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In 2020, the businessman announced that he planned to get rid of “almost all of his physical possessions” as they distracted him from higher goals.

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has been left without a home when he sold the last mansion he owned, located in Hillsborough, California, a year and a half after he promised to divest his extensive portfolio of real estate to focus on his mission to colonize Mars.

The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla bought the 10-bedroom, 1,486-square-meter home for $ 23.3 million in 2017.. Now the property has sold for $ 30 million after initially being listed at $ 37.5 million and the mogul lowered the price of this historic Silicon Valley mansion to $ 31.99 million in October, according to Mansion Global.

In 2020, the South African-born businessman announced that he planned to get rid of “almost all of his physical possessions”As these distracted him too much from the higher goals he seeks to achieve with his companies.

In the middle of this year, Musk shared on his Twitter account that he had already sold all of his real estate, except for one: “Yes, I sold my houses, except for one in the Bay Area. [de San Francisco] that is rented for events. Working on sustainable energy for Earth with Tesla and protecting the future of consciousness making life multiplanetary with SpaceX “.

Shortly after, the tycoon commented that he had decided to sell his last remaining house. “It just has to be for a large family that is going to live there. It is a special place,” he said. He also assured that he currently lives in a modest home located on the premises of his aerospace company in Texas: “My main house is literally a house of more or less $ 50,000 in Boca Chica, Starbase, which I rent from SpaceX.”


Elon musk He is the only person in the history of which there is a record who managed to accumulate a personal fortune from 300,000 million dollars.

He is an entrepreneur in the automotive, aerospace, and telecommunications industries, although his career began with PayPal and electronic payments many years ago.

What is clear is that Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceXIt has businesses everywhere, especially related to technology.

And just as his business life is diverse, so is his tendency to controversy. For example, criticism of confinement orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic; his indirect control over some cryptocurrency movements; the dispute with Jeff Bezos; when he called the Thai cave rescuer a “pedophile”; and the most recent is his response to the UN on how to solve world hunger.

But how much money does he have exactly? According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, as of November 3, 2021, it was $ 336 billion. This exceeds the wealth of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, by $ 140 million.

If a person wants to figure out how much that amount really amounts to, he must think that Elon Musk has more money than many countries.

The patrimony of the founder of Tesla and SpaceX exceeds the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of several nations and territories on the planet, located on all continents, according to CNN.

According to data from the World Bank on the GDP of nations in 2020, the SpaceX leader’s personal fortune exceeds that of 154 countries. And it’s not just about small islands and territories.

The list includes, for example, Latin American countries such as Bolivia (USD 36,688 million), Chili (USD 252,940 million), Paraguay (USD 35,304 million), Peru (USD 202,014 million) and Uruguay (USD 53,628 million).

Also to some of the European countries with the best quality of life in the world, such as Finland (USD 269,751 million), Luxembourg (USD 73,263 million), Morocco (USD 112,870 million) or Monaco (USD 7,423 million); and others from other latitudes but large, such as New Zealand (USD 210,886 million), Qatar (USD 146,373 million) and Ukraine (USD 155,582 million).

The 6 keys to Elon Musk’s success

The six keys to success of the richest man in the world right now

How Elon Musk got to where he is. The businessman, head of Tesla and SpaceX, with Asperger syndrome, and one of the greatest fortunes in the world, explained in an interview with the BBC the six key aspects to achieve success in a business.

Money is not the (most) important thing

Is that the money is not the engine that drives Elon Musk or that motivates his decisions. In fact, throughout his life he has taken some in which money was so secondary that he has suffered financial problems.

“It’s not like there’s a ton of cash somewhere. I actually have a certain number of shares in Tesla, and SpaceX, and SolarCity, and the market gives them value,” Musk explained..

He said he is not driven by the pursuit of wealth, although he accepts that it can be legitimate “if done ethically.”

In addition, he does not expect or seek to die rich, but admits that he would not be surprised if his project of creating a base on Mars consumed his entire fortune.

I chased your passions

“You want things to be better in the future. You want those new and exciting things that make life better,” he said.

Autonomous vehicles and a human landing on Mars are two of the passions The main focus of Elon Musk’s efforts in recent years, both of whom have devoted vast amounts of time and money.

In the case of SpaceX, this project was born out of its frustration with the lack of ambition of the US space program.

“I keep hoping that we will advance beyond Earth, and that we will put a person on Mars, and that we will have a base on the Moon, and that we will have very frequent flights to orbit,” he projected.

So he went to work to make rockets himself.Since he did not have enough money to buy them, he decided to become an expert on this subject by reading books that he borrowed from a friend and aerospace consultant.

Think big

His passions are not exactly small projects available to everyone.

Willpower, determination and vision They explain the keys to Elon Musk’s success as well as his genius mind, according to an Esquire profile and interview.

“If you are the CEO of a large company and you propose something that is a modest improvement, and it takes longer than expected, and it does not work quite well, no one is going to blame you,” he explains.

However, if you’re brave and go for groundbreaking improvements but they don’t work, you’re going to get fired, which is why most companies only go for small steps, he argues.

Elon Musk, however, says he prefers to focus on “things that are going to matter.”

Take risks

After investing half of his fortune in his businesses and saving the other half, the financial crisis hit him and he had to assess a difficult situation: “I could keep the money, and then the companies are going to die permanently, or invest what I want. it remains and maybe there is a chance, “Musk explained.

How Elon Musk got to where he is: 6 keys to being successful

He opted for the latter, despite the fact that it involved having to borrow from his friends to cover his personal expenses, and his current situation is known to the world.

Ignore the criticism

This type of situation, as well as his personality and certain actions, have earned him numerous criticisms.

“The joy for the misfortune of others was really surprising. There were multiple blogs that constantly watched the death of Tesla,” he laments.

Because of his arrogance and ambition? Musk dismisses that point: “I think it would be arrogant if we said that we are definitely going to do it, rather than that we aspire to do it and we are going to do our best.”

So he decided to ignore the criticism and focus on whether your projects they achieved important things, and not in the earnings they reported: 2020 has been Tesla’s first profitable year in its entire history.

Analysts doubt Tesla’s profitability: Its first positive year was due more to emissions credits than car sales

In fact, trust in the face of criticism and doubts from others is one of the keys to the success that you share with some of the most prominent people in their respective industries, such as Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, or Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx and chosen by Time one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Have a good time

Elon Musk has overcome difficult situations such as those described above, he has gotten into all kinds of problems And he has been fined $ 20 million for a tweet, but it seems that, despite being a workaholic according to him, he also has fun in his own way. His response to the sanction: “It was worth it.”

He also called it an “astonishing” success when, in testing his Starship launch vehicle, intended to take the first humans to Mars, the rocket crashed 6 minutes after lift-off.

And recently he has been able to laugh at himself on the American television program Saturday Night Live (SNL), which he presented on May 8, in which he announced he was “making history as the first person with Asperger syndrome to present SNL. O at least the first to admit it, “only to scoff at its monotonous intonation or difficulty in making eye contact, two traits related to this disorder.

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