Early elections 2023: some 17 parties could participate in new elections

The Peruvian Aprista Party (Apra), Frepap, the Green Democratic Party and Faith in Peru would be the four parties that would join the list of applicants. (EFE)

If the early elections are approved at the end of this year, according to the decision adopted by the Plenary, a total of 17 political parties would have the possibility of running in the 2023 elections.

According to him Registry of Political Organizations (ROP)which houses the National Elections Jury (JNE), thirteen groups currently have a valid registration. While, on the other side, four other organizations would achieve their eventual registration, in the next few days, according to their registration process.

This last group reports greater advances before the electoral entity and, therefore, a great possibility of appearing in the eventual elections. Eleven other groups, on the other hand, are also in the registration process, but they do not have the same progress as the first ones.

The Peruvian Aprista Party (apra), frepap, Green Democratic Party Y Faith in Peru they would be the four parties that would be added to the list of applicants.

These last three games have already ended with the strikeout stage, that is, the stage in which citizens can present objections to avoid this registration. Given this, these organizations only await the next opening of the ROPscheduled for February 13, to finalize your registration.

Also, in the case of apra, the National Directorate of the ROP made public, on the last Monday 31 of this month, the synthesis of the organization’s registration. In this period, there may be blemishes to the aforementioned procedure; eventually, if this phase is overcome, the party of the star would achieve its registration in the JNE.

APRA's headquarters are located in the district of Breña.
APRA’s headquarters are located in the district of Breña.

The current parties with valid registration are:

  • We are Peru (SP)
  • People’s Force (PF)
  • Alliance for Progress (APP)
  • we can peru
  • Front of Hope 2021
  • Patriotic Party of Peru
  • Together for Peru (JPP)
  • Advance Country (AP)
  • PRIN political party
  • People’s Action (PA)
  • purple party
  • Free Peru
  • popular renewal

In the other side, The organizations that are in the registration process are:

  • Peruvian Aprista Party (APP)
  • Green Democratic Party
  • Faith in Peru
  • frepap
  • Green Earth Transforming Coalition
  • People’s Liberty
  • United Peru Democratic Party
  • Peru First Political Party
  • Federal Peru
  • Modern Peru
  • Peru Nation
  • Peruvians like you
  • Let’s save Peru
  • People First – Community, Ecology, Liberty and Progress
  • National Alliance of Workers, Farmers, University Students, Reservists and Workers.

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