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From November 23 to 26, specialists will analyze the present and future of the economy, finances and investments. 4 days, with more than 30 talks

After a successful online experience during 2020 and the first half of 2021, EFI WEEK starts its fourth edition from November 23 to 26, in online format, with free and free registration, combined with a face-to-face day that will be transmitted via streaming,

EFI Week Online, will be once again the meeting of economy, finance and investment that will bring together industry leaders to analyze the local and international context, the financial system, the capital market and the outlook for the Argentine macroeconomy.

It will have 4 days of 9 blocks each to take place from 9 am to 7 pm. At the same time, the agenda of each day will be made up of contents of the Argentine Economic Congress, workshops, sectoral seminars by referents from different sectors, and book presentations on economics, finance and investments.

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EFI Week Online Starts – Fourth Edition



9.00 CEA – Economy and international markets

Marina Dal Poggetto

Jose Siaba Serrate

Moderation: Claudio Zuchovicki

10.00 CEA – Fintech and Investments.

Agustin Hidalgo

Juan Pablo Tripodi

Leandro Wheat

Moderator: Pablo Wende

11.00 W – A crypto economy


Ivan Tello

Axel becker

12.00 W – Fintech Ecosystem: Competition or Empowerment with respect to traditional banking


Lorraine Suarez

Martin Ferrari

Sebastian Chains

Fernando Milano

Moderator: Pablo Orcinoli

13.00 THE

13:00 – 13:25 “Owners or Tenants”

Federico González Rouco

13: 25-13: 50 “The great disproportion”

Ivan Carrino

14.00 W – How to invest wisely on Wall Street


Diego Martinez Burzaco

15.00 W – Smart Tax Strategy to Boost the Business


Guillermo Perez

Sebastian Mancuso

Juan Elías Pérez Bay

16.00 W – How to access SME financing through an SGR


Giselle duarte

17.00 W – Florida, an unstoppable real estate market. Residential and commercial investments.


Eduardo Perez Orive

Mercedes marti

Omar fajardo

18.00 CEA – Investments

Lucas Gardiner

Ezequiel Zambaglione

Cristian Brau

Jose Bano

Moderation: Alejandro Bianchi

From November 23 to 26, specialists will analyze the present and future of the economy

From November 23 to 26, specialists will analyze the present and future of the economy


9.00 W – Best strategies to invest in CEDEARs

Jose Bano

10.00 SEM – Cryptocurrencies

Iván Tello –

Miguel Schweizer – Quantia Capital

Matias Bari – SatoshiTango

Moderation: Juan Silvestrini – iProUp

11.00 CEA – Tax and legal aspects of cryptocurrencies

Guillermo Perez

Martin Litwak

Gaston Fernandez

Moderation: Juan Silvestrini

12.00 W – Managed Account: Global investment strategy through Cedears


Pablo Haro

13.00 THE

“Roots of Argentine economic thought”

Juan Carlos De Pablo

Daniel Heymann

14.00 W – Digital transformation of Banking for SMEs


Juan Pablo Boccardi

Nicolas Fernandez

Marina Felgueras

Ariel Di Stefano

15.00 W – Do you know everything you are missing by not investing in Crypto?


Matias Bari

16.00 W – Science in Real Estate & Business in the New World Order & Post Pandemic Why Miami?


Tina hyde

17.00 CEA – Fintech, banks and means of payment

Juan Pablo Bocardi – Banco Supervielle

Bruno Pisani – Mastercard

Santiago Sánchez – Orange X

Moderator: Mariana Leiva

18.00 W – Tips, teachings and suggestions to evaluate investment projects


Jose Dapena

Oscar De Leo

Horacio Roura


9.00 W – The beacon in the internationalization of companies

Supervielle bench

Javier Oppedisano

Myriam tevez

Moderator: Santiago Bulat

10.00 W – Investments & Strategy for 2022

Personal Portfolio

Pedro Siaba Serrate

11.00 CEA – What do we do with the pesos?

Frederick Ten

Lucas Yatche

Ariel sbdar

Moderation: Mariano Otálora

12.00 W – The most complete, efficient and economical platform to know everything about the fixed income market


Alberto Yacoub

13.00 THE

Freedom, country and life

Ricardo Lopez Murphy

14.00 W – Uruguay, the best platform for local and global businesses


Ricardo Dominguez

15.00 W – Close to a Crash in US Stocks


16.00 SEM – Franchises

Gonzalo Suarez – SUPERVIELLE

Sebastián J. Ríos Fernández – Pizza Warehouse

Gabriel Sperandini – Persicco

Sebastian Kantor – The Coffee Store

Moderation: Susana Perrotta

17.00 CEA – Economic situation and outlook

Ricardo Arriazu

Jose Maria Fanelli

Marcos Buscaglia

Moderation: Liliana Franco

19.00 CEA – Markets

Augusto Darget

Paula Spark

Ruben Pascuali

Moderation: Julián Yosovitch

FRIDAY 11/26

9.00 W – Keys to be an Independent Financial Advisor in Argentina


Daniel Vicien

10.00 SEM – SMEs

Gonzalo Campos – Supervielle

Alejandro Pernas – Confecciones Seman

Daniel Dimare – Rasti

Cristian Panizzi – New World Truffles

Moderation: Claudio Destefano

11.00 SEM – Financing

Augusto Posleman – Personal Portfolio

Julio Colman – Supervielle

Cristian Borkouski – Guarantee

Fernando Luciani – MAV

Moderator: Matías Tanoni

12.00 CEA – Decentralized Finance

Santiago Cristobal

Mariano di pietra

Ariel Ernesto Scaliter

Moderation: Ignacio Carballo

13.00 EL –

The revolution of freedom

Diego Giacomini

14.00 W – Financial markets and the new normal: Keys 2022


Axel cardin

Maximiliano Suarez

15.00 W – SMEs: Financing Strategies in the Capital Market


Mariano cirio

Julian Galles

16.00 SEM – Real Estate

Eduardo Perez Orive

Jose Rozados

Carlos Spina

Moderation: Juan Mugica

17.00 W – Situation analysis automation with Alphacast


Luciano Cohan

18.00 SEM – Investments

Gustavo Neffa

Nery persichini

Diego Martinez Burzaco

Moderation: Santiago Llull

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