Employers’ Way of the Cross to Access Official Coronavirus Benefits

First it was the liquidation of the wages, with a change at the last moment; Now, they are social charges. Being an employer during quarantine seems like a road full of obstacles, a real way of the cross.

It was just on Good Friday when the expected general resolution of the Federal Administration of Public Income (Afip) was published that regulates the benefits of decree 332, of April 1, and it was opened to registration for the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production (ATP).

Although the previous night had reported a “two-month extension of employer contributions,” in fact, the postponement until June 16 is for employers who register, and only for the contribution to the pension system (Sipa), from 10, 77 or 12.35 percent.

The rest remain. And there is one minor detail: the filing of the affidavits (form 931) and the payment began yesterday and only lasted three days, from Thursday to next Monday.

It is already recurring that those who pay salaries work all day, including weekends and holidays; and Easter was no exception. On Friday the 9th, the Afip enabled registration in the ATP service and gave three days, from 13 to 15, to complete economic data.

As of yesterday, the site was working normally, but most employers still didn’t have the information available to upload.

What does the Afip ask for? The sum of total sales (and the detail in an attachment) from March 12 to April 12, 2019 and 2020.

“Time is very short. They should have given a few more days for 931. It is information that you have to look for in detail, because it is not a full month, but a few days of each period, “says Norma Flores, labor adviser to the Professional Council of Economic Sciences (CPCE).

The specialist explains that the payment of contributions to Sipa will only be extended until June for those that appear in the Registry System with the code “460 – Dto. 332/2020 ”. And this may not be immediate.


In turn, Flores clarifies some unknowns. Firstly, it stresses that all companies should register with the ATP, regardless of whether their activity is critical (the Afip published a list) or not: “The decree says that other situations will be evaluated in the rest of the items, such as a fall of sales, for example ”.

Furthermore, the extension until June is not exclusive to MSMEs either and large companies can enter. On the other hand, the rest of the benefits do have a ceiling. In particular, the 95 percent reduction in contributions to Sipa reaches those who have up to 60 workers; compensatory salary allocation for those with less than 100; and the Repro, for the largest.

Lastly, the advisor explains that the Afip will take each month separately to grant benefits. “In March, you can access the extension for two months, and in April you can choose to postpone payment or reduce contributions,” he clarifies.

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