EMERGENCY meeting in Olivos

The head of the Central Bank and the director of Anses sit down with the President to present a solution that avoids banking chaos this Friday

In the framework of the chaos that occurred during this day in the bank branches that opened their doors for the first time since the mandatory quarantine to pay the salaries to retirees and other benefits began, it is stated that from tomorrow and throughout the week that comes, the collection is made under a strict schedule according to the completion of the ID number.

This was one of the measures that, along with other provisions, will be defined during the next few hours, in a meeting that will be headed by President Alberto Fernández, in the Olivos residence, which will also be attended by Miguel Pesce, head of the Central Bank, and the director of Anses, Alejandro Vanoli, both in the eye of Storm.

The proposal, presented by Vanoli to the president of the BCRA, is that retirees who have not yet received the credit for March and beneficiaries of the Emergency Family Income (IFE), can only attend bank branches on a certain day.

This arises after the excesses that occurred during this day, which did not sit well with the President.

The same head of the Central explained during this day that he was in communication with Alberto Fernández very early: “The President called me very early worried about the situation. Yes, he was angry, what do you think,” he said.

“It was a very difficult situation. We have been insisting for a while: 70% have a debit card. There are 35,000 mouths from which money can be withdrawn, without being the bank branches. But we have not been successful and people decided to go to withdraw to the bank, “he added.

“Last week we had a similar episode with the branches closed. People withdrew money through the ATMs. Everyone withdrew in three days and what was thought is that opening the branches doubled their mouths, and this did not even happen. Anyway, today everyone was able to withdraw the money and some were given a number for tomorrow, “he explained.

As he pointed out, it was an “unprecedented situation” and it was evident that “the solution that was thought for today, which doubled the payment points” was not enough.

One of the provisions that the Central Bank took today, once the chaos in the banks had begun, is for banks to work during the weekend in their normal schedule for the payment of retirement, pensions and social allowances of the Administration National Social Security (Anses) to those who do not operate with a debit card.

To avoid the crowds, the Central Bank (BCRA), through Communication A 6951, extended the opening of financial institutions to their regular hours to Saturday and Sunday to serve beneficiaries of pension assets and pensions that are members of the Integrated System Argentine Social Security (SIPA), without debit card.

“This situation was more than any forecast”

For his part, the head of the National Social Security Administration (Anses), Alejandro Vanoli, said today that “there are few Baancos that pay retirees”, and stressed that “best possible solutions” are being attempted in an emergency context ..

“This situation was more than any forecast,” Vanoli said, noting that the “first reaction” was to decide to extend the opening days, tomorrow and the day after, so “people would go only if necessary.”

Speaking to the TN signal, Vanoli also considered that “Few banks pay retirees,” and he stressed: “It is very difficult to solve in 15 days what has not been solved in 70 years.”

He announced that they are working to enable new electronic wallets, among other alternatives, but “always attending to the health security” of the beneficiaries of retirement, pensions and other assignments.

“Of course” branch service can be improved, “but We have a pent-up demand for closed banks with many people who want to go to the bank even if they have a debit card, “he added.

For the official “the banking service is an essential service”, and we should go towards a State in which “the presence is only for urgent cases”.

“Who is 80 years or older and lived them all, what gives him security is going to the bank,” said Vanoli, reminding him that instead of the older adult, the attorney or a first-degree relative can go to the bank ” .

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