Employment: with the market paralyzed, what are quarantine searches

Most of the sectors that mobilize the economy are today 40 days of paralysis due to the measures taken by the national government to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

This quarantine caused a general drop in labor demand, but with some items that have kept searches active and have even increased them, since they belong to jobs that were excepted and that have even seen their activity increase, such as service providers. technological and logistics.

According to Alejandro Lanzaco, director of the Business Consulting Group, at this time of year there is a high seasonal demand for trained personnel for tasks related to agriculture, such as harvesting and loading and unloading in ports and warehouses. As these activities are exempt from isolation, they continued to demand personnel.

“The companies that already had their budget for the incorporation of people and did not stop, like those in agriculture, continued with the searches,” agreed Martín Poncio, head of Poncio SA.

To this item are added other qualified such as the food industry, hygiene companies and laboratories.

“And also those related to security and cleaning services. In turn, offers have continued to come in for positions related to activities such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and call centers due to the increase in the demand for care of various services through this route ”, Lanzaco continued.

Gretel Bodenbender, founder of GB Integral Management in Human Resources, added in this regard that the greatest searches are in professionals or technicians related to the telecommunications and computer industries.

“The pandemic generated that companies, in a dizzying way, digitized processes; one of them, the sales one. They had to rethink their distribution channels and approach to the client, so they are incorporating positions as designers and programmers ”, explained Bodenbender.


According to Pontius, what this scenario did was enhance the trend that had been dominating in recent months: searches point to specific skills and abilities.

Bodenbender pointed out, for example, that there is a demand for operators who know about packaging and delivery of goods.

“In most cases they are labor intensive and operational profiles. Added to them are the so-called specialized base technicians, who require verifiable previous experience in that position. In addition, logically, some coordination or supervision positions have also been requested for these aforementioned activities, ”said Lanzaco.

Management positions lag behind in this context, but Poncio assures that there are also particular searches of this type, since companies need “leaders to adapt to the new scenario”.

On this point, he recalled the phrase that says that every crisis is an opportunity and that many companies that have remained “healthy” in the face of this pandemic can attract talents who value this possibility of having stability in a critical context.

For what is coming in the coming months, Lanzaco considered that the IT, logistics, security and cleaning, health, and industries related to the agricultural sector are likely to continue to demand resources above the rest of the sectors.

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