Eight policemen killed in ambush in India

Eight police officers were killed in an ambush when they were going to arrest a gangster wanted for murder in a town in northern India, local authorities reported on Friday.

At least seven other people, one of them a civilian, were injured in this nighttime attack in a town in the great state of Uttar Pradesh.

The wanted suspect, named Vikas Dubey according to the local press, “had the backing of the entire town, shots were fired from all over the rooftops,” HC Awasthi, Uttar Pradesh police chief, told reporters.

The attackers, who blocked the town’s entrance with a bulldozer, appeared to have semi-automatic weapons, according to Prashant Kumar, another police official.

“It was a premeditated attack on the police officers,” he told reporters.

According to the Indian press, the suspect has a long criminal past and is suspected of the murder of a Uttar Pradesh politician and minister in 2001.

His team of 7 or 8 people fled the town after the ambush. The police launched a major search operation to find them.

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