Entre Ríos | A ring got stuck in his finger and the firefighters had to remove it

An unusual situation occurred on Sunday when the phone rang at the Concordia Volunteer Fire Station and a woman desperately asked for help because couldn’t take off a ring of the finger.

The curious did not detract from the dramatic at the moment, since almost blood was not circulating and the woman was very nervous when they got home and started the extraction maneuvers.

After quite some time and hard and delicate work with tools, the firemen managed break the ring and thus release the woman’s finger, which was “very inflamed”.

Firefighters had to use various tools to cut the ring. (Photo: courtesy Elonce).

“These maneuvers are risky and may cause injury during the removal process”, so it is requested “not to use this type of ring (surgical steel) due to the risk of having some surface snag and which can cause serious injury or even amputation of the finger, “the firefighters later warned through a statement that circulated through the networks.

In addition, they pointed out that in the case of having to cut the ring “they are very resistant“reason why they recommended, in case of having to do it, to resort to” a jewelry store, fire department or emergency room ”.

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