Due to quarantine, 42% of tenants have trouble paying April rent

A survey carried out by the National Federation of Tenants, 41.9% of the people who rent could not pay April for the loss of their job source; and 58.4% received less income than in March. These are the consequences derived from quarantine to curb the coronavirus transmission curve.

In addition, the study to which he had access, highlights that 34.1% of households have a member who lost his job or has no income since quarantine.

The survey was made between this Monday and Thursday, and the sample included 8,000 cases across the country.

(Photo: National Federation of Tenants).

Another of the data that reveals is that 51% of the tenants did not receive the CBU to make a bank transfer. The measure, mandatory by Decree, aims to prevent the circulation and spread of the virus

Gervasio Muñoz, entity president stated: “The tenants are going through a very serious crisis. It is essential that rental prices be frozen and evictions suspended for two years. In addition, it is urgent, as soon as Congress reopens, a rental law is voted that brings peace of mind to 9 million tenants and tenants throughout the country. ”

From the Federation they demanded sanctions to the real estate companies that do not comply with the Decree, and attribute the irregularity to the real estate they have most of their contracts “in black”.

For Muñoz, the health emergency “reveals the abandonment and precariousness that exists around this topic, which affects 9 million people, which is the estimated number of tenants in Argentina “.

(Photo: National Federation of Tenants).
(Photo: National Federation of Tenants).

“In fact we motorized this survey with all our representatives across the country, in a few days, and we are overflowing with consultations. There is much anguish. Already the six-monthly increases of between 18% and 20% had been unsustainable for families“, said to Clarion.

On March 29 and in the context of the health emergency due to the pandemic, the Government decreed several measures to protect tenants: it suspended evictions and extended all contracts until September 30; It froze the rents with the values ​​of March 2020, and forced the owners to provide a bank account to make the transfers, among other measures.

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