory and we gave notice to the Municipality so that they perform the corresponding closure“they noted.

They also reported that progress was being made “with PCR tests for people who have been identified as close contacts“, who at the moment are carrying out preventive quarantine.

Pilar’s Unilever plant closed due to a case of coronavirus

Regarding the company’s facilities, The cleaning and sanitation tasks had been started, and later it will be supervised by the Commune, who will determine when it will be possible to return to the activity.

Other closings due to positive cases of coronavirus

Unilever’s case joins that of P&G, also closed by case detection, Johnson & Johnson, Atanor and Logistics and Integral Services.

Regarding the plant Procter & Gamble, located in the Pilar Industrial Park, was closed preventively in mid-June after confirming two cases of coronavirus.

The closure occurred immediately after confirming a first contagion, corresponding to a worker on a production line, and the next day another employee from the same line and shift joined.

A similar case occurred last week at the firm’s plant. Johnson & Johnson, which also closed preventively, after learning that a private security employee had tested positive for a coronavirus test.


The total number of confirmed cases in the country exceeded 62 thousand

Coronavirus in the country

As happens daily, this Tuesday the authorities of the Ministry of Health released the daily report regarding the coronavirus situation in the country. According to that information, the amount total confirmed cases in the country is 62,268 of which 2,335 have been reported in the last 24 hours. That number is configured as one of the highest since the beginning of the pandemic and the presence of the disease in the country. It is important to note that the incidence rate is 137 cases per 100 thousand Argentine inhabitants.

Of that total, the 95% is in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), a place that is positioned as increasingly critical in relation to this disease. He 1.3% of new cases are in the province of Chaco, which is also one of the most affected by this disease.

Although this Tuesday the percentage of affectation of health personnel was not mentioned, until the report of the previous day the 7.9% of the total confirmed cases are within the group of health workers.

The average age of involvement is 36 yearsThat is to say, two below the average that had until a few days ago. Of the total number of confirmed cases, 49.5% are women and 50.5% are men.

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