Entities of the agro-industrial chain and the Chamber of Commerce supported Sergio Massa’s proposal to combat rural crime

Entities of the agro-industrial chain, which have significant federal representation throughout the country, issued a statement giving their support to the initiative of the president of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, Sergio Massa, to combat rural vandalism. There are 38 entities linked to the field

“The initiative is positive and it is a clear institutional progress. We highlight that the project was presented after the interministerial meeting last Friday, where there were clear demonstrations of repudiation and measures were taken by the Provincial and National authorities against rural crime, such as the treatment of the issue in the Internal Security Council “Said the representatives of the entities.

And they added: “It is important to note that, in the face of insecurity in agriculture, legislators have addressed the issue promptly, given that the scope of the damage produced affects the entire society, as it destroys the work and effort of the agri-food community, in a context in which food production is essential ”.

Also, They demanded that, in the face of a matter of common interest, such as the fight against crime, “the issue be dealt with and approved within the current legislative period, with the participation and contributions of all the political sectors represented in the House of Deputies ”.

Among the signatory entities are: Acsoja, Argentrigo, Asagir, Argentine Seed Association, Cereal Exchange of Bahía Blanca, Cereal Exchange of Buenos Aires, Cereal Exchange of Córdoba, Cereals Exchange of Entre Ríos, Stock Exchange of Chaco, Rosario Stock Exchange, Santa Fe Stock Exchange, Argentine Cotton Chamber, Argentine Chamber of Biofuels, Argentine Chamber of Animal Nutrition Companies, Argentine Chamber of Feedlot, Argentine Chamber of Alfalfa, Argentine Chamber of Poultry Producers, Argentine Chamber of Maize Pisingallo, Argentine Chamber of Peanuts, Chamber of Industrial Rice, Chamber of Oil Industry of the Argentine Republic, and Chamber of Legumes of the Argentine Republic.

In addition, they signed: Chamber of Commercial Ports, Chamber of Agricultural Health and Fertilizers, Center of Brokers and Agents, Center of Poultry Processing Companies, Center of Cereal Exporters, Confederation Intercooperativa Agropecuaria, Consortium Exporters of Meat, Argentine Federation of the Mining Industry, Federation of Cereal Collecting Centers, Argentine Olive Federation, Argentine Fruits, Maizar, Matba Rofex-MTR, and National Meat Board.

The Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (CAC) also expressed its support for the initiative aimed at combating rural vandalism.

It is essential that moments of crisis find us united and respecting the basic consensuses that make national unity and social cohesion, including the defense of production and work against acts of vandalism. In circumstances in which, more than ever, our country needs to generate value and obtain genuine foreign currency through exports, acts of this nature become especially repugnant, ”summarized a letter they signed. Jorge Di Fiori, Speaker of the House, and Mario Grinman, secretary.

The leaders and producers of Coninagro, in the province of Córdoba, also showed their support for Massa’s initiative: “It is a gesture that gives containment and causes the tranquility that producers need. The decision shows a State that is interested in and ensures the safety of rural families, their property, their tools and protects the fruit of their work, which is a generator of foreign exchange and regional development, “they said.

In addition, they highlighted that the ministers of Security, Sabina Frederic, and of Agriculture, Luis Basterra, came out to strongly repudiate the vandalism in rural areas, as well as the same gesture that the provincial authorities had. “We find it very encouraging,” they said.

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