Elections 2023: Schiaretti described his view of the economy before big businessmen from AEA

This Wednesday, businessmen members of the Argentine Business Association (AEA) met with Juan Schiaretti, from whom they heard hints of the national project that encourages the Frente de Todos within the framework of a dissident Peronism.

In the meeting, which is part of an agenda of contacts with decision makers of economic activity, the governor of Córdoba stressed that it is “essential that our country have clear and stable rules of the game.”

“It is the proper functioning of the institution that generates trust, provides certainty and attracts investment. He also pointed out that it is vital to attack the fiscal deficit. A broad consensus must be reached on the need to ensure fiscal balance. This is a key factor to consolidate a sustainable stabilization plan”, indicated AEA that Schiaretti pointed out.

The entity, which brings together the owners of large Argentine companies more than anything, endorsed the main guidelines of the speech that Schiaretti began to shell out at the beginning of the path for the formation of the space together with other Peronist governors.

business owners

The business presence, in addition to the president of AEA, Jaime Campos, was made up of Luis Pagani (Arcor), Aldo Roggio (Grupo Roggio), Roberto Alexander (IBM), Martín Castelli (Blue Star Group), Enrique Cristofani (Santander), Claudio Cunha (Enel Group, owner of Edesur), Enrique Duhau and Eduardo Elsztain (Irsa developments).

Also by Julio Figueroa (Citi finance), Luis Fontana (Osde), Alberto Grimoldi (Grimoldi calzados), Alberto Hojman, Sergio Kaufman (Accenture), Héctor Magnetto (Clarin Group), Carlos Miguens (Miguens Group), Cristiano Rattazzi (Modena Air ), Julio Saguier (La Nación), Amadeo Vázquez (Tenaris) and Guadalupe Mazulo (AEA).

Schiaretti, meanwhile, was accompanied by the Minister of Public Works, Ricardo Sosa, and by the president of the Córdoba Federal block, the national deputy Carlos Gutiérrez.

To stabilize the economy, the governor insisted that it is “necessary to end the rift and ensure a good parliamentary volume in the new Congress that supports this line of action.”

Schiaretti pointed out that all activities that generate foreign currency should be promoted since this is always “a bottleneck for Argentine growth.” In this sense, he considered it essential to promote the actions of the private sector since this is the fundamental actor in the generation of wealth in the country.

In this sense, there was an acknowledgment from AEA which, in the statement, mentioned that this attitude has been maintained by the governor in his provincial administration.

“The State has to support and accompany the private sector,” remarked the entity, which stressed that in Schiaretti’s opinion the phrase “as much market as possible and as much State as necessary” synthesizes his thinking.

AEA’s position

On behalf of the AEA, its president, Jaime Campos, stressed that it is necessary, first of all, to respect the institutions of the Republic, as well as the division of powers.

He also described it as “essential for Argentina to achieve normality in terms of its economic policies.” “For many years we have lived with the scourge of high inflation, with permanent deficits in public accounts, with the absence of a respected domestic currency, with a very high and distorted tax burden on the formal sector, with permanent changes in the rules game”, described AEA.

This led to breaching “the frameworks established for the regulated sectors,” said AEA in what sounded like an allusion to the problem of electricity provision in Buenos Aires, “with various exchange rates, with undue interference in the sphere of the companies such as price controls, or the multiple restrictions linked to foreign trade; just to name a few anomalies,” he added.

“Correcting these anomalies will require very arduous and rigorous political and technical work that will not admit improvisations. Only in this way will the private sector be able to mobilize its energies and continue producing goods and services, giving employment to millions of Argentines, reducing poverty, generating foreign currency, innovating and contributing to the maintenance of the State”, he concluded.

Written by Argentina News

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