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A few days after one month of the beginning of social isolation, preventive and compulsory, the economy increasingly manifests its symptoms of fatigue. Their breathing difficulties are due to a lower level of activity and they become more noticeable in activities that remain inactive due to quarantine.

During March, the main concern of the Cordovan industry was how to pay wages. In many cases, without production and without sales, the effort of SMEs to meet the remuneration of their workers was made through savings and credit taking in the financial system.

But to face April’s wage obligations, the picture will be even more critical. By the end of the month, the “non-essentials” will have accumulated 40 days without income, with their own reserves depleted and without the capacity to continue taking on debt.

Before this happens, several sectors in emergency have asked the unions to agree to temporary salary reductions. The instance between the parties aims to preserve labor sources and prevent the pandemic from continuing to add risk groups to the economy; in this case, more unemployed

In addition to the journalistic development of the health agenda that is also part of its content, Today’s Spotlight has its main focus on the negotiation carried out by companies and unions to maintain jobs in the province.

The first heading was given by Smata with the automaker Renault, who agreed to a 40 percent reduction for suspended workers.

In commerce, the sector with the most employees in Córdoba and one of the most affected by unemployment, also admit difficulties in coping with wages and asks to negotiate.

At the beginning of the year, and according to the latest report from the national Ministry of Labor, in the entire province of Córdoba there were 492,600 registered jobs. They were 30 thousand less than two years ago.

A loss that requires that employees be protected from any risk that means losing that condition.

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